Genius Prince – v4-c10

There was a passage in the back of the hall, and after a while, one may reach the garden. 

Standing at the entrance was a woman. Someone who Ninim was familiar with. It was Viz Brandel, Louwellmina’s attendant. 

When she realized it was Ninim who approached her, she let Ninim pass through. She then walked toward the garden with a fountain, there she saw Louwellmina standing by its side. 

“Oya? Isn’t this Ninim? How strange to see you here…” 

Louwellmina looked surprised. While Ninim responded to her with a sigh. 

“You’re blatantly looking at me, what kind of barefaced lie is that?” 

Louwellmina when she left Franya. As Ninim watched her left, on the way, she turned back and looked at her. It was easy for Ninim to understand that she wanted her to follow along. 

“Fufufu, I’m just joking. That time, Princess Franya quick-wittedness, was that Ninim’s advice?” 

“Wayne had told me to leave everything to Princess Franya as much as possible but, well I guess…” 

“Was it that unexpected to be denounced like that?” 

“Thanks to that, we’re almost broke our alliance. Honestly, what is that first prince is thinking?” 

Had there been no turmoil in the Empire, he might actually find any fault just to destroy Natra. However, it was not sane to increase one own enemy during this kind of uncertainty. 

Louwellmina easily answered that question. 

“It’s easy… From my elder brothers point of view, Wayne and Natra was the one who plays an active role with their little sister.” 

“… What do you mean?” 

“In other words, it was all about pride. My eldest brother is the first prince of the Azworld Empire. However, his reputation is not good and he is likely being overtaken by my second brother and third brother. Meanwhile, from the Empire’s northern ally, Prince Wayne, who was younger than himself, plays an active part in the west and east, in addition, this meeting is actually a meeting where the Emperor might be decided and yet, he only sent his little sister! I bet that was how he thought…” 

“… Such a lack of rationality huh?” 

“If he didn’t behave like that, he had been an Emperor by now…” 

Louwellmina grinned. 

Ninim only sighed as she switches the topic. 

“Alright then. So what do you want? I don’t want to leave her highness Franya too long, be brief…” 

“Oh my. Which was more important, me or the princess?” 

“Princess Franya of course. ” 

“Eeeh, how meanie of you Ninim~…” 


Ninim then turned her heels slowly… 

“Ah, please wait. Time out. Just now is just a joke…” 

“I’m busy you know?” 

“We haven’t met after a while and yet, how unfriendly of you. But, I also like that cold side of you! — Ah, wait please don’t go!” 

“If you don’t immediately get into the topic, I will report to Wayne that you have gained a lot of weight and has become a Deburumina instead…” 

“What kind of harassment is that?! Anyway, I understand, how about we make a deal?” 

“A deal?” 

“I would like Princess Franya, from her own mouth said that Natra supported me.” 

Ninim’s eyes become much sharper. 

“I believe the others had thought the distance between Natra and you to be a close one though?” 

“Indeed, thanks to you. But that alone is not enough. If it was done by Wayne, the effective leader of Natra, the result might have been sufficient. But with princess Franya, her attitude alone won’t be viewed as the attitude of Natra.” 


Ninim could understand Louwellmina’s concern. This was Franya first diplomacy but conversely, it was also her first foreign visit. 

In other words, her value on the diplomatic stage was still unknown. 

For example, if Franya makes a commitment as Natra’s government and then the commitment was being implemented, her value would be very high. 

However, no matter what Franya says, if she didn’t have any influence on the country, she was just a beautiful girl. 

(Of course, it was difficult to imagine that Franya didn’t have any influence but, since the effective leader is Wayne, it is reasonable for the foreign leader thought like that…) 

That was why Louwellmina needs one step more… She wants to draw a statement from Natra, that would stick with her. And if the royal family member who said it, it would be hard to be overturned. 

“So, will Ninim help me out here? I believe she would nod her head if you are the one who told her?” 

*Please?* Louwellmina made a gesture. Looking at her gesture, she looked very lovely. 

However, Ninim responded coldly. 

“What about the reward? Since this is a deal, you sure have prepared one yes?” 

“Of course. What do you think it is? If you answered correctly, I will also give you a piece of surprise information…” 

“I’m not interested, say it…” 

“Mou… I guess it can’t be helped.” 

Louwellmina smirked and her eyes turn sharp. 

“The princes meeting.” 

Then Louwellmina smiled that looked like a devil smile. 

“The content of the talk, which only me and the other princes know, do you want to know it?” 


If she was one from another country, the person would be jumping on it immediately. 

The content was literally the future of the Empire. What kind of bargaining the princes had made and what kind of conclusion it becomes… It was no exaggeration that the content of that meeting was highly valuable. 

For Louwellmina to offer that here, it was indeed her boldness. That was why, she also wants Natra to put a great emphasis as her ally, and this time was the best time for that. 

“… Honestly, you guys are really full of wisdom…” 

“Even so…” 

One moment later, Louwellmina noticed. 

“… ‘You guys’?” 

Ninim burst into laughter in front of Louwellmina as she instantly raised her vigilance. 

“It was something from Wayne… About an answer, if Lova offered a deal.”

Franya by eloquently using Louwellmina safely moves away from the succession dispute. 

Conversely, Natra was considered close to Louwellmina. 

In either case, Wayne had expected Louwellmina would offer a deal. 

“.. What did he say?” 

Ninim then answered… 

“I’ll speak it as he said… “I don’t need it, back off.” he said…” 


Louwellmina who received the reply was silent for a moment. 

“I see, I see… So Wayne, he only saw the importance of the Empire as a stepping stone for his little sister growth huh?” 

A sharp glance was directed at Ninim. 

“It seems the Empire has been made light of huh?” 

But in response to those words, Ninim laughed… 

“If you don’t want us to look down on the Empire, then become an Empress faster. Otherwise, no matter how much you sing, no one going to listen, Oh Empress Candidate-san.” 

The two glared at each other. It was a glare that would easily make any man pulls away, and the one who pulls back first was Louwellmina. 

“—Ah, mou, how regrettable, but there’s no other way I guess. If that the case then I will concentrate on being mischievous at the princes’ meeting.” 

“I’m rotting you on…” 

“Wow, to think you could say that without any feeling(Soul) behind it…” 

“My ‘feeling(soul)’ already has a previous engagement. Anyway, I will go back if that is all?” 

“Sure, sure— Ah, wait…” 

Louwellmina stopped her as Ninim turned around. 

“Since it is already this late, let me tell you that surprise information…” 

“I didn’t give you the correct answer no?” 

“Well, for participation award then? Let me borrow your ear for a bit…” 

Louwellmina then whispered something to Ninim. 

When Ninim heard it, she opened her eyes wide. 

“Is that true?” 

“Indeed, it is true.” 

Louwellmina then laughed like a mischievous prankster. 

“They’ve come as well, those two…”