Genius Prince – v4-c1

In a later generation, this time would be written as a summer that comes early. 

At the time, even the early summer hadn’t yet come but, the heat in the Natra Kingdom was worthy of phrasing summer had come early. 

The reason for the enthusiasm was due to a major incident that happened between the Natra Kingdon and the Cabarine Kingdom. 

It was started when the prince regent of the Natra Kingdom, Wayne Salema Albarest got invited to attend the holy spirit festival in the Cabarine Kingdom. 

The holy spirit festival was a Levetianism event that had a great influence on the western continent. At the same time, a conference was being held in the capital city of Cabarine, where the elected saint lords of the Levetianism met. 

However, during such a major event, the King of Cabarine, King Ordorasse was being assassinated. 

The host country’s King got assassinated during an international conference, it was something never been heard before. That news alone would shake the surrounding nations, but the temporary administration of Cabarine, led by General Rubert, had accused Prince Regent Wayne as the assassin. 

This surprised the Natra prince and made him furious. Wayne, who was known as a compassionate and wise ruler by the people, being accused of such barbarity, it made the people of Natra angry. 

And of course, Wayne who escaped the Cabarine Kingdom denied their claim. Thus he decided to work together with the former Marden Kingdom remnants army, a former enemy, against Cabarine, they defeated the Cabarine army led by General Rubert. 

With Rubert defeat, they conclude a peace talk with Cabarine, Marden, who regained control of their former territory, announce themselves that they wish to become Natra’s vassal. 

With such a historical feat, it was no wonder that the people of Natra ended up being engulfed by enthusiasm. 

“No matter how you see it, he’s equal with the founder Salema, in fact, I think he already surpasses the founder!” 

“Indeed, as long as we have his highness, it’s almost like the Natra Kingdom has been promised 100 years of glory!” 

“That’s right! Just by having his highness, it feels like our country has a million soldiers!” 

“Cheers for His Highness!” 

“For the following 100 years of glory!” 


— Or so they clamored… 

At the end of the two hundred years of the country, the people finally saw their country expanded their territory, so much that it caused unstoppable excitement. 


—- Meanwhile… 

“Just why~~!” 

Crown Prince, Wayne Salema Albarest, the one who was being praised by the people was screaming in agony inside his office. 

“It is amazing indeed, no matter where, everyone is praising you, Wayne.” 

Ninim Raleigh, his assistant with white hair and red eyes as her characteristic, told him the news while looking amazed. 

“Some say you’re the greatest warrior in the continent, the wise crown prince, and some of them even starts to call you as the reincarnation of the founder you know?” 

*Not to mention you have not yet ascended the throne.* Ninim shrugged and continue… 

“Your reputation after the fight against Marden last year was already amazing. To be honest, by now, there’s no way for us to stop the euphoria.” 

Even if they tried to add water, the heat of the enthusiasm would just evaporate the water. 

Of course, if one thinks normally, there was nothing wrong with a monarch wanting a good reputation. 

“That’s not it! I don’t wish for that, and I never planned to get them in the first place! But, why did Marden just arbitrarily announced their allegiance with our country?!” 

Wayne had a different opinion as usual. 

The news said, it was General Rubert who killed the King, but in truth, it was true that Wayne had killed King Ordorasse. Of course, not all of the saint lords believe the rumors. 

And if the saint lords found out that Wyne was the assassin who killed one of their members, would eventually aim at Natra. 

Therefore, to avoid that, Wayne was willing to liberate and given Marden Kingdom independence after the defeat of the Marden army. To cover his mistakes, he planned everything to the extreme. 

But, just as Wayne had speculated, Marden also had their own thought. 

And they thought, if they stay as they were, they would be used by Natra. However, the recapture of the capital without Natra’s help was impossible. 

After thinking about such a dilemma for a while, finally, the first princess of Marden Kingdom decided to announce allegiance to the Natra Kingdom. 

And while Wayne was busy dealing with post-war processing, she quickly negotiated the acceptance into Natra, then she pleaded to Wayne with an innocent smile. 

“You’re brilliantly being outdone there…” 

“I agree!” 

It was a complete surprise. While Wayne also couldn’t object if his other vassals were happy with the Kingdom expansion. 

“Damn it Zeno, when we first meet, she was so timid, but now, look at her!” 

“Whose influence I wonder?” 

“I can’t imagine, but I bet it was someone near me who twisted her innocent personality into something like that!” 

“Here, a mirror.” 

“Oh, such a dazzling figure of mine.” 

“I’m sorry, but this is a convex mirror.” 

“… Look at that, my handsomeness didn’t change even with distortion!” 

“Uhuh, good come back…” 

Ninim relented with a bitter smile. 

“Anyway, joking aside, what are you going to do?” 

“I have no choice but to go with the flow this time.” 

Wayne answered while sighing. 

“Since Marden has become our vassal, their people are now the people of Natra. If Natra which was the country of immigrants despises newcomers, the foundation of the country would shake. There’s no change on the part where they would pay the brunt of the western continent but, at least now we have to support them…” 

“This going to be an expensive one huh?” 

“I also need to adjust domestic power balance. But honestly, what should I do with Marden…” 

The Natra Kingdom was a feudal country. 

So to speak, if the Natra sovereign had 100 powers, the royal family held 50 of them, and the feudal lords held the other 50. 

The royal family may command them but they were not part of the royal family power. Therefore, the royal family needs good relations with the other lords to mobilize a hundred percent of the national powers. 

If there was a lord worth ten power, then that lord would hold one-tenth of the national power, that was how aristocracy work. They were people a royalty should never make as an enemy. 

This was also why a royal family wants to control the marriage between aristocrats. It was not a bad thing to have a marriage between a poor noble and a great noble. From the royal side, they want the nobles to remain harmless and convenient. 

The situation was no different for Wayne. He too needs to carefully manage the power balance between the nobles in order to keep the nobles harmless. 

Then, suddenly Marden entered… 

Marden was originally a feudal country with the size equal to Natra. It was defeated by Cabarine and lost their territory, though recently they manage to get back their former royal capital with the help of Natra. And such a country asked to join Natra. 

In short, they were too big. The Marden power. 

Of course, they didn’t regain the complete territory of Marden. Some territory was relinquished to Cabarine during the peace talks, while most of them became Natra’s territory. But even with that in mind, Marden territory still worth 30 power, against 50 power of the Albarest royal family. 

For Wayne, it was like a wild boar entered the sheep farm he had control. 

“Marden wants to avoid being regarded as an outsider as much as possible. So she planned to become part of Natra as soon as possible.” 

The quickest possible way was a marriage with the royal family or a powerful noble. In this era, a connection of blood was still very strong. 

“However, no matter how much power they had, if a newcomer enters the royal family, we can expect the antipathy from the old aristocrats.” 

After all, Natra Kingdom had one of the oldest histories on the continent. There were many nobles who prided themselves on supporting the country for many years. Even if compared to Marden they had a smaller power, it was hard for Wayne to ignore them, not to mention if they unite and oppose him. 

“So, as a royal family, I want to have good relations with both sides.” 

If he chooses just one side, the other side would be angry. It was indeed trouble. 

“If princess Zenovia was a man, we could consider marrying him with Her highness princess Franya, but it is impossible now, after all, they are the same gender…” 

“Is she really not a man though?” 

“How about you ask her next time? I can guarantee, you will have a clean slap on your face…” 

Wayne thought it would be hurt, so he stops to go that way… 

“I guess I will put this problem on hold. After all, I need to further discuss it with Zeno and the other aristocrats as well…” 

“I understand. Next is the treatment of the territory of the nobles who joined the rebellion. Establish a defense line against other countries. About the culture and custom assimilation to the Marden people who now become Natra’s people. And lastly, The follow up in regard to General Hagar, which one do you want to do first?” 

“I’m going to cry for all of this overwork you know?” 

“I’m happy if you’re crying due to happiness. Well then, how about more?”

“There’s more?!” 

Wayne, who was a regent, was busy from the start but, because now the Natra Kingdom had a bigger territory, the work would also increase. Such a thing known as a holiday, it only existed in fantasy. 

“… Huh? What is this?” 

Ninim handed him a letter, not a document. 

“An invitation. To a party I guess?” 

“A party? During this kind of busy time? Are you joking?! Who is the sender?” 

While saying that, Wayne opened the letter. 

And as soon as he was the letter written inside, his eyes opened wide, and Ninim smiled at him and says… 

“— It is from Her Imperial Princess, Louwellmina.”