Genius Prince – v3-v17

(— That guy is super dangerous…) 

Wayne sighed full of relief when he boarded the carriage and successfully escaped from Steyr’s mansion. 

(For me to work with those kinds of people, is this some kind of punishment game or something?) 

Looking at Zeno who was also hit by Steyr bizarre mind, her face had already turned blue. 

“I’m sorry Zeno, I didn’t make a time to bring out the matter about the liberation army.” 

“… Don’t worry about it… Probably, no, I’m sure of it, that Duke Rosso won’t be able to put ourselves on his teeth.” 

He didn’t say it but, Wayne agreed. Unless the remnants army were people with rare artistic value, he didn’t think Duke Rosso would be interested in them. And in fact, if they were artisan, they would instead escape to his territory. 

But with this, Zeno’s position would be very tough. For her, a lifeline was being cut one after another. 

And the last person Wayne would meet, if the information he had about the person was true, just like the other two, then this one would also be someone quite nasty. 

(I like this one to be just a rumor but…) 

While his body swayed by the carriage, Wayne prayed despite knowing, it was a hopeless wish. 

“… I see, being an outcast in the schoolhouse… Your heart has endured a lot of pain…” 

In the center of the room, there was a strange woman and a young girl. 

The young girl was hanging her head and had tears streamed down on her cheeks, and the woman stroke her head lovingly. 

“Caldomeria-sama… What should I do?” 

The young girl asked salvation to the woman— Caldomeria, then she warmly tells her… 

“Do you understand why those people exclude you?” 

“That is… Because I’m bad…” 

“No, you’re not bad at all…” 

Caldomeria then continues softly… 

“It was because your existence was not reflected in their heart, you’ve become a shadow…” 

“A shadow…?” 

Caldomeria continues talking while the young girl was looking puzzled still with tears on her cheeks. 

“Indeed, rather than a person, you’ve become a shadow of a person. That is why, no matter how much you shed tears, no matter how much you scream, ask for help, no one would respond… After all, there is no person would be grieving toward a shadow’s heart.” 

“Then, what can I do so that I could stop from being a shadow? And make them understood that I am a person?” 

In response to her painful appeal, Caldomeria smiled as if she was a holy mother. 

“— Make a vortex of despair.” 

She said those words as if it was a matter of course. 

“The mastermind, the collaborator, and the bystander who pretended not to see it, all of them in one, drag them down into the vortex of despair you can imagine. And after that, you shall also jump into that vortex.” 

Caldomeria then gently touched the young girl’s cheek. 

“By overcoming that despair together with them, you should leave a bloody real picture of yourself that penetrated their heart and mind. After that, no one shall ever abuse you.” 

“B-But… Will I be forgiven for doing that?” 

“I shall forgive you.” 

Caldomeria’s voice sounded like a lullaby sing by a mother to the child. 

“After all, you’ve also forgiven them. Isn’t that right? You, toward those who persecuted you, together overcome the despair. When everything is over, I believe they will also forgive you.” 

“B-But… If they can’t forgive me…” 

At that time Caldomeria said… Looking straight toward the girl’s eyes. While the young girl didn’t let her won gaze wander around… 

“Then they are not people, but beasts. A beast who disguise themselves as humans should never be left alive… When that happens, you should pluck them out in silent…” 


“It would be fine. You don’t have to feel anxious about it. You have my support, so let us be brave and bring your despair to—” 

“— Ehem…” 

Suddenly, a deliberate coughing echoed from behind them. 

The girl was surprised and separated her body from Caldomeria. As she turned back, Wayne and the others stood at the entrance of the room. 

“Ah… Emm, thank you for the consultation! Please excuse me, Caldomeria-sama…!” 

The young girl immediately stands up and slipped out of the room. 

After looking at her went out of the room, Wayne entered the room and brazenly talk to Caldomeria… 

“It seems you’re in the middle of something. I’m sorry for my rude arrival, Caldomeria-dono.” 

“Fufufu, don’t worry about it. I’m happy to receive you, your highness the crown prince.” 

Suggested by Caldomeria, Wayne then sits on the chair. Wayne’s position was right in front of her face to face. 

(This is the rumored Caldomeria…) 

Levetianism had a department office called the Gospel Department. 

The rule of that department was straightforward, that was assisting the holy king, who was the pinnacle of the Levetianism. 

Originally, the role should be played by the saint lords, but saint lords were often times had a position in the secular world such as the throne or being a noble, thus it was hard for them to reside near the holy king. That was why the Gospel Department was established. 

It had a long history, sometimes they did public duties on behalf of the Holy King, and today, it had enough authority equaling that of a saint lord. 

And for this time holy conference, Caldomeria as the Director of the Gospel Department had attended on behalf of the Holy King. 

(Even at best of times, male domination of women in the western part of the continent is strong. Even more so when it comes to Levetianism belief, based on their interpretation, women should not hold an important position. Yet, however, here…) 

Caldomeria stands on top. In the Levetianism, she was the Director of the Gospel Department, the highest rank for those who didn’t have the blood of the founder and his beloved disciples could attain. 

The monster of political power. Such a nickname was the most appropriate for her. 

“… The child just now, is she a noble child?” 

Wayne wanted to have no relation with this kind of troublesome person if possible but, he determined that he had no other choice. 

“No, that child is just a citizen.” 

“Hou… Then is it fine for someone with your stature, giving such consultation to the common people?” 

“Saving and Leading those who are in trouble is the belief of Levetiaism. As a faithful believer, it is natural for me to reach out toward the citizen as a fellow believer.” 

“As expected of Caldomeria-dono. If the founder saw your noble figure, the founder would definitely be happy.” 

As Wayne thinking about what to say next, Caldomeria cuts in as soon as he said those words, as if she was saying that she didn’t have any interest in the slow conversation. 

“By the way, your highness, you’ve come here to ask me to cooperate with you in the saint lord election, yes?” 

“… Indeed, though I am aware that to desire such a position is wishful thinking… However, it is also true that I absolutely want it.” 

At first, he was going to proceed carefully but, Wayne changed his mind. The opponent was showing their willingness. If that the case then, he would just be blunt. 

“As you know, my country is a place where many people from around the world gathered. Many of them seeking for salvation but, they still believe those savage evil Gods.” 

“The people of Natra are the believer of evil Gods is it?” 

“No, they only know them. In this world, there is no teaching more prominent than that of Levetianism. Even so, without teaching, then it won’t reach the people’s hearts. We who could not reach them in time since they were born, it was our sins as a believer that the teaching hasn’t yet reached the whole continent.” 

Caldomeria then said after thinking a little bit. 

“Which means, you’re saying you want to change their heart, and become a saint lord?” 

“That’s right. It was indeed my lack of virtue that causing the people of Natra to fall into evil. With that being the reason, I would like to become a saint lord and atone for my mistake. With the banner of chosen saint lord, I would work to change the people of my country and awaken them to become the believer of Levetianism.” 

“But the heart of those who had been polluted by the evil. Could it be truly purified?” 

“The angel who found saint Laurent said… Believing that everyone has the right to be saved is the first step in salvation. And I believe in the people of Natra. Could Caldomeria-dono believe in them too?!” 

Wayne was waiting for Caldomeria’s response while praising himself inside his mind that his tongue sure can say something absurd… 

“… I understand your highness heart.” 

Cladomeria smiled softly.