Genius Prince – v3-c9

“I manage to get through it.” 

Wayne returned to the room and leaned against the chair without hesitation. 

“I thought everything was over when they placed their hands on their swords.” 

Ninim was standing beside him. 

“So then, how serious are you with your words?” 

“Everything of course. I think Cabarine is plotting something strange, and in some cases, I might actually need to form an alliance with the remnants. But, I won’t understand everything unless I go there…” 

“… Can you win against Cabarine if you team up with the remnants?” 

“I will worry about that later if it’s really happening.” 

Then, the door was being knocked. 

“Excuse me, your highness, the regent. We’ve made a contact with people from the convoy—…” 

“Your Highness!” 

Ziva was being pushed away while he was in the middle of talking and the one who appeared from behind him was Raklum. 

“I’m sorry for our late arrival! I’m glad your highness is safe!’ 

“You seem to be fine, that is good.” 

The speed of the movement. The remnants army seems to know the position of the convoy all the time. As far as Ziva’s expression was concerned, it seems he feels surprised that Ralkum would push him away. 

“I will talk in full length later, for now, what happens to our troops?” 

“Yes, sir! After your highness manages to run away, the bandits also started to withdraw, thus the damage on our side was minimal. Currently, we’re standing on the planned campsite. I’ve also contacted General Hagar, to get reinforcement and search survey.” 

Wayne was pleased with Raklum’s report. 

“That is a good decision. I was assuming you would lose control due to this attack. I will leave the command of the troops to you then.” 

“Yes, sir! I will do my best to prevent this from happening again!” 

“As you might have heard, but the liberation army members would participate as a delegation. The number is…” 

Wayne then briefly gazed at Ziva. 

“We chose around 5 people. All but one representative have experience in combat.” 

“Thus, as he said. Until we’ve arrived in the Cabarine’s capital, I will entrust them under your command. Is that okay, Ziva?” 

“No objection.” 

Ziva then continued after briefly nodded his head. 

“And I also bring the representative from our side here, to greet your highness the regent, is that okay?” 

“Yes, I don’t mind. …” 

Then when Ziva move sideway, a person appears… 

“Pleased to meet you, Your Highness Wayne. My name is Zeno.” 

The person’s age was close to Wayne. He was a young man with a natural dignified face. And there was elegance in his behavior. 

“This person is my nephew. Despite being a young student, he’s a well versed in courtesy manners, I believe he won’t cause your highness much trouble.” 

As Ziva explained, Wayne turned his gaze toward Ninim. 

(… This is bad, Ninim.) 

(What is bad about this?) 

(This Zeno, he is more handsome than I do…) 

(Really? I guess you’re right.) 

(… This is where you should’ve denied it!) 

(I don’t care about such a thing. By the way… Wayne, that person, maybe…) 


Was there anything she worried about in regard to him? As Wayne had such thought in his mind, he directed his gaze and observes Zeno once again. 

The more he gazed at him, the more handsome he becomes in his eyes. His body was thin, and although there was a sword hanging on his waist, it gives off the impression of being clumsy. If he wore a dress, people would definitely mistake him as a girl—… 

(… Wait, isn’t that a girl?!) 

Wayne was surprised inside his mind. Although she tried to hide that fact using her behavior, she was definitely a woman if one were to look closely. 

“Emm… Ziva-dono.” 


“If I hear it correctly, that Zeno young man is…” 

“Your Highness the regent.” 

Ziva cut his words with a somewhat strong voice. 

“Our liberation army is very short in manpower.” 

“I know…” 

“That is why, there are only a few people which the Cabarine won’t be suspicious too, furthermore, one that has the ability as an envoy.” 

“I guess you’re right.” 

“Furthermore, it would be better to have a man if we want to talk with the western country.” 

“No objection in that.” 

“In other words, Zeno is my nephew.” 


After being insisted, Wayne gaze at Zeno once again. 

“… Are you okay with this?” 

“Of course, your highness. If that is my duty, I will accomplish it no matter what the cost.” 

Zeno said those words without any hesitation. If that was the case then, Wayne thought he didn’t have anything to say anymore. 

(She doesn’t feel like someone who had been given the task to perform surveillance on me, it seems they really lack manpower very much.) 

As Wayne remembered Ninim’s concern about whether or not they could work with the remnants army to fight against Cabarine, he was a bit worried now but, he still opened his mouth… 

“I understand. Then we will let you join the mission immediately…” 

Like that, Wayne continues his journey to the capital city of Cabarine, together with the remnants army members led by Zeno.