Genius Prince – v3-c7

“… I see, Wayne saw those attackers and deduced that they are Cabarine army huh?” 

“Such a thing. Well, I was uncertain whether that was right or not.” 

Inside the room prepared for them, Wayne told Ninim his plan.

“That forest was located in the southwest… And that side had Cabarine’s sphere of influence. Looking at that, it would be highly impossible to use the forest as the remnants army hiding place…” 

“So, you decided for us to run toward the northwest, and bet on the remnants army to rescue us. That was the plan, honestly, we’ve crossed a pretty dangerous bridge this time…” 

“I guess that is the best decision I could take under such circumstances. Thanks to that, we’ve been treated with this kind of respect.” 

“With respect huh?” 

Ninim then gazed around the room as if she wanted to complain. 

After the soldiers heard Wayne’s declaration, the soldiers’ discussed what to do with him. 

As a result, he was guided to a place to meet with Prince Helmut, and here in a fortress between mountains, they had been taken. 

Although it looked repaired, this looked like an old fort. This place seems to had been abandoned and reused as a castle. 

The room they were in was akin to that of a warehouse than a room for a guest. The furniture was minimal, there were recent traces of dust cleaning, and the smell of dust still could be felt. In addition, some soldiers guarded the door, they were practically a prisoner. 

If this was a usual meeting, for an aristocrat to receive such treatment, it would cause people to open their eyes wide. 

But that couldn’t be helped, after all, the remnants army was currently fighting against Cabarine army. They didn’t have neither, supplies nor personnel. And here, suddenly the prince regent of the neighboring country rolls in and wants to voice his complains? 

“It is already great that they give us a room. Which means they don’t want us to die, yet.” 

“Maybe they want to discuss how to kill you?” 

“If something like that comes, before the sword fell on my head, I will persuade them. Rather, I’m more worried about Raklum and his team…”

“If the enemy’s purpose is Wayne, I don’t think all the escort ended up dead. Perhaps, the enemy already withdraws already…” 

“No, I’m not worried about that, I’m worried about Raklum who might feel responsible, and then going out of control.” 

“… I guess we need to get in touch as soon as possible huh?” 

“That’s right…” 

When the two of them discussed such a weird concern, the door of the room was knocked. 

“Excuse me.” 

One man opened the door. 

As soon as the person saw the figure, Wayne opened his eyes wide. 

“… I’ve never thought I would meet you here.” 

Short and small. Nevertheless had a solid round body. Wayne was familiar with the person. 

“It seems fate ties our destiny huh? Ziva-dono.” 

“That is what I wanted to say to you, Your Highness the Regent.” 

Ziva bowed as in respect as he said those words. 

He was a diplomat dispatched by Marden when he occupied the Gold Mine. And that man was Ziva. 

As a result of their meeting at that time, the negotiation broke down, but he had shown his solid diplomatic skills. 

Following his lead, Wayne and Ninim were walking inside the fort. 

“Still, I’m truly surprised that you’re joining the liberation army.” 

The Liberation army, or the remnants, he was a man who belonged to such a force.  

“Well, I’m glad that you are safe. After all, I heard many victims fell during the time the Cabarine army ransacked the Marden capital.” 

“I’m happy to hear your highness concern. Fortunately, the Cabarine was focused more on taking control over the palace than small-time court noble like me, and at the time I was dismissed after the negotiation broke down, and waiting to get disposed in a relatively safer place.” 

“I see…” 

Since Wayne was the negotiation partner that caused the negotiation to broke down, the atmosphere around them become subtle, then he tried to change the topic immediately. 

“When Cabarine took control over Marden palace, I heard they left the officials alone and invite them to work, why didn’t you join them?” 

“I was born and raised as Marden. I could not simply serve the people who had assaulted my country, serve those who had trampled over the royal family. Even if this body ends up on fire, I still won’t be able to serve them.” 

Speaking of which, he was that kind of man, Wayne thought. 

“Speaking of surprise, I was surprised as well. When I heard your Highness had been attacked and asked to meet with Prince Helmut, I was thinking that everything was just Cabarine ploy.” 

“It is understandable. If I was in your position, I would hold the same suspicion. In fact, I was happy that Ziva, who knew me, was here.” 

“I’m pleased, that there was no mistake in my judgment.” 

After that, Ziva turned around and looked sharp. 

“Your Highness, I held great respect toward your highness. However, I serve the royal family of the Marden. Please don’t forget it.” 

“Of course I won’t. That was what being a loyal retainer is all about.” 

“It feels very nice to hear your highness saying that to me… Well then, we’ve arrived.” 

There was a big door in front of them. Ziva then tapped it lightly. 

“Your Highness Helmut, I’ve brought them with me.” 

Then the door was being opened accompanied by the sound of rusty sounds. 

Perhaps the room was often used for military discussion. There was a long desk, and several soldiers were also inside. 

“… You’re the crown prince of Natra?” 

The muffled voice entered Wayne’s ears. 

The reason was clear. Because the person inside the room wears whole body armor. 

“I’m Helmut, the second prince of the Kingdom of Marden.” 

And because the person who will become Wayne’s negotiation opponent wore full body armor, it caused Wayne to feel confused. 

(This, what are their intention?) 

Helmut was covered with metals except the place where the person breath. No matter how brilliant someone was, it would be impossible for Wayne to guess what kind of person inside the armor.