Genius Prince – v3-c4

Preparation to leave for the Cabarine’s capital was rushed. 

Not to mention it was a place that could not be reached in just one or two days. Of course, the preparation includes, the selection of travel routes, accommodation places along the way, attendant selection, and arrangement of necessary supplies that need to be tailored to the culture of the western continent. 

“Ninim, since I am going to go to the Cabarine, I need to use the carriage, take it out…” 

“Carriage? Sure but, the carriage is a symbol of women and child vehicle you know?” 

“That is the culture of the east, which mainly the Empire’s culture.” 

In the meritocracy empire, the horse is a symbol of power. If a nobleman uses a carriage, people would laugh at them and says that they were pathetic people who could not ride horses to the point of needing a wheel for support. 

“In the western part of the continent, people are conscious, so noblemen there mostly don’t want to be seen publicly as much as possible. Cladios said, if the royal family member is riding a horse by themselves, they would be viewed as a barbarian.” 

“I see. Alright, I will prepare it immediately.” 

“I’ll leave it to you. I also going to take a lesson about the western courtesy with Cladios. … Honestly, the west is making my shoulders stiff.” 

In this way, the preparation for the mission to go to the west progressed steadily but, a problem with a certain something arise. 

“Your highness the regent, with all due respect, could you reduce the number of attendants a little bit more?” 

Horonie said that. 

“Because this year’s holy spirit festival is also going to be attended by every saint lords, it is expected that there would be more people than we anticipated going to the capital city.” 

It seems there was a limitation for the reception… 

After all, people from remote regions would also come to the capital for the festival. If each of the saint lords and Wayne were included in that, one could imagine the nightmare the Cabarine needs to prepare for the accommodation. 

However, Wayne had something to say. 

“It is unfortunate but, we can’t go with less than fifty people. It would be difficult for guarding.” 

After all, when they go out from human habitats just for a little bit, the chance for bandits raid would be very high. That was actually the case when he goes around to inspect the country, forget foreign country, without a proper escort, he won’t be able to go around. 

And the number of people one could take was also important. If he brought too little, Wayne as the prince of Natra would be laughed as a poor person that could only bring that amount. 

However, if he were to bring too many people, he would be accused of war provocation due to the people thinking that he tried to intimidate them. This time, fifty people were needed, and Wayne was not willing to reduce it. 

Eventually, Horonie side was the one who compromised, and it was decided Wayne would bring fifty people. With that, Horonie returned to his country with the documents. Meanwhile, Wayne was racking his brains out, trying to find out a way to butter up Franya, for the sake of taking over the governance during the time of his absence. 

It was two weeks after Horonie returned home that they begin to start the departure. 

And now, Wayne was inside the carriage heading toward the Cabarine. 

“— Still, I’m surprised.” 

Accompanied by soldiers surrounding the carriage, the carriage was also one with a lot of ornaments. It was obvious, that they were an aristocrat’s convoy. 

“About what?” 

The one replied was, Ninim, sitting next to him. In response to her question, Wayne stretched his hand. 

“That hair.” 

Wayne’s hand then touched Ninim’s hair. *Ah…* Ninim nodded her head in understanding. 

— Black. 

Originally, Ninim’s hair was a pure snow-white, and now, overnight it had turned jet black. 

“I’ve told you about it a lot, no? Fulham people are good with makeup. I may not as good as Nanaki but, if it was this much, then I could do it easily…” 

Wayne was heading to the Kingdom of Cabarine in the western continent. There was an intense prejudice directed to the Fulham people in that region. Then, of course, the question of whether or not he should bring Ninim with him also arises… 

Probably, in the Cabarine Kingdom, various things may happen. Thus, Wayne wanted Ninim by his side as a counselor. Ninim herself had no objection to that. 

However, if they find out, Wayne had brought with him a Fulham, it would cause a great fuss. So the solution Ninim come up with was to dye her hair. 

“As expected, I can do nothing about the color of my eyes but, if they don’t observe at me deeply, it would be hard for them to find out I was a Fulham person.” 

“I honestly surprised. Since it looks like your hair is not being dyed at all, it looks natural.” 

“It is the secret of Fulham people after all.” 

Suddenly, Ninim showed a mischievous smile. 

“By the way, Wayne, White or Black, which one do you think suits me?” -=TLN: Honestly the moment she asked that, what appears inside of my head was her wearing lingerie, white or black? 

“OOOH—, It comes, it truly comes… A question in which no matter what color the guy chose, he would still end up stabbed.” 

“By the way, if you tried to escape, the result would be a deeper stab.” 


Wayne who got his escape route blocked bitterly started to speak… 

“— White!” 

In response to that, Ninim responded with “Oho…”, then continue… 

“That is unusual for you to be able to state it definitively…” 

“Hey Ninim, I am a sincere prince who believes in the swift decision.” 

“Yes, yes. I see, White huh?” 

Ninim then took her hair on her hands and hold it in front of her eyes. 

“I thought I would make Wayne happy with this hair color, I’m sad…” 

“See! It comes! I swear, those words are unfair!” 

“I’m definitely not being unfair. It is a natural reaction of a woman…” 

“Alright then, I have a good idea. Listen, Ninim, surely, I was asked white or black a while ago but, I wasn’t told to answer about your hair. “In other words!” 

“In other words?” 

“I’m talking about the color of underwear you’re wearing. —Bugh-…” 

Ninim fist sunk on Wayne’s cheek. 

“Well, I guess I was the one who gets carried away huh? I guess I will reconcile with just this much…” 

“Do that without hitting me then…” 

“Then, I will let you touch my hair as much as you want. … Ah, but don’t rub it too hard. Because if you do, the color will fade…” 

“*Guriguri*” -=TLN: JPN rubbing SFX. 

“Geez, I told you, do it gently! It would take a lot of time to re-dye it, you know?” 

*Gao*, As Ninim showed her fang, Wayne laughed and took his hand off of her hair.  

Seeing him like that, Ninim then thrust her finger to the tip of his nose. 

“Also, Wayne, I will say this again and again but, after we arrive in Cabarine, please don’t do anything rash. Even if the difference in ideology and culture bewilder you, please don’t get angry. I also will do my best to not get out as much as possible.” 

“I understand. As expected, even I am not that stupid.” 

“Then, can you make a promise with me?” 

“Sure. Have I ever broke a promise?” 

“A lot…” 

“… Never look back, and believe only in the future!” 

“If you break your promise this time, I will screw hot potatoes into your ass.” 

“I think that is not a good way to waste foods you know?!” 

When Ninim and Wayne had such a conversation. The window of the carriage was tapped from outside, and the two turned their eyes, Raklum was riding his horse next to the carriage. 

Raklum was a Natra’s warrior who vows loyalty to Wayne. Despite being young, he had a strong command and fighting ability, and thus he had been chosen to take command of this mission. 

“Your Highness, I’m sorry for disturbing your pleasant chat. I want to report, that we will arrive at Girat Gold Mine soon…” 

“Oh, finally huh?” 

Speaking of Girat gold mine, it was a gold mine taken from the Marden Kingdom last year. 

There was a worry that the Gold was being depleted but, it had become an important base for the Natra army, and they also found a new gold vein…

“We’ve to inform them about our visit, let us stay at the foot of the mine as planned.” 

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

After their exchange, Raklum then leaves the carriage side. 

It was a long trip, from Natra to the Cabarine capital city. Since it was not possible for them to reach the destination under one day, several resting points were selected in advance, and the gold mine was one of them. 

“Wayne, when we arrive, we will have a feast and meeting as scheduled, remember that okay?” 

“I know. By the way, with who?” 

“Supervisor Perint and General Hagar. Since we could not meet them in the fortress before, it was decided that we will meet them in this mine rest point.” 

“Hagar huh?… I see I guess this is just right. I have something that I want to discuss with him.” 

Ninim nodded her head in response. 

“Just don’t forget the party. It is important for a politician to treat people with a smile.” 

“I understand. Since after this party, I won’t be able to eat Natra’s food for a while. I will do my best to entertain them…” 

The mission convoy slowly heading toward the foot of the gold mine mountain.