Genius Prince – v3-c33

Kustavi, holding back the right-wing battlefield, lost his mind the moment he heard the report. 

“General Rubert is dead?!” 

What keeps him from falling apart was a sense of duty as the General’s adjutant, and anger that filled up his heart. 

He immediately used the sentiment inside his heart against the remnants’ army. 

“Prepare for the assault! we will take out the remnants army before Natra’s army catches up!” 

“P-Please wait a moment, there’s a notice to withdraw from the headquarter!” 

“Shut up!” 

Kustavi grabbed the collar of a messenger who tried to stop him. 

“Are they telling us to withdraw now, are they saying they will leave us alone if I don’t?! If we don’t defeat them here, we won’t be able to get rid of General Rubert’s regrets! Tell the headquarter that if they even one step back, we will kill them later!” 


Kustavi screamed out to the surrounding, as he pushed back the messenger. 

“Let us go! Charge!” 

Five thousand troops, following Kustavi, ran forward. 

The distance between them and the remnants army on their defense quickly shrinks and soon enough they clashed. With a power that shakes the ground. 

“Do not stop! Press forward! Push!” 

Backed by Kustavi fiery command, the Cabarine army pressed forward. 

(Their defense is strong, but we should be able to breakthrough through this assault. I can push them…!) 

The Cabarine army digs into the remnants army like a butter. Behind them was the enemy headquarter. 

The target was the enemy general’s head, Helmut. This battle cause was for the release of the Marden Kingdom’s former royal capital. If Helmut collapsed here, they would lose their cause, and they won’t have a chance to recover. 

(A little bit more… A little bit more…!) 

They were about to breakthrough. When Kustavi begins to think that… He noticed, the enemy had already wrapped around him, from the front, left and right. 

Then behind him, what entered Kustavi’s eyes was the appearance of 2,000 Natra troops, which rushed toward him. A unit, led by Wayne. 


The Cabarine army, crushed by Hagar on the left, decided to attack the right-wing to breakout. Wayne had already read that movement. 

It was too late when Kustavi noticed that he had fallen into a trap. The Cabarine army had been hammered by the enemy from the front, left, right and back, there was no way for them to escape from the crushing assault. 

“D-Damn it all!” 

Kustavi tried to escape, but he couldn’t do it. 

He was immediately get defeated by the rushing Natra’s soldiers from the back, and soon enough Cabarine army, who lost their commander fell into chaos and got defeated. 

As a result, the remaining Cabarine troops who had solidified their defense of their headquarter decided to withdraw. But the allied pursuit was so fierce that it was reported less than 5,000 Cabarine soldiers survived the battlefield. 

After that, the Cabarine garrison soldiers placed in Marden royal capital Solituk chose to surrender, thus the royal capital was released. The allied force was welcomed by the citizen and this victory would be written in the history of both countries. 


Prince Wayne’s first visit to the fort was on a cold winter day. 

His heart was full of anxiety, trying to cheer himself… 

He was old. It won’t be weird if he would be asked to retire. Perhaps after this feast, he would be asked just that. When such thought crossed his mind, the old body feels colder. 

Ah, why was I not born twenty years later? Or maybe ten? That way, he would be able to run around the battlefield under Wayne as he wished—

“What are you thinking?” 

He was startled when he was asked such a question. 

Wayne then continues his words as if he had read the old man’s heart. 

“Forget your ages. I don’t care if you’re one year old or one hundred years old, what matters is whether or not I could use you. And I’ve never thought that I couldn’t use you…” 


“Or what, did your eyes already abandon you? Do you feel like you can’t run anymore?” 


His denial word was stronger than he himself could imagine. 

He was so surprised at himself that he decided to say it again with certain will… 

“No, there’s no such a thing.” 

“Then, don’t worry about anything else…” 

Wayne smiled. 

“Come on Hagar. It’s too early to kick the bucket. Let’s do some bad things on this continent together with me!” 

With that said, Wayne held out his hand toward Hagar—… 


Small footsteps resounded like a piece of music. 

It was General Hagar who plays it. He advanced through the hallways where no one present. 

The place that filled with calmness was one of the Natra Kingdom’s palaces It was created primarily for the purpose of resting place for the royal family, and currently, one person was using it. 

“I’ve responded to the summoning.” 

Hagar arrived at the innermost part of the royal villas, bowing down then and kneel down. 

In front of him was a large bed, on which a thin man lay. 

“… Been a long time, Hagar.” 

The man said with a weak voice. 

“I haven’t seen your face for a while but, you look healthy…” 

“Yes, sir. I’ve heard that your condition has become stable, which brings joy to my heart. I pray for your majesty’s recovery as soon as possible…” 

Yes, this weak thin man was Owen, the King of Natra Kingdom. He had fallen ill due to his innate physical weakness, and he was still resting in the royal villas. 

“Hagar, there’s a reason why I called you today. It’s about Wayne…” 

Owen speaks… 

“Sometimes have passed since the time I left the country in his hands. How do you see Wayne?” 

“Yes, sir. Not only he has incredible insight, but he’s also compassionate, which attracts many people. In addition, in my eyes, an ordinary man. the depth of his talent is immeasurable. I believe, no other person more worthy to lead the Natra Kingdom than his highness prince Wayne.” 

Hagar’s words were straightforward. And all of that was true. 

“Then— Is he worthy of your service?” 

It was another question. 

However, Hagar didn’t hesitate. 

“Yes. It would be my lifetime honor if I could serve under his highness royal road.” 

“Is that so…” 

Owen’s voice sounded somewhat relieved. 

“Hagar, I think I’ve done something bad for you as a lord. I cannot stop to regret that I’ve made you rusty just by keeping you by my side…” 

“Your Majesty, there’s no such a thing…” 

Hagar shakes his head. 

“I’ve settled here after years of wandering because of his majesty’s skill. Without his majesty, I’m not sure what I would’ve become…” 

Owen smiled… 

“Is that so… But, it is fine Hagar. You’ve endured long enough. Probably this will be my last command to you…” 

Owen the continue… 

“Soar high, General Hagar. With that wings of yours, soar high to a place no one could reach, together with my son.” 

Hagar bowed deeply with all of his feelings. 

“I shall follow your command—…”