Genius Prince – v3-c32

The start of the fourth day was as calm as the third day. 

However, a person with keen intuition would feel something was different. It feels like the opponents move closer to one’s throat while pretending to be calm. The tense string was stretched to the limit, and the moment broke, moving the battlefield. 

“— All units, charge!” 

Five thousand troops led by Rubert, kicked the ground to crush two thousand soldiers led by Raklum. 

The force difference was obvious. Even better, the opponent’s movement was still stiff. In fact, the response to the charge was quite slow. With that being the case, they should be able to reach the enemy’s General at once. 

(After breaking through this unit, we will turn around and attack the unit led by that Prince!) 

Rubert has drawn the picture to victory perfectly. All that was left was to make it a reality. 

However, Rubert’s eyes caught one point in front of the enemy’s army. 

(That is…?) 

One of the enemy’s cavalry was an old person figure. 

It was not that stand out. However, Rubert somehow could not tear his eyes off of him. Standing proudly at the center of the soldiers as if he was the commander— 

At that moment, Rubert shouted instinctively… 

“All unit stops!” 

And General Hagar ordered his men… 

“All unit, assault!” 

Natra soldiers then begin to attack Cabarine’s soldiers… 


“Uwaaah… What the hell is that…” 

Wayne groaned as he watched the left-wing. 

2,000 Natra soldiers, against 5,000 Cabarine army, they attacked like a snake, taking the enemy one by one. They won’t be able to know what happened to Cabarine soldiers… 

“As expected, you do go easy on me after all, Hagar…” 

When he muttered that, Ninim sighed by his side. 

“I guess that is no brainer. … To think we have to spread the rumor that he was being executed for just surprising Cabarine’s army…” 

The whole story was as follows… 

First, a merchant called Ibis contacted the rebels in Natra and secretly fuels the rebellion. 

Wayne, who felt the disturbing air, used Hagar to implement a plan to expose the rebels, but the invitation from Cabarine would overlap and he needs to leave the country. 

Ibis then contacted Hagar, thinking he could be used as the leader of the rebels, and gathers rebels under Hagar. 

If it was Hagar, it was possible for him to defeat the rebels using the garrisoned guard. But that was only at the level kicked them out, not destroying them. 

With Wayne’s absence, if he makes the wrong move, the rebels might run away to another country. Not to mention, the rebels were not just them. Hagar then decided to make a difficult decision, becoming a rebel leader. 

[If his highness could return to the country, he should be able to do something…] 

Hagar, who had been deeply involved with the rebels was unable to contact Wayne, at first, he was considering returning Wayne to Natra, who was about to return from abroad. 

Hagar did that by reducing the number of soldiers waiting for Wayne return as much as possible— Though he was being interrupted by Ibis… 

Wayne himself, seeing how disorganized the rebels was, he was convinced that Hagar was not fully committed to the rebellion. 

After slipping through the formation, he lured the devastated rebels and destroyed those who followed him back, at that time, Hagar told Ninim to disguise his death. 

It was for the anticipated battle with Cabarine that would occur in the future, it was presumed that he died without evading the punishment, that was for the sake of lowering Cabarine vigilance. 

(I feel like we’re being forestalled by the woman named Ibis but, we sure did something crazy huh?) 

Even if they did this later, for this plan to succeed, Hagar had to die as a rebel, which means all of his achievements gone. Hagar, born from a country that respects honor, offered himself. It was clear that his determination was not extraordinary, and Wayne had no choice but to respond. 

He left Raklum in command until the time Cabarine would perform all-out assault, when that time comes, he would place Hagar in command. 

The strategy was a great success. Five thousand enemies were on the verge of collapse. He knew Hagar command was strong, especially on flat terrain, but he never thought it would be this much. 

“Wayne, it’s about time.” 

“I know…” 

Prompted by Ninim, Wayne glanced off the left-wing battlefield. He was sure that they would be fine with Hagar. 

“Well then, I guess I should work too…” 

A nightmare, that was the right word for the situation. 

“General! The enemy is approaching!” 

“Return, regroup with the main force! We cannot stay much longer!” 

“Hurry up! Before the path gets blocked!” 

A shouting voice flies one after another. But, Rubert knew… There was no way out, everything they saw was actually the enemy’s trap. 

Furthermore, there was no way they would survive if they stay. Because…

“— I thought that I might be able to at least catch the enemy’s adjutant, but to think I caught the General himself…” 

The enemy general Hagar. Because he was already being caught by this man. 

“Let’s hear it if you have anything left to say.” 

Rubert lifted his head in response to Hagar’s question, he tried to say something but his words stayed inside his throat. Instead, he spilled out a small sniff. 

“… No matter what I say, it would only be regarded as a howl of a looser no? If I think about it, at that time, I was also fell into your tricks. I admit it, I’ve lost. — However!” 

At that moment, Rubert kicked his horse. 

“I won’t fall alone! I will take you to hell with me!” 

Rubert runs straight toward Hagar. 

“… My bad…” 

Hagar sword movement was as fast as a shadow. Rubert could only feel some flicker had passed by… 

“I could not remember who you are, even though I tried to dig until the corner of my mind…” 

Rubert’s torso was split open, blood scattered, and he fell on the ground. 

After seeing that, Hagar raised his sword and shouted. 

“The enemy general, Rubert, has been defeated!” 


Natra soldiers’ victory roar spread throughout the battlefield.