Genius Prince – v3-c31

Former Marden capital city, Solituk. 

The allies had surrounded the Cabarine’s occupation. 

The allied force was to free Solituk from the control of Cabarine. 

Allied troops were numbered around 7,000 men. It consisted of 4,000 Natra Kingdom and 3,000 Marden remnants army. 

Natra scrapped the number by using the revenue from the Gold Mine as much as possible, and the remnants army also had used up all of their property to this mobilization. 

On the other hand, the garrisoned Cabarine army decided to holed up inside the capital city and closed the door tight. They decided to make some time and wait out for help to come from their homeland. 

“We’re on schedule.” 

Wayne said that at the temporary command center. 

“Remember, you need to give strict order for each unit to not attack unreasonably. Especially, don’t attack the castle. Instead, continue to appeal to the capital city, that this is the Liberation Army, led by prince Helmut, Marden’s legitimate successor, whose purpose is to liberate the royal capital.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

His subordinates responded without hesitation, Zenovia, dressed in full armor, next to him then opened her mouth… 

“Psychological warfare is it? How effective is that going to be?” 

“That depends on how long the people inside holed in…” 

The important part about this plan was to direct public dissatisfaction toward Cabarine. Among them, it was to develop a sense of victim, to make them feels like they got involved in a war because of Cabarine. The dissatisfaction would grow over time, and eventually, it would break the capital defense. 

(Well, it is hard to attack the royal capital because we’re using the Liberation army as a cause.) 

The good thing was that they could effectively appeal to the people but, it was difficult for them to use force. It was a painful truth in a war. 

“Anyway, the royal capital is the last thing. If it too put some pressure then doing some teasing should be fine.” 

At that time, Ninim appeared… 

“Report from the scout. The Cabarine army has been identified…” 

“Here they come…” 

This was a crucial moment. Cabarine army was mobilized to defend Solituk. That was why the allied army’s primary purpose was to defeat this force. 

“How many enemies were there?” 

“Around 15,000 troops.” 

Zenovia trembled a little. But that was not because of fear toward the enemy force which was twice the amount. 

“As Prince Wayne had said, they would come with less than 20,000 soldiers…” 

“Of course. We did our best to make that to happen after all…” 

Wayne laughed. 

“By now, General Rubert would have a stomachache due to the situation. — Thus, we’re going to aim at that weak heart of his…” 


(— Why, this is happening…) 

A total of 15,000 troops were dispatched from Cabarine to rescue Solituk. 

Rubert’s mind, who led the force, was confused. 

It was due to the current situation in Cabarine. 

In short, Cabarine had a division crisis. 

The start of it was, of course, the death of King Ordorasse. Despite the confusion caused by the sudden death of their leader, this scandal that took place during the time of the holy conference had caused Cabarine’s international reputation to plunge. 

Cabarine was a feudal country. The lords gathered under the tree of Cabarine’s royal family, which form the country. 

This rescue army was the representative of reality. If it was the normal Cabarine, they should be able to mobilize more than 20,000 and if they force more, they should be able to gather around 30,000 men. 

However, now, they only could gather around 15,000 men. Rubert couldn’t even get 20,000 troops. 

(As soon as I’ve returned back, I will kick them…!) 

Rubert’s decision to leave the royal capital was a tough decision. 

Rumors of him killing the King remained persistent, and the rumors continued that says Rubert wants the country for himself. The poor cooperation from the various lords might also influence the rumors more…

Therefore, as Rubert moves away from the administrative center, the court would also become more active in eliminating Rubert. 

He cannot help but to go. For the reason above, Cabarine’s army morale was very low. To command, this amount of troops needed the rank of a General, and Rubert himself would be driven out of power if he didn’t show his might here. 

(With King Ordorasse, I was indeed not close. But, that was all about it when you think Cabarine as a country…) 

If they couldn’t gather the necessary army during this kind of time, Cabarine would become a hunting ground by various countries. That alone must be avoided. To do that, Rubert must lead the troops and quickly defeat the enemy. 

(I may go to hell when I died. But, that is not now…) 

He needs to do what he needed to do. With that determination, Rubert continues to match. 


7,000 allied force vs 15,000 Cabarine force. 

The battle between the two armies, which faced off on flat land close to the former Marden royal capital, unexpectedly started cautiously. 

They end the battle each day with small battles, preserving their strength. That repeated for several days. Speaking the reason why that such a thing happens… 

“I want to settle this as soon as possible, but the Natra troops have a track record of defeating 30,000 Marden troops. First of all, I want to measure the opponent’s ability while solidifying our own defense.” 

That was the thought of Cabarine’s side. 

“The opponent will try to figure out about us for a while and defend themselves. If we fight evenly against a greater number of army, it could increase the troops’ morale. We’re going to perform skirmish with Cabarine for a couple of days…” 

That was what the allied force agreed upon. 

Thus the two sides skirmished against each other for three days. 

And as the fourth days come. 

Turbulence happened on the battlefield. 

“Tomorrow, we will defeat the Natra army.” 

On the third day, Rubert said those words to the commanders. 

“After three days of skirmishes, I’ve catches some of their habits. It was according to the rumor, they might be strong but, they are not experienced on waging a war.” 

The commanders nodded toward Rubert’s comment. 

“Especially the units that were not led by prince Wayne, they were quite stiff.” 

“According to the information, they were led by General named Raklum. It seems he was selected as an alternative to General Hagar who was being executed the other day.” 

“Speaking of Hagar, he was one of Natra’s vital points. Thus they may have some trouble taking control of their subordinates. We will aim that weakness…” 

In response to those words, Adjutant Kustavi raised his hand. 

“General, then tomorrow, I wish to lead a unit to take the head of General Raklum and Prince Wayne!” 

Kustavi had some grudge against Wayne. It was due to the incident where he had to deal with the rebels’ army, and although he was not being punished due to the mistake, he still desires some revenge. 

However, Rubert shook his head. 

“No, I will directly lead against them…” 

“General himself?” 

This not only surprised Kustavi but also the other commanders. Rubert then speaks his mind to explain… 

“I’m worried about our home country if we spend more time here. I will personally lead the troops against them. Kustavi, I leave the remnants to you…” 

“If that is the case then…” 

Despite his dissatisfaction, Kustavi nodded his head. 

In fact, that only explains half of Rubert’s one-sided reason. In addition to the desire to settle quickly, he also had her personal reason. 

“Damn that Hagar… To think he would kick the bucket like that…” 


“… No, nothing.” 

Rubert shakes his head, as he remembered his younger days on the battlefield. 

A General who plays an active part at the time, the one who defeated him and caused him to withdraw. He remembered that day as a curse. 

After that, the General moved to a small country in the north and never meet again. 

“… Such a foolish sentiment I had…” 

Rubert kept the story to himself. 

On the Allied side, Raklum was kneeling in front of Wayne and Zenovia. 

“How is the military, Raklum?” 

“Yes, sir… unfortunately, to be honest, I need more time to be recognized as General Hagar replacement…” 

Raklum spoke with regret. He was appointed since the seat of a General was vacant after Hagar execution, but the man named Hagar was too large. 

Raklum had some experience leading units. If it was just a normal operation, he could execute it without problems. However, as Hagar alternative, the soldiers were still conscious of being led by him thus they cannot move well… 

“I see… Though unfortunate, that is under my expectation… Don’t worry about it.” 

“Yes, sir…” 

For Raklum, he saw it that he couldn’t meet Wayne’s expectation. Wayne might say that he didn’t care but, it doesn’t mean that he could just accept it and didn’t improve himself. And as Raklum needed more time, there was no time left… 

“Perhaps, tomorrow Cabarine will perform a full assault. This is the end of our skirmishes. Starting tomorrow, we will steadily start to move according to the plan. Is that okay, Prince Helmut?” 

“Of course.” 

Zenovia responded with a short word. 

“The morale of my army is high, and we only sustained small damage. If we keep the defense, we should be able to suppress the opponent.” 

Then she said with an admiration tone… 

“But still… to prepare an operation like this… As expected of Prince Wayne huh?”