Genius Prince – v3-c3

“A messenger from Cabarine?” 

A few days had passed since Wayne returned to the royal palace. 

His fatigue had been healed and the miscellaneous works that had been accumulated were cleared up and the news had reached him just right when it was finally possible for him to return to his daily life. 

“Yes, arrived a moment ago. The messenger had delivered a letter from the Cabarine King.” 

Wayne folded his arms while listening to Ninim’s report. 

The Cabarine Kingdom was Natra Kingdom’s neighbor on the west. 

They had been Natra Kingdom’s neighbors since last year. Before that, there was a country called Marden who was Natra’s neighbor on its western border. 

However, in the midst of fighting against Natra over the gold mine, Marden had fallen after the Cabarine army assaulted their capital. Most of the Marden royal family were executed and now Mardenies cease to exist. 

As a result of that, Natra and Cabarine found themselves as neighbors, but the relationships between the two countries remained vague, not hostile yet not friendly either. 

Of course, there were some circumstances behind it. Right after they become neighbors, Natra was busy negotiating with the Empire in regard to Gold trade, and Cabarine was busy clamping down the remnants of Marden.

“Hmm, it doesn’t seem to be a handwritten declaration of war, I guess?” 

“What should we do? Wayne could just leave it to others to deal with the massage but…” 

“No, let me meet the messenger myself. I don’t know how much the messenger knows, but I want some information even if it is just a little…” 

“I understand. Then, I will prepare for the meeting. But before that, one thing about the messenger…” 

With Wayne’s permission, she would immediately prepare for the meeting. 

But since the guest was a person of the west, Ninim who was a Fulham won’t join in the meeting. 

As Wayne went to the meeting room with escorts, a thin man which looked like a dead tree was waiting in the meeting room. 

“— I’m happy to be able to see you for the first time, your highness the regent.” 

The man bowed toward Wayne and speak with a sticky tone. 

“I am Horonie, one of the Cabarine King’s subjects. This time, I was being appointed as a messenger to your country by Cabarine King.” 


Wayne didn’t show he was agitated when he heard the name. It was because Ninim had told him about it in advance. 

“Welcome, Horonie-dono.” 

Wayne nodded and looked at him with a sharp gaze. 

“Before we get into the main subject, I would like to ask one question. — If I remember correctly, weren’t you a former member of Marden court?” 

“Oh my, Oh my…” 

When Wayne asked that question, Horonie didn’t look upset, instead, he showed a smile. 

“Your insight is as rumored your highness… This Horonie impressed. As your highness had said, I was once served, Marden. But when misfortune befell and the country was ruined, Cabarine King, King Ordorasse found me and gives me an appointment.” 

“And that was how you become a messenger to this country. It seems you’re a smart person who knows when to grasp the opportunity eh?” 

“Everything is thanks to King Ordorasse.” 

Even when Wayne used sarcastic words, Horonie didn’t show much expression and just bowed. 

(Well, I guess someone who would get caught with such words would not be appointed huh…??) 

He had done that light jab to grasp Horonie’s personality but, to do more than that would be a waste of effort. Wayne then decided to switch to the main subject. 

“So then, Horonie-dono, What is the massage from Ordorasse King?” 

“Yes. In regard to that, please see this…” 

It was a sealed letter. And on the seal, the Cabarine emblem was engraved. In the letter was King Ordorasse’s handwritten message with his signature at the end of the letter. It was definitely a letter from the King. 

When who read the letter immediately opened his eyes wide. 

“Horonie-dono… Is this true?” 

“Yes. I’ve also some words entrusted to me from the King as well.” 

Horonie then continues speaking after a short break. 

“The Natra Kingdom and the Cabarine Kingdom. In order to deepen the friendship between the two neighboring countries, the King would like to invite your highness to the Holy Spirit festival that is about to be held in the Cabarine Kingdom’s capital city…—” 

A few days after the messenger from the Cabarine Kingdom visited… 

“Inviting Onii-sama to attend the holy spirit festival huh?” 

Franya nodded her head as she fiddled with the quill with her fingertips. 

The content of the meeting between Wayne and the messenger had entered her ears. In short, the brother she loves was about to go out again—… 

“Cladios, you’re someone from the west right? Do you know about the holy spirit festival?” 

“Of course…” 

Cladios who was her tutor nodded his head… 

“Your Highness, do you know about Levetianism?” 

“It is a famous religion on the west, right?” 

Levetianism was a religion that was established several hundred years ago, and it was monotheistic. The religion was especially prevalent on the western side of the continent. 

“There’s almost no one who believed in it. And the holy spirit festival is one of the festivals of Levetianism that usually took place in the early spring. It was marking the day the founder of Levetia received the blessing of God, it was to celebrate the achievement fighting against the evil. By the way, some believers also exist in Natra and they are everywhere…” 

After saying that, Cladios laughed bitterly… 

“But recently, the aspect of the festival that celebrates the arrival of spring has become stronger, and only devout believers honor the original…” 

“Even if it is for the sake of a good relationship, is it really fine for Cabarine to invite Natra?” 

“Now then, for me who is only an educator, the answer to that question is not in my capacity.” 

Cladios shook his head but he continued… 

“But if I were allowed to speak my concern then, this year holy spirit festival at the Cabarine royal capital would be held in conjunction with the holy conference” 

“Holy Conference?” 

Franya questioned the words that she had never heard. 

“At the apex of Levetianism, there is a Holy King, and the one who assisted the Holy King is the Chosen Saint Lords.” The Holy King is chosen from among the saint lords, in other words, the saint lords are the candidates to become the Holy King.” 

Cladios then draws a simple diagram on a paper. At the top of the triangle was the Holy King, right bellow it was the chosen saint lords, then below that was the priests, and below that was the believer, and so on a so fort… 

“A meeting between the Holy King and the selected saint lords is held once a year. And that is called the Holy conference.” 

Franya was silent for a moment then asked another question. 

“It can’t be, is that a really important meeting?” 

Cladios nodded. 

“Of course. Levetianism was a great religion that rotted on the western side of the continent. The Holy King is obvious, but even the saint lords were chosen among the Kings and important people of many countries… And that meeting brings them together in one place, it is the most important international conference on the western side of the continent.” 

“Ah, and for that going to be held in the Cabarine means…” 

“Right… The Cabarine King, King Ordorasse was one among the saint lords…” 

The Holy Meeting is being held in the city where the saint lords lived, and it is being held in rotation…” And this year, it was going to be held in the capital city of Cabarine in conjunction with the celebration of the holy spirit festival. 

“… Onii-sama had shown me the letter but, I didn’t see any mention of such a meeting is going to be held. Which means, I think they are only going to invite him to participate in the holy spirit festival but…” 

*Muuu*, Franya groaned… 

“What is the intention of the King of that side, I wonder?” 

“There must be some expectation I guess. Especially his Highness Wayne… No, when it comes to Natra Royal family, the saint lords selections was never irrelevant.” 

“What do you mean?” 

“In the first place, the relationship of the Holy King and the selected saint lords was derivates from the founder Levetia and the best disciples of Levetia. Therefore, in order to become a member of saint lords, one of the absolute conditions was that the person must have inherited the blood of Levetia or Levetia’s best disciples.” 

Franya quickly understood what was Cladios tried to say. 

“… It can’t be, the Natra royal family is…” 

“Well, yes. Natra Kingdom’s founder, Salema, was a member of the Nariavine royal family, and he had inherited the blood of one of the Levetia’s disciples, the venerable Kareus’ bloodline.” 

Which makes Wayne and Franya meet the condition to become a saint lord. 

The Royal Family aside, realizing she had inherited such bloodline made Franya stared at her own hands. 

“Of course, that was only one of the many conditions. If one wants to become a saint lord, one needs a lot of money, political power, will and many other things…” 


The Holy Spirit festival and the Holy conference was going to be held in the Cabarine. If Wayne who met the condition to become a saint lord was being invited there, it was obvious to everyone that Cabarine had that intention in their minds. Franya might be unable to imagine it but, there may be some danger directed at Wayne… 

“I wonder, what is Onii-sama going to do?” 

It was highly tied to national politics. It was something that she couldn’t interfere. But if it was possible, she wished for him to remain here… Franya held such a feeling where she didn’t want to be separated from his beloved elder brother.  

On the other hand… 

“I don’t want to gooooooo~!” 

In the office, Wayne shouted filled with despair. 

“But I have no choice but to gooo!” 

“Well, I guess there’s no other way…” 

Ninim responded from the side while Wayne was holding his head in despair. 

“First of all, the timing of the invitation is weird, I guess. Though it is a natural thing to think about the relationship between the two countries that have been left hanging in the air all this time…” 

“… Is there the possibility of me being assassinated?”  

“That possibility is zero. Though if that happens, a war with Natra would be inevitable. Anyway, it is hard to imagine Cabarine who is currently fighting against the Marden remnants betrayed us and fight a two-front war. Rather than that, I think it would be more believable if they want to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries?” 

“I guess you’re right. —If the meeting is not this year, then I would’ve thought that as well, aaargh!” 

Ninim also nodded in response to Wayne’s remark. 

“This year, Cabarine is also going to hold a holy conference, to invite Wayne during such a time. It indeed makes us curious about their intentions. Of course, there’s also the possibility of schedule overlap mistakes…” 

“As expected, it is dubious. Or perhaps, they want to introduce me to the saint lords, and pull me into their camp?” 

“Looking at Wayne’s achievements and lineage, if they wish to make you one of the saint lords… They want to at least get closer relationship now eh?” 

Of course, that was all just a possibility. At any rate, the one who waits for him were people with the highest influence on the western side of the continent. Wayne didn’t think everything would end with just a light greeting. 

“This is, if I go there, I believe I would get involved with something not so good…” 

“I agree…” 

Ninim whispered and continue… 

“However, it would be a waste to ignore this chance to have a good friendship with the west.” 

“You’re right…” 

*Aaah, geez*, Wayne laid bare his anguish… 

“At first, Natra had a trade relationship with the west, but ties with the west had been broken for the last 100 years. That is why it would be great if we manage to have a connection with Cabarine! Our country value would also increase.” 

In the first place, the founder, Salema, had set up the country in this barren land expecting demand as a transit point for trade between the east and west. At first, everything works smoothly before it deteriorated 100 years ago. 

“Then you’re going to accept the invitation?” 

It was an invitation from the King. If he wants to talk with the other person face to face, Wayne had no choice but to accept the invitation. 

Wayne had a hard time to decide before finally nodded his head. 

“I will meet them. We won’t be able to understand their intention if we didn’t pursue beyond this. Since the chance of being killed is low, I guess I should jump in…” 

“I’ve just returned home, but it seems I would get busy again soon.” 

“Honestly… Why am I working so hard for all of this…” 

“That is because, you’re a Natra prince, of course.” 

Ninim turned her heels as Wayne groaned. 

“Now, I will immediately adjust the schedule. Also, Wayne still has something else that needs to be done…” 

“Something else? Ah, you mean writing a reply .” 

“That is indeed important, but there is something more urgent and serious.” 

“What is that?” 

“Apologize to Her Highness Franya.” 


Wayne looked up at the ceiling as he seriously wondered what to say to his little sister who he had promised to spend time together. 

Thus, the story of fate begins… 

In this era called the Great King War, began with the death of the Azworld Empire’s emperor death. 

And now, the holy conference and Wayne Salema Albarest would cause a great flame to burn in the western part of the continent.