Genius Prince – v3-c29

“…. Geeez, to think it would come to such an end.” 

Ibis clicked her tongue once again as she gazes at the liberated Natra’s fort. 

She was surprised when Marden’s troops appeared, and she was then convinced that she won’t be able to win. 

“I never expected the General would be useful, to begin with…” 

The plan was at first to spend some money on some lords who were dissatisfied with Wayne, and secretly assisting them, then move them all at once. However, in the end, the prince was safe and the rebels were crushed. But, failure could be said as a good thing as well. 

“With this, General Hagar should disappear from the main stage…” 

Ibis nodded reluctantly in response to her subordinates’ words. Her primary objective was to overthrown Wayne, but her secondary objective was to kill Hagar or banish Hagar socially. Without him, Natra’s military power should be decreased considerably. 

“Because he was in the center of the rebellion, it would be inevitable if he was being punished… Let us see what kind of effect it would become during their fight against Cabarine.” 

After saying that, Ibis turned her heels and left. 

As she had said, shortly afterward, the news that Hagar was being executed would run through the country. 

The unexpected event of General Hagar’s rebellion had a huge impact on Natra. 

He had server the royal family for a long time, and people were skeptical that he had really rebelled, thus creating various speculation and rumors. 

However, in the end, they couldn’t come to a conclusion. Hagar, the mastermind, didn’t give any defense. 

Thus, people who wish for his mercy were left helpless. It would be a high crime for someone to point their sword toward the royals. But, with Hagar’s achievements, he may be saved from execution at least. Yet, Hagar didn’t even speak to defend himself. 

If he didn’t have the intention of saving himself, other people won’t be able to help him either. 

As a result of that, Hagar was sentenced with the highest punishment, an immediate execution. Most of the lords who participated in the rebellion were also being executed. 

With such a loss, it caused the country to worry. 

But, such anxiety would be dispelled in unexpected ways. 

The neighboring country, Cabarine, who recently had lost their King, have made a ridiculous announcement that Prince Wayne was the one who killed King Ordorasse. 

“How dare them to insult our Crown Prince like that?!” 

“I heard the Cabarine is being controlled by a man named Rubert behind the scene. And the King assassination is actually this man’s work.” 

“Is he trying to place his sins onto his highness, just to make an excuse to declare a war?!” 

“Maybe he saw the opportunity when General Hagar being executed. Such a disgusting human he is…” 

The public anxiety turns into anger toward Cabarine. 

Perhaps, the people were also trying to distract themselves and forget their anxiety by doing so. In any case, Hagar’s death was soon being overshadowed by the war with Cabarine, which soon would begin, and the rumors about Wayne quickly disappeared.