Genius Prince – v3-c28

The battlefield quickly turned into a fierce battle. 

The confused pursuit army could not break through the rebel’s defense, and the rebels were severely damaged due to the chaotic formation. 

(Aaah, Geeez, what’s going on here?!) 

In the midst of the battlefield, Ibis was surrounded by escorts, she could only click her tongue. 

Her mission was to kill Wayne, who escaped from Cabarine. That prince was dangerous. If they let him alive, he would definitely become the enemy of Caldomeria. That was what she thought. 

However, Wayne didn’t show up, and instead, a mysterious cavalry army showed up. The battle had already begun when she realized that they were the pursuit army from Cabarine. 

(Why the pursuit cavalry appeared first before the prince?!) 

Where did the prince go? Did Cabarine’s army miss them along the way? If they have a conversation, she should be able to solve the confusion, but they missed the opportunity. 

(… No, wait a minute. This confusion, there’s no doubt…) 

Ibis looked up and looked around the battlefield. And after observing for a while, the corner of her eyes caught someone… 

“… Such a thing. You got me huh?” 

Ibis moved quickly. The destination was the center of the rebels. There, Hagar and the lords should be taking command. The rebels were not completely collapsed yet because Hagar was there, he was barely able to take command. 

“General Hagar!” 

“… Ibis huh? What’s wrong?” 

“This is prince Wayne’s trap! The prince slipped through the battlefield using this confusion! He perhaps aiming the fort!” 

The confused Lords who heard Ibis words couldn’t respond immediately. 

But Hagar calmly looked around. 

“We will take the soldiers still following my command and follow the prince. Instruct the remaining troops to withdraw. The cavalry probably won’t after them…” 

“”Yes, sir!”” 

Hagar quickly assembles some soldiers from the surrounding lords. The numbers were two hundred. With them, they immediately rush toward the eastern fort. 

(The prince has fifty men. It should be further reduced after trying slipping through, so taking account of those who couldn’t re-join, they should have less than that now… Not to mention, they are also should be tired after being pursued by the Cabarine…) 

We should be able to catch up with them, Ibis was convinced as she accompanies General Hagar. 

Her conviction soon be proven. They soon found traces, and soon enough they manage to catch up with Wayne. Their numbers are less than twenty. As expected, those numbers would be easy to get defeated by 200. 

Wayne noticed that the enemy had caught up with him, and he took an unexpected action. Instead of running away, he stopped and turning around. 

Hagar’s troops after moving close enough also stopped on their track. 200 men with high stamina, and 20 exhausted men. The result of the battle would be obvious. 

Still, Wayne didn’t show any visage of being defeated. 

“General Hagar, it seems you’re healthy…” 

Wayne speaks as if they meet in the royal court. 

But his voice lacked the energy… 

“… May I know, why?” 

Wayne laughed… 

“I’ll listen, after winning.” 

He didn’t acknowledge there was a rebel army. 

As far as he concerned, he was going to use the situation and make it that he was being ambushed by ‘Rubert’s army. 

“—Now, start the attack!” 

Marden’s remnants, hiding behind the hills attacked Hagar-led rebels. 


“Now then…” 

Wayne said something to Zeno before they hide themselves. 

“After the pursuit clashed with the rebels, someone, whether that would be Hagar or someone else, someone would notice…” 

Wayne then continue… 

“Taking advantage of that, we will ambush those who decide to chase after us, and crush the rebels.” 

“… Normally, one would think a way to escape by now, you know?” 

Zeno points out that, and in response, Wayne shook his head. 

“If possible I would like to capture Hagar, and cut down the lords’ soldiers as much as possible. I want to avoid losing soldiers since we need them to face Cabarine later but… Since they can just fight those who chase after us, and since I won’t be able to use them much, it won’t hurt if they both get wiped out…” 

This time, Ninim raised her hands. 

“If your highness becomes the decoy, where are we going to get the military power to kill?” 

“This is where we ask the Marden Liberation Army for cooperation…” 

*Eeeh*, Zeno groaned… 

“The deal would be an alliance against Cabarine and the assistance of the liberation and reconstruction of the Marden royal capital. How about that, Zeno?” 

“E-Ermm, my personal judgment…” 

“No, you should be able to decide…” 

In response to Wayne, Zeno stays silent. 

They gazed at each other, and before long, Zeno opened her mouth first. 

“… I will tell them about the deal using a fast bird and to place the soldiers. But, your highness, you won’t know if they really place the soldiers until we arrive at the site, no?” 

Wayne laughed. 

“The act of believing is worth it because there’s a chance for betrayal— Am I right?” 


Marden should have around 300 soldiers ready. 

In terms of military strength, they should be a little more than the rebels who going to chase them. But, the rebels were only a ragtag team, their morale should be low, if they manage to confuse them enough, their morale should collapse in an instant. Some would flee, some would surrender. 

The resistance of the survivors gradually weakened, and eventually, all soldiers would abandon their weapons, and the only one standing would be Hagar at the center… 

“… Wonderful, your Highness.” 

Hagar stood before Wayne. 

“These old bones are not equal compared to your highness.” 

Wayne then asked from on top of his horse 

“Do you have some excuse?” 

“None. Everything is by my own judgment. The soldiers on the garrison are not involved…” 

“… You’re going on trial. I shall find a suitable punishment for your sin…” 

“I have no regrets. Because I thought everything was necessary.” 

Hagar then throws his weapon. 

Hagar was immediately being arrested, and Wayne immediately moved toward the fort infested with rebels. Because he knew the design of the fort, it was not hard for him to release the detained soldiers. 

On the other hand, the pursuit Cabarine army decided to retreat, and the rebels army who realize that the detained soldiers had been released decided to surrender. 

This was how Hagar rebellion ended.