Genius Prince – v3-c27

Just what was he trying to do—… 

Ever since they had escaped from Cabarine, Zeno’s head was full of questions. 

He knew that Marden was a lost cause. And from the conversation they had during their journey toward Cabarine, she understood that he was a person who had a calm and resolute value. 

Later, however, speak about spreading books to other countries, and complaining about the unique personality of the saint lords and lastly, he killed King Ordorasse. 

Not to mention this time, he said that the enemy was at the front and at the back. 

“Overrun our pursuit and defeat Hagar’s rebellion at the same time!” 

She was taken back by his declaration. Such a strategy never comes to her mind. 

“Not only that, we will work together, when they meet each other, we will launch our attack from behind, pushing them into confusion and pull them into combat.” 

Once he explained it, she begins to understand it a bit. However, of course, there was a problem but—… 

“It is an easy thing to do. After we leave our luggage and leave some trace on the main track, we can hide on the roadside along the mountain until they pass…” 

There were many big rocks on the side of the rugged mountain, it should be possible for our numbers to hide. 

In addition, those pursuers are trying to catch Wayne as soon as possible, minimizing trace investigation. 

For Wayne’s point of view, either way was fine. Whether they chose the main road or take a detour. 

Since the main road via the mountain was impossible to pass. So they must decide between two roads. Wayne was victorious at this point when he thinks about it. 

However, could they pull it off… 

No matter how much they think about it, in the end, it was just a theory. If the pursuers found out about the fake trace, they need to fight the pursuers right there and then… Without a doubt, Wayne would get caught and get killed. 

But even with that, Wayne still decided to execute the plan. Taking all possibilities into account, in the end, he still stands next to death. 

(Is this what you call the capacity of a King?) 

She couldn’t understand. She couldn’t understand, but there was one thing she could say… 

The absence of pursuers from their back proves his success. 


Then, the situation moves like a chain reaction. 

“W-What?! What happened?!” 

After receiving a report about a surprise attack from behind, Kustavi grew more confused. Not only due to the surprise, due to them being cavalry, it was also;hard for them to turn around. In addition, next to him there were his comrades, making it more harder to turn around. 

Thus, the only way for the pursuers were toward the front. They need to gain some distance from their attacker from the back— But if they move forward, they would need to face against the unknown army. 

“Calm down!” 

“Don’t retreat! if you retreat, you will be beheaded!” 

“Damn it! Who are they?! Are they our enemies?!” 

Five hundred horsemen suddenly appeared. Since the lords’ army was already in chaos from the start, furthermore because the unknown appeared, it was already impossible to stop them from confusion. They give orders individually, causing the formations to collapse. 

The collapse of their formation was also because of the panic they got when they saw the enemy in front of them begin to move closer. 

Thus, the two sides clashed… 

“Breakthrough them!” 

“The enemy is charging! Hold position!” 

Five hundred rebel against five hundred pursuers cavalry…