Genius Prince – v3-c26

A few days after Wayne and the others escaped Cabarine. 

Finally, Rubert who manages to calm the turmoil in the royal capital ordered his deputy to organize a pursuit. 

“Listen! Capture the prince of Natra no matter what! We will execute that bastard in public display for assassinating King Ordorasse!” 

Rubert shows his rage to his subordinates but, that was how grave the situation was… 

Due to the sudden death of King Ordorasse, Rubert was the core of the temporary government. 

Since he was in charge of the Cabarine army as their General, and he had taken command to calm down the capital, it was natural for him to take the position. 

But there was a rumor that he was the one who deliberately caused the commotion, to gain his position, and Rubert was aware of such rumor. 

It has become worse than all of the saint lords had decided to return back to their countries. If they had declared their confidence to this special administration or declared the crown prince of Cabarine as the new saint lord, the situation might not turn this bad. However, in reality, the protest by the people was greater than what they had anticipated, making them unable to do such a thing. 

Suddenly they had lost their huge pillar, their king and saint lord, making the citizen and the government officials being swallowed by depression. It caused the people around to be worried as to how to behave. Thus it was understandable for the people to seek an understandable cause, that was why Rubert was in a quite dangerous situation. 

“We need to capture that prince as soon as possible and expose him as the mastermind–!” 

In fact, in this situation, Rubert had another way. 

And that was by putting the blame on another person, and execute it, to cover everything up. 

However, Rubert didn’t do that. 

The cause was for Natra’s invasion excuse, second would be his pride was hurt because of the uprising and the blame placed on him, and lastly, although imperfect, his King was killed by a foreigner. That was why Rubert wanted to capture Wayne alive. 

And now. 

“Hurry! Run! We should still be able to catch them…!” 

Kustavi, Rubert’s aide, led his men along the northern road. 

His subordinates were all horsemen, and the numbers were around 500 men. Considering that the opponent had only around fifty men, these numbers were overkill. Despite the turmoil of the imperial city and the criticism for sending such soldiers, Rubert still decided to sent them. Everything was done for the sake of not missing the chance. 

“Commander, the scout has returned!” 

Several cavalries had approached Kustavi. They were tasked to check the road ahead. 

“Oooh, How is it? Did you find out which way they had taken?” 

“Yes, sir! There’s a trace that they took the main highway. Also, we’ve found an abandoned cargo.” 

Kustavi was suspicious hearing the report. 

“Isn’t this the road to the mountain?” 

Both sides should know about that. Thus, even though it was a bit dangerous, it would make more sense if the other side took the shortest road. That was what he thought but—… 

“It seems there was a landslide before the Natra people arrived there. Right now it was not in the condition that it could be passed safely.” 

Kustavi agreed with his subordinates’ explanation. He had guessed that the road had collapsed somehow or other. Sneering at the wickedness of the Prince of Natra, he thought that the prince must’ve eaten his karma for all the wrongdoing but, suddenly another doubt arose in his mind. 

“Commander, let us chase them immediately. We should be able to catch up to them if we go now…” 

One of his subordinates encourage him, however, Kustavi shook his head with sharp eyes. 

“No, wait. This is probably a disguise…” 

“A disguise?” 


Unconsciously, Kustavi touched his own foot. The one where Wayne had wounded him with a spear. He was the one who commanded the raid mission before. 

He had seen how the prince escaped the predicament using his wits and quick judgment before. That was why he didn’t think that the prince would leave such an easy to understand trace… 

“Maybe they actually took a detour. They disguise the path to misled us to follow the main highway instead. Like that, they won’t have someone on their back…” 

His subordinates were convinced with Kustavi’s explanation. It was a sloppy track. After he decided that, they begin to choose the path further away from Natra. 

“Let us go! We will also take the detour!” 

Following Kustavi’s instruction, they begin their chase again… 

“The deployment of soldiers is complete, General Hagar…” 


There were three roads lead to Cabarine. At the end of the fork, Hagar’s rebel soldiers stood to wait… 

“No matter how you see it, there’s a no way for the prince to escape this place.” 

Then one of the warriors near Hagar said that with confidence. The other lords nodded their heads in agreement. 

“… But, are you really sure?”” 

It was Ibis. She also had come to the battlefield. No one had voiced their disagreement in regard to her participation because of how big her contribution as a merchant, but the lords still had an uncomfortable expression because a woman had joined them in a battlefield. 

“It would be great if the soldiers could consolidate under General Hagar command but, let us be prepared…” 

As she had said, the command of this army was not yet unified. The reason was that the soldiers were people that the lords bring with them. 

Most of the soldiers here were under the control of each of their lords. That was because Hagar had lost control of his own troops. 

And Hagar himself didn’t show any movement to unified the army. 

“I might be just a figurehead but, in the end, we had the same objective… Thus, even if this army is not unified, we still should be able to capture the prince…” 

“You’re right, General.” 

“Woman shouldn’t talk too much you know!” 

After being pushed back by the others, there was nothing Ibis could say. Thus the sloppy army would remain sloppy, waiting for the prince to appear. 


Hagar’s ears suddenly caught the sound of a horseshoe. 

However, it was not just one or two, there were more than just ten or twenty of them either. 

Hundreds of horsemen were coming toward their direction. 

“The enemy is coming! Ready your weapons!” 

As Hagar raised his voice, the lords and soldiers begin to panic. 

As the sounds approached— Before them, nearly 500 cavalrymen appeared. 

Looking at the sight, Kustavi spoke in surprise. 

“Stop! All units stop!” 

The horsemen immediately stopped all at once. 

After confirming everyone stopped, Kustavi looked forward again. 

There were nearly 1,000 soldiers on the road ahead. 

“What are they?” 

Kustavi roared in anger and confusion. 

He thought the main road was a trap and the prince took a detour. 

However, they couldn’t see even the shadow of Natra’s delegations. 

Gradually, Kustavi grew frustrated. He begins to question whether he was making a mistake. 

But, he cannot stop now. Believing that the delegations were close, he rushed his army, but now, in front of him, he was confronting a mysterious army. 

“They didn’t have Natra’s flag, and they are definitely not our soldiers. Are they bandits?” 

“I don’t believe bandits would form a formation like that, that is definitely an army…” 

It was a strange situation. Of course, it was not only them who were confused. The other side also couldn’t identify them, which means, they think of each other as an unknown. 

Kustavi then begins to think of what to do. How to deal with such an unexpected situation. 

As he worried, a soldier approached them. 

He thought this was a chance. Since he only aims the Natra’s delegations, he didn’t want unnecessary fights. Thus Kustavi decided to send out a soldier for a response —… 

“An enemy attack—!” 

A scream comes from the back.