Genius Prince – v3-c25

Meanwhile, Wayne was worried. 

(Now then, what’s going on…) 

The credibility of information generally determined by its authority and personal friendship. 

Because it comes from a great person or an expert— That was why people generally believed information coming from them. 

The reason was that because a human was a temporal being, they value physical contact than not. For example, if there was an unusual animal in the neighborhood, it was natural for someone to wants to check it, but when it comes to another country, it was not possible to see it easily. 

So, if a human whom one didn’t share any relationship with says that the animal was a bird with red feathers, and a friend says the animal had a blue feather, the person generally believed the later. 

So what Wayne wanted to say was… 

“Ninim, what do you think of Hagar betrayal?” 

“If you think normally, it is a false alarm.” 

That is all. 

General Hagar. He had a position, he had the ability and a long track of serving Natra. If he were to betray them, no matter how much emergency contact they tried to perform, not just Ninim, many of the Natra people would feel surprised… 

However, there was another major factor that caused the information to be a credible one. 

“Perhaps, he feels fed up with that strategy, for example…” 


The strategy she was talking about was the one where they used Hagar as a bait to catch the domestic rebels. Wayne and Hagar deliberately spread rumors that they were in conflict, that was why Hagar who feels he had been disgraced might actually fell. 

And even though the timing was unexpected, the fact that the rebels had actually gathered under Hagar, it was also what Wayne had wanted. 

“I’ve told you many times before, I disagreed with that plan.” 

“Yes, yes, this is my fault! It is all because of me that we’re under Cabarine pursuit and Hagar betrayed us!” 

“It’s quite surprising huh?” 

“Right… I did feel like something had gone dangerous but…” 

At any rate, he decided to reflect on his mistakes after he survived the current predicament… 

“The question is, is it true that they manage to raise a rebel army? Next is whether or not the leader is truly Hagar. And even if it is truly Hagar, we need to consider whether he really betray us, or is he being forced to betray us…” 

“Our time is limited, this is the worst time for something like this to happen you know? Hagar has truly raised a rebellion. For now, let us put our thought toward that premise…” 

Toward Ninim’s words, Wayne nodded his head… 

“The next is, these three roads, in the end, it would merge into one. Perhaps Hagar would be waiting at the junction to capture or kill me.” 

“According to the report, General Hagar had already gathered soldiers, so their movement should be faster. Even if we manage to pass through the mountain path as planned, I’m not sure if we will be able to outrun them…” 

“But, we have no other way…” 

They had heard that at least the other side had 2,000 men with them. They also didn’t know how much the other side had dispatched, whether it was 500 or 1,000… Even more so, once Hagar took command, it would be difficult to outmaneuver him. 

Nevertheless, if they were sluggish to move, the Cabarine army would catch up to them. Looking at the urgency, around 500 horsemen should be chasing them based on the armament they had surveyed in the capital city. They won’t be able to match them. 

To be honest, currently, Wayne and the others were in deep trouble. When the two were worried about what to do, Raklum was running toward them. 

“Your Highness, those who investigate the mountain path has returned…” 

“I see, so how is it?” 

Raklum shook his head. 

“Bad news. Apparently, a cliff has collapsed and it would be impossible for us to pass.” 

Ninim groaned listening to the news. It was a risky path but it was definitely the shortest, without passing the mountain path, it would become less lightly for them to outrun both, Cabarine army and Hagar. 

“… What is the prospect of opening the path?” 

“It would take at least 10 days minimum…” 

10 days. Currently, they had no time to wait for more… If they waited more, Ninim was convinced the Cabarine army would catch them… 

(If that is the case then, I wonder if we can just take some elite horsemen led by Wayne, and pray that we would be able to break through the rebels, or at least not being found out…) 

Either way, it would be a significant bet. At least, Wayne needs to survive, was there any other way to increase the odds? 

With that in mind, Ninim looked at Wayne, and she noticed… A fearless smile had appeared on his face. 

“— Raklum, we will move. The break is over. Get everyone ready to leave.” 

“Yes, sir!” 

Raklum leaves quickly to give instruction. 

“Ninim, Call Zeno. I need to talk with her.” 

“Roger that. But Wayne, what are you going to do?” 

In response to Ninim’s question, Wayne then answered with a mischievous smile on his face 

“I’m going to use her anxiety.”