Genius Prince – v3-c24

A child who abandon one’s lord and fled. 

It was a sin he was made to shoulder. 

For this reason, he was despised almost every day and continued his unseen life. 

Ah, he wanted it. When did he think about such a thing? He wanted an honor. It didn’t matter if no one understands it. He wants an honor in his empty hands. 

That was why he stands on the battlefield. Believed that one day he would gain one, he continued to fight. 

He must’ve had the talent for war. He rose in no time and became a brilliant general. 

A time of bliss filled with honor. Golden era. However, winter comes. 

All of sudden, his lord made him look guilty and deprived all of his honor. 

No matter how many times he asked, there was no answer, before he noticed, he had returned to the days of despise, just like in the past. What was different from those days was that no matter what you did, his honor would not be restored. 

There was anger. There was hatred. There were regrets. There was distress. 

He ran out of his homeland, wandering all over the continent, holding onto everything he had left. 

The stigma no matter how far he went, and the days he was being scorned and despised. 

At least, finally, he reached the northernmost small country. It was a land with poor condition, there were no traces of wars. 

It was a rather cruel place. He who once had led thousands of soldiers and being applauded by the public, he was wondering if he would just decay in such a country. 

However, the King of the small country said something to him. One day, he would have the opportunity. Until then, he should sharpen his teeth. 

He believed in the King’s words. He wanted to believe it. And he was ready to learn and train. 

One year passed. The opportunity didn’t come. 

Five years have passed. The opportunity didn’t come. He started to doubt himself. 

Ten years have passed. The opportunity didn’t come. Anxiety came every day. 

Twenty years have passed. The opportunity didn’t come. He had begun to resigned to his fate. 

And thirty years have passed. 

The situation on the continent begins to deteriorate, and a brilliant prince appeared. 

The opportunity has finally appeared. 

However, he noticed when he was trying to reach out while trembling with joy. 

His hands were full of wrinkles, his figure was old…— 

“General Hagar, what do you think?” 


Hagar slowly lifted his closed eyelids, in response to the call from his side. 

It was inside the meeting room, inside the defensive fort built just west of the Girat Gold Mine. 

There were now over a dozen men including Hagar. 

“I’m sorry. It seems that I was a little bit nervous when I thought about the things that I was about to do.” 

“I’m troubled if you feel that way. After all, you’re the head of the new Natra army.” 

The New Natra Army. That was the name of the army, which the people here gathered had called themselves, they were rebelling against Natra. 

It was all began shortly after Wayne’s mission came through… 

Without any warning, suddenly, lords from different parts of the world gathered at the fort, with them were troops. 

The numbers were around 2,000. And this fort had 500 guards in it. The reason why the soldiers didn’t seem anxious was that they were raising Natra’s flag, and Hagar was inside the fort. They had the pride of shoving off 2,000 men under the command of the General. 

But, they didn’t exchange swords. After all, Hagar himself had told them that they were reinforcement that he himself had called. Hagar who was heavily trusted, no one doubted him. As such, the soldiers believed that they were the Kingdom’s army and let them inside the fort. 

That was why no one could blame the soldiers on the garrison. There was no way they know that these ‘reinforcement’ were those people that Wayne had think as a sign of rebellion. 

Furthermore, their own beloved general was trying to fools them as well. 

Things had changed fast. It was too late when the garrison notices something wrong. The soldiers of the prince entering the fort begin to detain the garrison. They had occupied the mining area and declared themselves as Independent with Hagar as the leader. 

“— So, how is the state of the royal palace?” 

“According to the report, they are in chaos. Well, it is natural, after all, the prince is not there.” 

“Then all is good. Let them run around in panic…” 

All the lords inside the room were speaking in excitement. That would be natural. They had taken one in a lifetime decision, and for now, everything was on track. 

There were lords who hold the desire for revolt among the lords, but there was no one who was able to lead them. That was what Wayne and Ninim had anticipated, and in fact, it was the truth. 

However, the prince didn’t anticipate three factors that caused this situation to happens. 

One was Wayne’s mission to Cabarine. His entourage was minimal, and with such a small entourage, the rebel thought they should be able to defeat them. 

The second was Hagar’s existence. By having enough valor to make people believe he should be able to defeat Wayne, those people who at first didn’t have anyone to lead them finally able to unite themselves. 

And the third was the existence of the third party that connects Hagar with those various lords. 

“— I’m sorry for being late.” 

That was when a woman appeared in the room. 

The woman was a merchant who proclaimed herself as Ibis, she was the driving force that connects Hagar with the various lords. 

“Ibis huh? How is everything?” 

“Yes, there’s no mistake. Prince Wayne is now on his way to return to Natra along the Highway.” 

Hearing her reports, the lords grew excited. Securing Wayne to return from Cabarine was the most important challenge for the rebels. As long as he was in character, he should be able to negotiate with Natra and Cabarine. 

“Let us get our troops ready!” 

“Wait, there are three roads to Cabarine. Which one will he take?” 

“If we have to disperse the soldiers, I would feel a bit worried…” 

“If that was the case then, should we put the soldiers on the highway junction?” 

The lords were having a lively discussion but lack some cohesion. Yes, they were those lords who have been kept away by Wayne’s administration, and in fact, they were incompetent people. 

“What do you think? General Hagar.” 

Eventually they unable to arrive on an outcome and glanced at Hagar, who was their leader. 

The old General then replied quietly. 

“As mentioned earlier, the highways would merge on the way. You just have to wait at that point.” 

“OOOH, Then let us immediately prepare for the army…” 

“But still…” 

Hagar tries to control the excited lords. 

“We still need to watch the soldiers placed here in the garrison, and we also need to prepare ourselves if Natra’s government decided to retake the gold fort. Since prince Wayne only had less than a hundred people with him. 500 men should be enough to defeat him.” 

Five hundred of the 2,000 men. The nobles nodded to Hagar arrangement, but Ibis interjected. 

“Please wait, General Hagar. The opponent is Prince Wayne. Five hundred men might get defeated. To attain absolute certainty, I believe we need at least 1,500 men to dispatch.” 

“Then, I would worry about the protection of this place.” 

“Then why not get rid of those guards…” 

The lords shuddered in response to Ibis who could say those words lightly. The garrison guards here were Hagar recruits, which he had raised. Even though they had been detained, Hagar had made sure that they would not be harmed. It was self-evidence that if those garrison soldiers died, they should have more soldiers that could be dispatched since they didn’t have to watch out of those garrison guards. 

Surprisingly, however, Hagar uttered his words lightheartedly. 

“They are now might be loyal to Natra, but if the prince died, I believe they would change their allegiance toward me. With that, we would get extra soldiers. It would be a waste to throw them away now…” 

“… I see you’re right. Then, how about taking half of the numbers? Since it seems General Hagar is concerned with the shortage of troops, I wanted to reassure you… I’ve told the General before but, we will have more troops coming soon…” 

It was the lords who looked delighted, not Hagar. 

“OOH, Is that so? How reassuring!” 

“Indeed, as expected, we’re not the only one who is dissatisfied with the prince.” 

“Of course. As if a youngster who appointed a Fulham to an important post like him would be popular.” 

Diverting his gaze, Hagar looked at Ibis.  

“You’re sure that there would be more troops joining us, right, Ibis?” 

“Of course.” 

“… Alright then, so half of the soldiers we had, a thousand men would wait for Prince Wayne around the highway junction. Everyone, begin the preparation.” 


The lords begin to stands up and left the room. 

Hagar stays in place while looking at Ibis who also stayed back. 

“Ibis, after everything is over…” 

“I know. As promised, I will approach your birthplace country, and help you to regain your honor, and let them welcome you back. For my lord, such a thing is something easy…” TLN: She said it as if she talked about a different ‘master/lord’. 

“Is that so?” 

“Thanks to your excellency, the plan is doing great… This also applies to everyone else, it was definitely worthwhile to gather them…” 

“I take that as sarcasm?” 

“It is true, no? I believe your excellency also holds some sentiment toward the prince, no? Even if it was just a little bit…” 

After a long silence, Hagar responded to Ibis’ words… 

“… I’m old. There’s no enough time for me to regain everything in Natra. Forgive me, Prince Wayne. Everything is already too late…”