Genius Prince – v3-c23

“— Well, in a nutshell, we’re in great disagreement.” 

“I see… I understand well.” 

Next to Wayne, Ninim who rides on a horse covered her face with her palm. 

“Are you impressed?” 

“I’m astonished!” 

It was a natural reaction. 

“To assassinate a King… A saint lord to boot… That is something absurd you know?!” 

“Well, don’t worry, Ninim. It is more important to see toward the future than contemplating about the past. Don’t you agree?” 

Ninim endured her self as to not punch him on the face. 

If they were out of the public eyes, she would have beaten him right and left. If one were to look around, all the staff members were there. In spite of their conversation, she could not just beat him up in front of them. 

(I will beat him up after we return to Natra…) 

After making such a firm decision, Ninim switches gear immediately. Unfortunately, as Wayne puts it, What they need to consider now was to return to Natra. 

“Don’t you think they will pursue us?” 

While saying that, Ninim turned around. 

What he saw there was an empty landscape. Their group had already escaped from the royal capital and currently heading toward the Natra Kingdom. They were already quite far away from the royal capital.

“Of course, they will. He died after meeting me after all. Not to mention, we’re suspicious, for running away from the capital in hurry like this, they had all the reason to pursue us.” 

Even when saying that, Wayne was smiling. 

“But before we leave, I’ve put some harassments for them as much as I could. I’m sure they would need some more time to move…” 


“What’s going on?!” 

In the imperial court of Cabarine Kingdom— The royal capital had fallen into chaos. 

It was due to the death of King Ordorasse. People were suspicious that he didn’t appear at the meeting even after the deadline, they were searching for him around the castle and found their corpse inside his private room. 

Upon receiving the report, Robert cooperated with the other vassals and immediately ordered a gag order. That was natural. After all, how much it would cause confusion if the people found out their king had died? Even more so when such a thing happened in the middle of the saint lord conference. Such a piece of news could not be let spread around. 

He knew that previously, the King had a meeting with prince Wayne, thus he had ordered the capture of the prince. 

However, he was being bested, as prince Wayne had already left the capital the moment he given the order. 

“The place where prince Wayne had stayed is currently burning in flame!” 

“What did you say?!” 

Since Cabarine would fell into confusion sooner or later, might as well caused it now, that was what Wayne might have thought. That was why, when he left the capital, he told his subordinates to set the mansion on fire. 

And that was not all. 

“General, several other fires had been identified!” 

It was the places where Wayne’s spies had stayed. He had ordered them to withdraw and set the places on fire as well. 

“Khuu…! Immediately control the damage! Prepare for the civilian evacuation guide!” 

Right now, they were in the middle of the holy spirit festival. Many people had come from around the country, thus there were twice as many people as usual in the city. If fires break out, it would cause massive confusion. 

“General, emergency!” 

One of his subordinates jumped in. 

“What is it this time?!” 

“Yes sir, there are some disturbing rumors going around in the city, and sporadic riot had been confirmed around the city!” 

“A rumor? What rumor?!” 

The man stopped speaking for a moment before continue… 

“People are speaking that General Rubert is going to kill King Ordorasse and trying to usurp the throne…!” 

Robert shouted immediately after he hears that news… 

“D-Don’t joke with me! Who’s doing what?!” 


“Caldomeria-sama, welcome back.” 

As Oulu announced his return, Caldomeria looked out of the window. 

“Oulu, the situation.” 

Outside, black smoke was rising everywhere… From a distance, the voice of people could be heard, but it was definitely not the noise coming from people celebrating a festival. The section where the aristocrats were staying was being guarded by the soldiers but, other than that, one could hear it was definitely an angry voice of riots. 

“Yes, ma’am. Before this, apparently including the mansion where prince Wayne had stayed was set on fire. However, with the rumors that the King had died spread among the citizen, a lot of people were confused and caused a riot. Currently, there are riots everywhere…” 


Caldomeria sighed with an ecstatic expression. 

“It was boring without anything to happen lately… I should thank Prince Wayne for this…” 

“Is this okay? Making me as if helping that prince?” 

“Isn’t it an inevitable thing though? In addition to killing King Ordorasse, he also brought to light the evidence that the General is plotting a coup?”

Before Horonie died, he had testified that Rubert was planning on overthrowing King Ordorasse. Wayne had ordered Raklum to obtain the evidence from Horonie’s house. 

Wayne decided that not only set several places on fire, he also delivered the evidence to Caldomeria to earn more time. He was convinced that she would use the information to cause further confusion. 

And in fact, that was what precisely Caldomeria did. 

“If one gets such valuable information, one needs to do one’s best to use it.” 

Wayne who saw through her troublesome nature immediately found a way to use it. For those two reasons, Oulu was worried. 

“… About the reaction of the other saint lords, it seems they are going to immediately run away from the capital.” 

“Of course, they would. No matter how dull their nose was, they should’ve realized that they are in danger.” 

“Now then, what should we do?” 

“Go, prepare our escape route. After I use everything I have to cause chaos, I shall return to the Holy King office.” 


Oulu bowed himself. 

After that, Caldomeria, who didn’t take her gaze off of the window muttered some words to the boy. 

“I’m sorry, that you, the instigator could not participate in this fun festival. But in exchange. As a heartfelt thank you, let us enjoy the situation.” 


“—- Are we going to take a short break?” 

Raklum nodded in response to Wayne’s words. 

The other members were nodded in relieve and prepare for a quick rest. 

They have not told them about the death of King Ordorasse. But they knew that they would return to Natra in hurry because of General Rubert planning on attacking them. 

“Ninim, how about the pace of our march?” 

“It is good. It was worth it for us to only have a minimal load.” 

Ninim said those words while expanding the map. 

“Just after this, there are three paths we could take. The shortest would be the mountain path. The main high way. Detour road with a tourist attraction. The plan was for us to use the main path for both round trips but, how would you like for us to proceed from here?” 

“I heard the road along the mountains often times has landslide.” 

“Yes, it seems it is quite steep as well…” 

“Fumu… Raklum, set out after a short break and check the road along the mountain.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

Raklum immediately selecting the personnel, and Wayne glanced sideways. 

“Ninim, have you sent a bird to Hagar?” 


“Which means, he should’ve moved by now huh?” 

General Hagar had been tasked to protect the gold mine. Immediately after escaping the royal capital, he had ordered to sent an instruction to Hagar to prepare the army. 

“If we join with Hagar, we should be able to surpass the pursuer. If after we check the mountain road and found out that we could pass through it, we should run through it at once.” 

Ninim agrees with Wayne’s opinion. 

“By the way, Ninim, what is Zeno doing?” 

“She is busy feeling depressed and worried.” 

Rather than that, since their escape, she had been restless since she had killed King Ordorasse and Horonie. A feeling of accomplishment after killing her enemy and a feeling of guilt for dirtying her hands, those feelings were mixed together. Furthermore, the astonishing situation where King Ordorasse died in front of her eyes, and the prospect of the remnants army allied with Natra had suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. Not to mention, there was no time for her to short out her emotion and thought. 

If they had times, he wanted to call her to calm her down but, right now they were in the middle of an emergency. 

“We have to send her safely to the remnants army. Do pay attention to her.” 

Ninim nodded before saying… 

“After this, are you going to ally ourselves with the remnants army?” 

“Of course. As long as we’ve killed King Ordorasse, a war with Cabarine would be inevitable even if we survived to escape. Having the remnants army on our side would be better than nothing at all.” 

“The situation sure rolling fast huh?” 

“Indeed. Why this happens, I wonder? —Ow, oi, that is hurt! Don’t kick my leg!” 

Ninim didn’t stop and kicked Wayne’s shin. 

“By the way, did you decided to partner up with the remnants army before killing King Ordorasse or after?” 

“Of course, before. I’m not reckless enough to think about things after killing everything…” 

“Heeh… Then you’re saying that you’re considering the alliance not because you want to kill him right?” 


“Look at me.” 

Ninim grabbed Wayne’s face with both hands and turned it toward her. 

“If you considering that for the sake of killing the King then it was no different than considering it after killing the King!” 

“No, well, the timing was just at the moment where I heard his request, so if I didn’t hear that, the situation might slightly different.” 

“So in the end, you would kill him on the spot!” 

“Believe in my reason.” 

“I believe it and that is why we’re in our current situation. Now, tell me, who is the one that said there should be no assassination during the meeting?!” 

While Ninim pulled Wayne’s cheeks with her fingers, they were shaded by a shadow. 

As they both looking up at the sky, they saw a bird spreading its wings and descended. 

“That is… A call from the royal palace.” 

As Ninim immediately extended her arms toward the bird, the bird immediately landed softly. A tube was wrapped around the bird’s ankle, and Ninim opened the tube without hesitation to take out the scroll inside of it. 

“Ninim, what it says?” 

The very clever and rare bird was used only for emergency communication. In other words, something had happened in his homeland that the bird was sent. 

Ninim said to Wayne who feels some bad feeling from it. 

“General Hagar is staging a rebellion…” 

“… Hah?!” 

Wayne involuntarily doubted his ear.