Genius Prince – v3-c22

He wanted the status of saint lord. For that, he needs King Ordorasse’s recommendation. But Wayne begins to seriously think whether he should abandon the recommendation or talk with Guryuel and make another connection. 

“… Fuuh… It seems I’ve got a bit over-excited. I’m sorry about that.” 

“Oh, no, I don’t mind.” 

Wayne’s words were not false. However, that was because Wayne thought he didn’t care about Ordorasse anymore. 

“I’ve always got blood rises to my head to fast. Especially recently, after all, it was getting quite exciting…” 

And then, Ordorasse said… 

“I was about to forget something that I need to say… I actually wanted to ask Prince Wayne something.” 

“Please, ask anything. What is it?” 

As he said that. He was sure that Ordorasse would ask about the gold mine. But, Ordorasse instead saying something unexpected–… 

“Would you give me some of those ash breeds raised in Natra?” 

“— Hah?” 

It took some time for Wayne to understand it. 

Ash breed. It was a derogatory term of Fulham. The way it said might sound cool. But, why does he wanted them for? 

“… But… Why are you asking for that?” 

“Oh, I’m thinking of using them for hunting. It is boring to chase after beasts alone you see, but, using humans is an unacceptable crime. We should be thankful that God has prepared a creature that resembles a human in this matter…” 


Wayne was silent. But Ordorasse continued without a care… 

“I understand that my wish might surprise you. And to exchange those things for the grace of God might sound rude to you. However, since I was young, I only hunted those ashes breed. And it has been a while since the last time I hunted them. I heard Natra was rearing them? As expected of Prince Wayne foresight.” 


“Right, I heard you have a high-quality ash breed next to you? How about this, we should hunt her together. I might have turned a bit rusty but, I’m confident in my arm.” 

At this time, Zeno who was standing behind him noticed. 

Something changed within Wayne who was sitting in front of him. 

The change might have been felt by Ordorasse as well. That was why he tilted his head in confusion. 

“What happened? Prince Wayne.” 

Wayne answered as if he was in trouble. 

“Ah, a little miscalculation…” 


“Indeed, but don’t worry, I’m done. … Anyway, King Ordorasse, should we decide all of this now or later? Which is better?” 

“Fumu? Since there’s no doubt about the result of the conference. I don’t mind if we decided everything here…” 

“Is that so… Then…” 

Wayne laughed… 

“Good-bye, Ordorasse.” 

*Ton* Wayne leaned on the desk. 

Without anyone noticed, Wayne had released a kick on Ordorasse’s face.

“— Wugo?!” 

Ordorasse’s body collapsed further into the sofa, and Horonie opened his eyes wider. 

Furthermore, before he managed to respond, Wayne had kicked Horonie side, making him fall down. Next, Wayne landed on the floor and turned around. He took a dark device and aimed it at the doorway. 

“Your majesty, what was that sound—…” 

A black instrument pierced the guard’s forehead who opened the door. The guard’s body which was about to fall down got kicked by Raklum who stand behind him. 

“Your Highness, just what— Ah, I see…” 

Raklum looked into the room and immediately understood the situation. 

“I shall watch outside the room. Please make the next move fast.” 

Raklum then picks up the sword from the guard’s corpse and throws it to Wayne. 

“Sure, I will finish this fast.” 

Wayne who received the sword walked toward Ordorasse, who had fallen into the floor. 

“Gogh… What, why are you doing this…” 

Ordorasse seems to unable to understand the situation. But Wayne keeps looking down at him with a cold gaze. 

“No, honestly, what a miscalculation I made… To be honest, doing something like this here is something that is against the manners I believe…” 

“What are you saying…” 

“But you said that we should decide everything now… Let us do that then…” 

Wayne thrust his sword toward Ordorasse. 

“W-Wait… I am a saint lord…! I am also the king of Cabarine, who draws the blood of one of Levetia’s disciple…! What?!” 

“You’re garbage…” 

Without any mercy, Wayne beheaded King Ordorasse. 

Without being able to scream out, Ordorasse’s head was rolling on the ground. 


Wayne then turned around and hand out the sword. Zeno, being unable to understand the series of events that happen, could not help but stand in place in a daze. 

“Ah, emm, Your Highness, What… Wait…What?!” 

“Calm down. More importantly than that, what are you going to do with this?” 

Wayne then pointed at Horonie who was looking terrified on the floor. 

“If you want to take his life with your own hand, I don’t mind.” 

Wayne keeps holding the sword toward Zeno, waiting for her reply. Before long, Zeno realized what was he wanted to say to her… 

“Oh…W-Wait a minute! Wait please!” 

Horonie screamed out… 

“Please, forgive me! I will never talk about the things that happened here!” 

“It’s no use.” 

Horonie was unable to reply due to the immediate denial but, he quickly returns to himself and clings to Wayne’s feet. 

“I-I shall help you! I swear to God I won’t betray you!” 

“I know that you’re trying to kill me by partnering with Robert.” 

Hearing that, Horonie’s face turned pale. 

“A-Ah that… That is not the case! I agree with him because he had threatened me! General Robert, he was planning on assassinating King Ordorasse, I’m not lying! All the evidence is in my mansion!” 

At that time, the sword on Wayne’s hand had already disappeared. 

“This person is unsightly! 

Zeno swings down the sword at Horonie. 

Horonie had swiftly managed to barely dodge the attack but immediately drawn to a corner, and the sword was being pointed on his nose. 

“Hiii…! W-Wait, I will do anything you want! Wait!” 

“Don’t joke with me!” 

Her explosive anger caused surprised on Horonie. 

“If you really want to do what I wanted! You should’ve never betrayed Marden!” 


Horonie was confused, he couldn’t understand. 

“W-Why such a country…?” 

Zeno’s eyes were on fire. Wayne who watched them sighed… 

“Selling one own nation, no matter who, the hatred sooner or later would catch you up, you know? I guess, this is a good reference…” 

Perhaps, noticing Wayne’s words, Horonie realizes who the person standing in front of him. 

“A-Ah… You… That face… !” 

The blade immediately penetrated Horonie’s body.