Genius Prince – v3-c21

(… At first, I was wondering what was going to happen…) 

Ninim who remained in the mansion ordered her subordinates to tighten the security around the mansion recalled the incident with Zeno. 

Zeno might have spoken that, but in the end, the situation with the remnants army remained precarious. For Natra to break alliance with Cabarine and join with the remnants army, they need a very good reason for it. And Ninim was skeptical that Zeno could present a good reason in such a short amount of time. 

In her personal opinion, Ninim wants to persuade Wayne to help her. After all, saint lords generally discriminate against Fulham people, thus personally she wanted him to reconsider taking the position. 

(I wish there is a way…) 

But no matter how much she thinks about it, she couldn’t find any solution. 

And since she didn’t have any alternatives, she didn’t have any right to question her master decision. 

(No matter what the outcome of the talks, I have to accept it.) 

With that in mind, Ninim waited for Wayne’s return. 

“Ooh, prince Wayne. You sure on schedule huh?” 

As soon as Wayne arrived at the palace, several people talked to him. 

“I have several things I wish to talk about, and since I don’t want the content to be heard, I wish to talk here…” 

“Sure, I don’t mind. But…” 

While sitting on the sofa, Wayne gazed behind Ordorasse. Horonie was standing there. 

“Why is Horonie-dono here?” 

“Ah, this one is a newcomer but, he is a pretty clever person. I’ve been appointing him as my assistant recently.” 

“I see, so that is how it is…” 

Outwardly Wayne showed an appropriate answer but internally he was groaning. 

Cabarine was not as old as Natra but, it should have quite the history. Thus, of course, there were various kinds of vassals. However, if the King were to have a newcomer such as Horonie by his side, that would be quite an abnormal situation. 

When Horonie visited Natra, Wayne had thought he did quite well for being taken by King Ordorasse, to the point where he was used as a messenger. As a matter of fact, Horonie was excellent in doing his work. However, it seems he was more better than Wayne originally had thought.

(This is indeed a muddy ship, just like Guryuel had said…) 

As Wayne looked at him, at the same time he also lowered Ordorasse’s value. 

Zeno was also in the place. He had heard from Ninim that Zeno hates Horonie. That was why he was concerned about her right now, but surprisingly, she was calm. She had dropped her gaze, adjusting her breathing and doing her best to control her self. 

(Is it fine like this?) 

Only four people inside this room. The escort led by Raklum was standing outside of the room. If it looked dangerous, he was planning to kick out Zeno from the place but, it seems she was able to hold herself back. 

“So then, Prince Wayne, what is the result of your talk with the other saint lords?” 

“Some conditions need to be fulfilled, but generally they give a good response. If we include King Ordorasse’s vote, we should have a majority recommendation.” 

“That is good to hear!” 

Ordorasse expressed… 

“To have some result just by talking with those monsters. As expected of the descendant of Kareus.” 

“You mean Levetia disciple, the silent Kareus? I’ve heard that my family inherited his blood but, to be honest, it doesn’t feel real.” 

“Well, what’s important is the result. There’s no doubt that prince Wayne had inherited a great bloodline. Ah, how disappointing. Had I have a daughter around your age, I would’ve married her off to you…” 

Hearing Ordorasse words, Wayne floated a question instead of rejection.

“Unless I remembered it wrong, there should be a princess in Cabarine, no?” 

There were not many records about it, thus the exact nature was uncertain but, King Ordorasse must have got a son or daughter around Wayne’s age. 

He had thought that they might’ve died from illness and he didn’t know about it but, Ordorasse shook his head. 

“Ah, they were not my child.” 

“… Not your child?” 

“Despite having many good teachers, they couldn’t do anything. There was no way they were my child…” 

As Ordorasse said that, he seems in trouble. 

“Ah, it seems I’ve told you something unnecessary. Because I’ve also executed my ex-wife who was being unfaithful, there should be no one with such unclean blood to appear in front of Prince Wayne. Please rest assured.” 

“… Is there any solid evidence?” 


Ordorasse looked at him curiously. 

“What are you saying… For them to not having appropriate results is enough for a piece of evidence. There’s no doubt that they didn’t inherit the great blood of my lineage…” 


In other words, Ordorasse was sure, if they were his child they should’ve become a prodigy. That was why, if they were not a prodigy, he was sure those children were born out of unfaithfulness. 

(This is not on the level of a muddy ship anymore!) 

There was a limit even for irrationality. No wonder that his vassals begin to walk away from him. 

The saint lord seat was quite attractive but, it was lost if he believes that he could gain some benefits from this Ordorasse. 

(Steyr was like that, and Caldomeria was more screwed, if I want to work together, it would be with Guryuel… But, he also seems troublesome…) 

When he thinks about it, there were no decent people among them. Well, since a legitimate good people won’t be able to take a seat of power, it was inevitable. 

It seems Wayne’s dissatisfaction was being felt by the other party. Thus Ordorasse begins to talk while looking discomfort. 

“It seems Prince Wayne doesn’t understand the importance of bloodline.”

“Indeed, that kind of thing is…” 

“It is not something to be ashamed of. When I was younger, I also took care of my vassals, I valued them based on their abilities…” 

“King Ordorasse, are you saying that is wrong?” 

“Human being changed…” 

Ordorasse told him as if he was remembering the past. 

“Ability, personality, preference, aspirations… They are fluid things that could be changed over time or by the environment easily. The vassals that I had high hope for their abilities, in just six months, they would change into a useless doll…” 

Inside his mind, Wayne agreed… 

“In the end, based on what should I measure someone? What should I believe in someone? The answer to that is bloodline.” 

Ordorasse clenched his fist. 

“No matter what, no one could overturn their birth. The accumulated bloodline within someone was the one that defined the person, and it was the last thing a person would look back into. If that is the case then, only those who have the appropriate bloodline deserve to be believed!”

“… I see.” 

Wayne nodded while thinking… 

(Are you a moron?!) 

He thought that in a single stroke. 

(What he was saying is that it is troublesome to keep the vassals under control, thus he judged them by bloodline now. Isn’t this just some declaration of negligence?) 

For better or worse, people would change. For example, a warrior who wants to return back home alive to see his family begin to care about his life. Thinkers who tried to guide others might break their dreams and get drowned. Wayne agreed about that. 

But, he didn’t believe those changes were wrong. Only because we could change, that humans could adapt to any situation. If the vassals change, the government should just change their way of dealing with them. 

Gold if you want gold, change to honor if they wanted honors more. If they wanted success give them some duty, if they wanted some serenity, then might as well thrown them to the red-light district. 

(People change. However, no matter how much they change, they should still have the desire to serve the country. The rest is just how we prepare a reward for them.) 

Of course, it was a hard thing to do but that was what Wayne did. As time goes on, he would sometimes walk around the palace just to see his vassals’ mental and physicals conditions. He oftentimes writes letters to distant people, and see whether or not there were some changes in their response. In some cases, he would dispatch someone or called the person in question. He did all of that to see their state of mind. 

It was Wayne’s royal road to know the signs as soon as possible because he knew that the mind was something that easily changes. 

And looking at Ordorasse assertion it was as if he was saying… 

[Since it was troublesome to do all of that, I was tired of it. That is why I decided to decide everything based on bloodline.] 

That was it. 

It became more unbearable for Wayne because the one who did all of that was a King twice older than himself. It was inevitable for him to feels like he wanted to knock him down. 

Moreover, Wayne had also already seen that his vassals had begun to ditch him. 

(Ah, I begin to feel tired of partnering with this guy… What should I do.)