Genius Prince – v3-c18

“Please forgive me for asking such a question. The Holy King is a sacred role, but because of its great influence, it can cause great confusion in a place where many couldn’t understand its significance. But, it seems that my worry was just needless anxiety.”  


“Indeed, I shall acknowledge that the crown prince is worthy of the seat of saint lord on behalf of the Holy King. … However, there’s one thing…”

“Is something the matter?” 

There was no hesitation in Wayne’s response. He had expected something required. Rather it would be worrying if this kind of deal could be sealed with just words alone. 

“According to King Ordorasse, the war between Natra and Marden was meant to save the people from Marden’s tyranny. Of course, I believe the success of that was worthy of merit to become a saint lord.” 

Of course, there was no such thing happen. It was just an afterthought. 

That was something those with saint lords position had been told including Wayne but, his thought was turning fast thinking about the meaning of Caldomeria’s words. 

(She is confirming that that was a holy war… A battle that started with a conflict of thought, not for benefits… If she is going to that direction then… Her aim is the Gold mine!) 

If Wayne wanted to become a saint lord, he needs to donate the gold mine to Levetianism. Such a scenario was highly possible. Immediately, Wayne was calculating the profits and losses in such cases, but the following Caldomeria’s words shocked him… 

“— With that being the case, to be able to help those in need, there’s no other choice but to ask you to finish it.” 


Wayne was immediately thrown into confusion. 

“I believe we’ve delivered salvation to the people properly… Natra with the help of Cabarine set the Marden royal capital…” 

“Aren’t they still alive? The remnants…” 

*Shiver* Wayne felt chills run down his back. 

“The remnants of Marden… They have oppressed the member of Levetianism, and I heard they are still actively rebelling. If their evil hands rose up once again, then the local believers would still have sleepless nights constantly. In order to regain the peace of mind of the believers, they must be destroyed, all of them, expose their skeletons, and burn their bodies alive… No?” 

Caldomeria’s words made sense. 

But, that was it. There was no profit in it. 

After all, even without Caldomeria telling him to destroy them, the Marden remnants would cease to exist by themselves as time goes on. For wishing such a thing in exchange for her support for the saint lord seat, it didn’t balance out. 

(Which means, two things are possible… One is that Caldomeria could profit from Natra’s participation in Marden remnants destruction somewhere in a place that I don’t know… Or the other—…) 

“Oh my… That child, what’s wrong?” 

Suddenly Caldomeria addressed someone who stands behind Wayne. 

Standing there was Zeno, whose complexion seems that she might collapse anytime. 

“If you don’t feel good, you may sit on this chair you know?” 

Wayne was convinced that her behavior was not malicious. 

Most likely, Caldomeria knew. Among Wayne’s delegation, there were people from the Marden remnants. And the aim for that was to seek help to release Marden with the help of Wayne’s official meetings… 

That was what he thought. He believes she did that because she thought she should make fun out of it… 

(I see, so she is that kind of a person…) 

When he heard her sermon on the young girl earlier, Wayne was convinced. 

Someone who was removed from the world… She was a person who was not afraid of death, ruin, does not seek profits, and only goes around because she thought it was fun. 

And that was what kind of a person Caldomeria was… For her, even the status of saint lord was only a tool to make things interesting. 

“P-Please don’t worry about me… I’m sorry for causing worry…” 

“You don’t have to be shy. You must’ve been worried that the religious believer is still being oppressed by the Marden remnants, yes?” 

“Ah, n-no, I…” 

Caldomeria’s hand then begins to extend toward Zeno. 

“It’s alright, there’s nothing to worry about. The crown prince will surely save them—…” 

“Excuse me, Caldomeria-dono…” 

But before her hand reached her, Wayne embraced Zeno. 

“As you had said, the condition that the restoration of stability in former Marden territory, I agree with it. But since it would be co-cooperation with the Kingdom of Cabarine, my decision alone is not enough for this. I would like some time to talk with the King Ordorasse fist….” 

“Oh my…” 

Caldomeria frowned with regret but immediately smiled… 

“In that case, I will look forward to tomorrow’s holy conference.” 

“I’m grateful for your consideration. And pardon for my rudeness but, because we have to arrange a meeting with King Ordorasse as soon as possible, I would like to excuse myself.” 

“I wish to talk with your highness more but, it cannot be helped I guess? … As for the person over there, you may let her take some rest here until she calms down before returning back you know?” 

“Just your feeling alone is enough… Well then…” 

Wayne left the room with Zeno after he half forcefully ended the conversation. 

“Fufufu, to think he would be that panic..” 

Caldomeria then looking out of the windows and giggled as she stared at Wayne’s back. Then a man appeared… 

“I guess this is payback for your arm, yes? Oulu.” 

If Wayne was still in the room, he would definitely be surprised. 

This man, known as Oulu, was someone whom Wayne had clashed last year in a city on the eastern part of the continent for a reason. 

“You’ve too much fun in this, Caldomeria-sama. I was worried looking at that servant that might actually run amok at any moment…” 

“If she did, it would be much more fun you know?” 

Oulu closed his eyes and sighed deeply after hearing the person’s response that lack any sense of danger. He knew that she was that kind of a person but, it was still causing him some frustration. Much more so because there was another thing going on… 

“… Are you seriously going to make that crown prince become a saint lord?” 

“Of course… I would be very happy if he could obliterate the Marden remnants.” 

Caldomeria nodded her head in response to Oulu’s question. 

“This is just my humble words but, that the prince is a very dangerous person. If he gets a position in the west, he will definitely become Caldomeria’s enemy.” 

“Then isn’t that good?” 

Caldomeria speaks as if it was a matter of fact. 

“The plan to set the east on fire had failed, and I was wondering what to do, but with this, we could set fire on the west instead!” 

Caldomeria laughed. Even during this conversation, her smile still looked like that of a holy mother, but that was also why it gives off mysterious dreed from it… Looking at her like that, there was no place for Oulu to complains. 

“How is Ibis doing?” 

“It seems to be working as planned. All preparation should be done before the Holy Spirit Festival is over..” 

“That is good then. Since this is a special festival, we should make it more fun as much as possible. Please let me know if you need anything…” 


Oulu bowed then left the place quietly… 

Caldomeria looked out the window and muttered while thinking about the carriage that had long gone. 

“Fufufu… I hope everything is already too late.”