Genius Prince – v3-c15

The second day of the holy spirit festival. 

The first day was mainly public festivities but, starting from the second day, the plazas of each district would be opened, and people may enjoy entertainment there. Horse riding competition was also being held, making the spectators more excited. 

Unfortunately, Wayne had no time to enjoy it. 

“We’ve meet waiting. Please come this way.” 

Guided by the servant, Wayne passes through the entrance of the mansion. He was then followed by Zeno and several escorts. 

The building was larger than the one being allocated to Wayne, and it had some history feels to it. 

Of course, that was natural. After all, the one who stays here were the saint lord. 

“—  Thank you for your invitation, King Guryuel.” 

Arrived inside the hall, Wayne bowed to the person in the center. 

“Finally, you’ve come. The young Natra prince.” 

Guryuel then smiled proudly at Wayne. 


Meanwhile, Ninim was collecting information as instructed by Wayne. 

She was in the aristocrats’ district just like yesterday. Upon investigation, the target, Rubert, residence was located in this district. 

“… As expected, their guard is very strict.” 

Ninim was behind the shadow of an alley. From there she watched the mansion from the distance. 

She was thinking of sneaking in and look for information but, looking at the surveillance, that seems to be very unrealistic. 

When she was worried about what to do, she felt the sign of a person approaching from behind. Then she turned around. 

“Aide-dono, you’re here?” 

It was Raklum. Probably because he didn’t have an assignment as Wayne escort, his appearance was quite ‘normal’. 

“How is your side?” 

After allocating work to their subordinates, Ninim was in charge of conducting investigation directly about Rubert, while on the other hand, Raklum was tasked to investigate the surrounding area. 

“I didn’t get any great results. General Rubert seems to be someone who has good control of the army. What about your side, Aide-dono?” 

“Unfortunately, the security here was pretty tight, making it difficult to move around. If only there’s some kind of a trigger…” 

At the same time, she said that. A carriage passed by. 

As they watched the carriage to pass, it was stopped in front of the mansion, then the person from inside of it comes down—… 


No doubt. Horonie was someone who had been promoted as a vassal in the Cabarine, and he was being hated by Zeno as the traitor. 

“I’m glad Zeno-dono is not here. However… Cabarine vassal huh? It is not strange for them to meet with each other but, still, I’m very curious.” 

“… Commander Raklum, please be vigilant. I’m not sure how far we can move undetected but, let us do it anyway…” 

That was why Ninim took out a small telescope… 

And then after she put it in her bosom, Ninim ran up and jumped toward a row of trees without making any sounds. Though the trees were not very thick like the one in early spring, since today was still during the festival, the trees were decorated heavily. 

“Now then…” 

Ninim peeks into Rubert’s house through the telescope. From her position, she could see Rubert room through the windows. As she monitored his room, as she had expected, Horonie appeared. 

The two men then started a conversation. Naturally, the sound didn’t reach Ninim but, she still could read the movement of their lips. 

“Instruction… Mansion… Floor plan… Official execution…” 

Ninim had managed to read some parts of their conversation through lips reading, and her brain started to spin to construct the puzzle. 

Apparently, Horonie was involved in some kind of a plan. Based on their body language, Rubert was probably the one who leads him. 

“King’s bloodline… Your… Traitor…” 

As she further read their lips movement, Rubert had become heated up in their conversation, making it hard for Ninim to read his lips movement properly. Nevertheless, even though she only could read some parts, she had heard many surprising words. 

“If the prince was gone… We will… Be able to defeat… Natra?” 

Ominous premonition swells inside her heart. The information exchanged between the two men was surprisingly closely related to themselves. 

From there, she cannot miss any words… However, as she thought that, a voice comes from bellow… 

“Aide-dono, people are coming. Time for us to withdraw.” 


Following Raklum’s warning, she looked around from the trees, and as he had said, a group of people were about to pass her place. If she got caught now, it might cause an uproar. She might be in disguise right now but, in the end, she was a Fulham. 

After less than a second of hesitation, Ninim slipped down the tree. Her priority was to bring back the information she gets, rather than getting more information. The two nodded toward each other and left the place immediately. 


Guryuel Solgest. 

The King of Solgest Kingdom and also one of the saint lords. 

Wayne only knew little about him. His country was far away, and Fulham information network, which had a headquarter in Natra, didn’t function well in the west. 

Nevertheless, according to the information he had, Guryuel was a cheerful man and tolerant. He also always had a beautiful woman wait upon him, and above all—… 

(As rumored huh? He really fat…) 

Thick. Just that. 

He didn’t pay much attention during the previous conference but, now that he meet him personally, it was certainly an overwhelming presence. In the first place, he was a tall man but, due to his body width that was two or three times larger, his body was no longer could be considered as normal. The high-quality costumes he wore might have been custom made but, it looked like it had been stretched to the limit. 

A rumor that had even reached Natra about him was that he was one of the continents leading gourmet. And that man’s name was Guryuel. 

“Crown prince of Natra, just now, you’ve thought of me as someone fat aren’t you?” 

“E-Eh, no way, there’s no way I would dare…” 

As Wayne panicked and thought that his expression might’ve slipped out, Guruyel in response to that was just calmly nodded his head. 

“No need to worry. Everyone who meets me thinks of such a thing.” 

Guryuel then laughed, then gnawn the fruit the lady presented to him. Fruit that had the size larger than the court lady hands, Guryuel had managed to eat them in a single bite. 

“However, know this prince, I’m not ashamed of my figure. The royal family is a separate existence from the common people. That is why our duty as royals is to accomplish what normal people unable to accomplish. And the duty assigned to me was to master luxury.” 

“… I see. Then…” 

He was convinced. But, Guryuel shook his head. 

“Oh but, don’t get me wrong. For me, a meal is not the ‘way’.” 

“The way?” 

“That’s right. … Crown prince, what is a luxury to you?” 

Wayne then thought for a second. It might not be good to answer a question with a question, and he also wonders if he should answer it honestly but, after a short deliberation, he decided to speak honestly what he thought… 

“I guess to wear good clothes, have a good meal, and sleep with the beautiful women?” 

Guryuel nodded. 

“It is very pleasant that the answer coming out is very youthful. Yes, once I also thought so, and I’ve devoted myself in pursuit of such luxury. However, one day I thought… All of those are things that ordinary people could get by using money…” 

In his heart, Wayne thought that ‘without money, one won’t be able to become a royal though…’ 

“At that time, I had an opportunity to meet a famous swordsman. The body of that person was very beautifully honed. I was impressed, and at the same time think to myself… This is the opposite of what I should aim for.” 

Guryuel then holds up his inflated belly. 

“Look at this miserable body. I can no longer stand up and do business by myself. However, this is exactly the luxury that only I can aim for, the body that could not live without bothering other living creatures…” 


Wayne had the feeling he understood what he feels and what he wanted to say. Of course, he didn’t show it on his face. 

“Ah… The doctor complaints must’ve been piling up eh?” 

“The doctors you said?!” 

Guryuel struck his belly as he laughs. A drum-like sound resounded in the hall. 

“In my case, when I didn’t eat one part of the food just a little bit, they would make a noise and wonder what was going on. My body had reached a region outside of common sense. All I need is an unrelenting will, unlimited food, and faith in God.” 

“Faith in God is it? As expected, of the saint lord. … I would like to offer a prayer together with King Guryuel.” 

Wayne then stepped in into the subject he wanted to talk about. Guryuel smiled. His smile showed his intellect which was beyond he had shown since earlier… 

“Crown prince of Natra, you may have a slender body but, inside that body, you’d a terrifying greedy beast…” 

“Now then, I wonder what you mean by that?” 

“No worry, I like a greedy person. More importantly, if the person is young and competent, everything would become more interesting. I’m also pleased that you’ve come to my place first. I shall recommend you to become a saint lord then…” 

“Ooh… That is, thank you very much.” 

Right now, there were seven holy princes. If he includes Ordorasse, he had already had two votes. With two more votes, Wayne would become a saint lord. However—… 


‘Here we go’… Wayne prepared himself… For Guryuel, there was no merit in recommending Wayne. Which means, it was normal if he had some condition for it. 

But, what Guryuel about to say was something unexpected, even for Wayne… 

“You, will you throw Ordorasse away and partner up with me?” 

“… Huh?” 

Looking at Wayne who could only blink his eyes in confusion, Guryuel then continues talking… 

“I don’t know what kind of condition he had made with you but, he is a disappointment you know? He had aimed for Marden’s gold mine to recover his popularity, and had promised to share the Gold mine’s profit but, his attempt had been thwarted by none other than you, and now not only he has no gold mine, he also could not finish the problem with the Marden’s remains.” 

“…Well well…” 

As he throws inappropriate response for the conversation, Wayne marked the new fact in his mind. What Guryuel mentioned was very important information. 

“By now, the mud boat(lord) has lost the others’ trust and his position as saint lord. Even if you manage to sit, I don’t believe you would gain a satisfactory result. If you want to give up on him, I suggest you do it quickly…” 

“Which means, with King Guryuel, things would be different?” 

“At least, it won’t sink immediately…” 


Can’t read. He cannot read what was inside Guryuel’s mind. 

Surely, he did what he did not because he was pleased with him. But, even if Wayne included that element, there should be something that he wanted as a profit. 

(Or rather, this is really, a shitty situation…) 

Today was the holy spirit festival’s second day. There was not much time left. It was a proposal that was too large to ignore. 

“In consideration of Natra, I’m very grateful for your suggestion. However, I cannot immediately give an answer because of how sudden it was… I would like to have more time to think about it if possible but…” 

“It is a good pastime to watch at the troubled young one. It would do you well if you think about it carefully… But then, we only have time until tomorrow’s holy conference meeting.” 

Guryuel then laughed. “This bastard”, inside his mind, Wayne clicked his tongue in frustration. 

“Now then, we’ve talked a lot. Let me have some rest. After all, you still have someplace to go, right?” 

“Indeed, Duke Rosso and Caldomeria the Gospel Director.” 

“The Duke of art and the God’s mistress huh?” 

Guryuel laughed. 

“Well, those who are eccentric enough to speak with you, other than me, I guess only those two but… That is a dream… After all, one has a broken mind and the other one has a broken soul…” 

“I’ll keep that in mind.” 

Guryuel nodded his head, and turn his gaze toward his attendant. As he thought the conversation had come to end, Wayne opened his mouth…

“— One last thing, King Guryuel.” 

“Hnn? What is it?” 

“What do you think of Cabarine destroying Marden?” 

As his follower standing behind Wayne, Zeno shoulders slightly trembled. 

Guryuel was also surprised but, after looking at Wayne’s face trying to understand his intention, he shrugged his shoulders— then he said… 

“I have no interest in it. It is a country that would fall no matter what… Now that the Gold mine had been robbed by Natra, it has become a country worth nothing.” 

“… I heard there still some Marden liberation army operating though?” 

“They are just a gathering of people who had failed in time and chance on correcting the country’s destruction. Without us doing anything, they soon would disappear…” 


Guryuel had a reputation that could only be described as a sharp man with a light mouth. The lack of any emotion in his voice tells them that his evaluation was objective. 

“I don’t know what you’re worried about but, I believe you cannot afford to bother with those guys… Concentrate on the things right in front of you.” 

“… I agree. Thank you very much, King Guryuel.” 

Wayne bowed deeply and left Guryuel mansion.