Genius Prince – v3-c14

“… Well, I will just think about that when I truly become a saint lord. Ninim, go call Zeno and Raklum. we will discuss our future move based on the information we had gathered…” 

“Will do…” 

Ninim then left the room to fulfill Wayne’s instruction. 

After a while, she comes back together with them… 

“I’m sorry to make you wait, your highness.” 

In front of him were Ninim with the other two, but only Ninim who showed a good expression, and Wayne was most interested in how Zeno looked. That was because somehow, her face looked pale… 

“… Your Highness prince-regent, is it true that King Ordorasse had given a recommendation to your highness to become a saint lord?” 

In response to Zeno’s question which was spoken with a slightly trembling voice. If the crown prince of Natra become a saint lord, the alliance between Cabarine and Natra would be inevitable, thus making the remnant army chance in victory equal to zero. 

“It is true.” 

Wayne said those words with a cold voice. 

“But, it hasn’t yet been decided if I would become one or not.” 

“What is your highness policy would be? Aiming for the office?” 

“There would be a high chance for that. After all, the benefits of being elected saint lord would be enormous.” 

Following Wayne’s answer, Ninim and Raklum took a posture to immediately move just in case… 

“Then, we are…” 

“Wait, I think it is too fast for us to make a conclusion now.” 

Wayne said. 

“Oftentimes, there’s something hidden behind a story that is too good to be true. First, we must try to find out why King Ordorasse mentioned the recommendation. Depending on the fact, we may give up the saint lord seat.” 


“And no matter what King Ordorasse’s aim is, I’m going to have a meeting with several of the saint lords. After all, there won’t be many chances of meeting all of them in one place like this. With that being said, I promise to bring you with me to meet them.” 

As for the outcome, it would be depending on yourself. 

After looking in anguish for a bit, Zeno then responded. 

“… I understand. Thank you for your consideration, your highness.” 

“It’s fine. Now then, Ninim, please tell me the content of today’s investigation result.” 


Ninim then took out the report she had been writing earlier. 

“First, the reputation of King Ordorasse is not bad among the population. Being a saint lord, he had a huge influence in the Levetianism society and had a lot of respect.” 

However, she continued… 

“After we investigate, there seems to be a rift between the bureaucrats and the lord.” 

Then Zeno nodded her head. 

“… I got the same information. In particular, and old general named Rubert, he seems to have been repeatedly objected against King Ordorasse’s national policy.” 

Rubert. He was a man that Wayne hat met in the royal palace. 

“About the cause of their rift, do you have any report in regard to that?” 

Ninim nodded. 

“The main reason seems to be because of King Ordorasse’s pedigree policy.” 

“Pedigree? I don’t think that is an unusual thing but…” 

Due to instinct, oftentimes we regard our child cuter than the other. Therefore, it was common for people of all ages to care about their bloodlines, especially influential people. 

There were several complex reasons for that. For example, the second and third generation usually gets their power due to their predecessors. Scorning one’s bloodline would be the same as kicking away one own legitimacy. 

Also, bloodline was important for the first generation. If someone who had spent decades building their power and wealth, and wants to pass it on to those who have no blood connection, there would be a lot of people who want to compete for it. And if a quarrel broke out because of it, it may cause more destruction than good. 

Utilizing the universal value of bloodline, one can narrow the range of candidates who could inherit their assets, and reduce the risk of quarrels. 

For example, in the eastern part of the continent, four children of the emperor were fighting for the throne, this happens because the kinship believes in the empire had taken root. If the throne could be inherited without blood relation, the eastern part of the continent would be more chaotic than now. 

“As your highness had said. However, King Ordorasse is a little… Or rather, too overkill with it… He put more emphasis on the person’s origin than their ability.” 

Zeno also nodded. 

“There is a difference in people’s treatment. The policy was more moderate for the free people, as for the other class, the policy was quite severe. The other day, it was said that for the sake of the city reconstruction for the festival, many poor people were sacrificed and forced to move away. According to the story, sometimes they let slaves run away to ‘hunt’ them as a sport.” 

“I see…” 

Wayne nodded his head and asked… 

“So about, Rubert was it? Is he the one who controls the army?” 

“Yes. However, this person, on the other hand, seems to favor meritocracy too much, he looks down on those who rely on their bloodline and influence. Because of that, the military had a lot of trust in him but, other than that, he was also very popular.” 

Ninim supplements while shrugging. 

“They had repeatedly opposed the ceasefire with Natra after the downfall of the Marden royal family and suggested taking over the Gold mine. It seems we’re not being dealt with because there was a problem with the liberation army.” 

Ordorasse and Rubert, it would be fine for them if they compromise with each other but, the world was not that easy. 

“That is the end of our report. Also, we’ve prepared the map of the city with information on each of saint lord residence, please do check it later.” 

“Good work.” 

After Wayne speak his appreciation, he continued… 

“Now then, about tomorrow’s plan. We will meet with three saint lords. Zeno, if you want to come with me, it is fine, how about it?” 

“Yes. By all means, please let me accompany your highness.” 

“Raklum, you will gather information with Ninim tomorrow. Since tomorrow I would meet them as clergy, I don’t want to bring someone with me that smell ‘The Army’ too much.” 

“Yes. However, just in case something happens, I would like your highness still bring someone as an escort.” 

“I understand, select some people who looked less ‘warrior’.” 

Raklum nodded in response. 

“And Ninim, look into Rubert and his surrounding tomorrow. It was this guy or his faction who raid us along the way here.” 

“Will do.” 

“That is all then. We will be very busy tomorrow. So I want all of you to take rest immediately.” 

“”Yes, sir!”” 

The three people bowed and left the room. 

“Now then, what is going to happen next…” 

Wayne then thinking about the meeting he would have tomorrow.