Genius Prince – v3-c13

The hustle and bustle of the festival slowly disappeared as the sunset, as if goes away with nature. 

Ninim who currently writing something in the guesthouse noticed the change. 

The content of her writing was the report of today’s investigation. In addition to the information personally gathered by Ninim, it also includes the other staff’s investigation result, thus making the report quite considerable. 

It was Ninim job to put together a report to be presented on Wayne’s desk but, since a while ago, Ninim looked very restless. 

The reason for that was obvious, it was because Wayne hadn’t yet returned. 

(There’s no news that a disturbance happened inside the royal palace but…) 

One might say she think too much but, it cannot be helped for her to feel worried. And her turbulent heart was being reflected on the speed she writes her report. 

(With Wayne and Raklum being absent, I won’t be able to leave this place… Aaaah, geez!) 

She feels like she wants to curse heaven for the situation. However, as soon as she heard a noise coming from the outside, Ninim immediately rushed out of the room. 

She ran through the corridor, and the moment she arrived at the entrance hall, Wayne and the others who had just returned entered her view. 

“Ninim? Thank you for going out of your way to welcome us.” 

He was alive. There were also no signs of injury. Ninim then bowed her head to welcome him while feeling relieved. 

“— Welcome back, your highness Wayne. I’m relieved that you return back safely.” 

“I wonder about that. We have a problem…” 

“A problem?” 

“Yes, well just a little something unexpected… Let us talk about it in detail in my room. Raklum, thank you for your hard word. Go get some rest.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

Wayne then went toward his room with Ninim leaving behind Raklum who need to give instruction to the others… 

And then… 


Wayne shouted out loud. 

“Those people are fucking with me! Are they lost their minds?!” 

It was not uncommon for Wayne to complain like this but, it was rare for him to be this passionate about it. 

“– What had happened?” 

When he was asked the question, Wayne didn’t answer immediately and only shows bitter expression. 

“… By King Ordorasse, I was recommended to become a saint lord.” 


It took a few seconds for Ninim to understand Wayne’s words. 

After she understands it, she then replied while looking startled… 

“… You’re kidding right?” 

“No, I’m telling you the truth. He really did it. I’m serious…” 

Wayne responded while throwing himself on the sofa. It was hard to doubt his words when he looked that feed up. 

“… I have a lot to ask but, to be a saint lord, one needs to fulfill a lot of criteria right?” 

[Having Experience as a priest] 

[Obtain majority approval from the current saint lord.] 

[Have made a worthy contribution to be considered as saint lord.] 

[Inherited the blood of the founder of the Levetianism or the leading disciple.] 

One needs to fulfill all of those requirements if they want to become a saint lord. 

“Of course, I understand that Wayne could meet all of the conditions if we take some time but—…” 

“No, actually, at this point, I’m almost fulfilled all of the requirements.” 

First of all, there was no problem with his bloodline. Though they rarely become one, Natra royal families clearly had the bloodlines to become a saint lord. As for a priest, as a matter of fact, although it was only in name, Wayne was actually a priest of Levetianism. 

After all, not just Levetianism, but any religion, the difference in people’s support to a leader with or without the backing of religion was very huge. Especially Natra, a country of the immigrant, a country with many believes it was important to embrace the powerful influence to stay competitive. 

And Natra’s royal family had been Levetianism priests since its inception. That was because the Natra royal family had originated from the west. Though in recent years, there was a sense that the country tends to lean toward the east. 

Ninim was convinced until this point, but… 

“The contribution is absolutely not enough. We’ve never built any temples or gives any donations…” 

Natra was a poor country. Thus, there was no way for them to give a noticeable contribution. Furthermore, there was also a concern that if the royal family was too close to a single religion, it may create friction with the other religions. 

“I thought so too but, King Ordorasse had prepared an under the table deal for that…” 

“Under the table dealings?” 

“… He had used the last war with Marden as a collaboration holy war, with the pretext of liberating Levetianism believer from an oppressor…” 

Hearing that, Ninim was speechless. 

Being on Wayne’s side all the time, she had heard or seen many people used something for convenience but, this time had exceeded all of that.

“…Which means you become a saint lord, is that it?” 

“I’m not sure yet, there is the possibility for me to become one or not at all… But if the majority of the current saint lords approve, the story would be different.” 

The saint lords were the highest authority in the Levetianism religion. If they nod, even a white could become black. The remaining requirement left was whether or not the majority of the saint lords approve him to become a saint lord. If that was being fulfilled then, there was no other obstacle for Wayne to become a saint lord. 

“… So, did they give the approval?” 

“Not yet, the meeting was being put on hold.” 

For Wayne and the other saint lords, this event was something out of the blue. Naturally, the conference ended up in chaos and unable to come to a conclusion. 

“To be honest, I was surprised when the decision was being suspended. I thought they would all rejected the idea…” 

“I guess so. I also honestly think like that…” 

With the duration of the holy spirit festival, in other words, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the conference would be held once again. 

Being suspended means that there was room for negotiations. 

“… What are you going to do then? Are you really going to become a saint lord?” 

“I do believe there’s a merit in that, but…” 

Wayne nodded his head. 

“King Ordorasse had said that if I become a saint lord, he would cooperate to repeal the notorious Killcruz law.” 

It was said that the Levetianism founder had traveled across the continent in search of a method to defeat the demons that plagued the people, and the founder was rewarded by God for the achievement. 

Therefore, it was natural that the path the founder had crossed become a subject of pilgrimage path. 

However, around a hundred years ago, due to the development of civilization, it led to the increase of the number of pilgrims who bring back the culture and ideas of the eastern side of the continent. 

When the Holy King at the time had felt that such a thing might destroy Levetianism believe. The holy king together with the scholars decided to release the Killcruz law. 

It was a law for a new interpretation, in which a pilgrimage could be completed by simply traveling around the western part of the continent.

“That is indeed big…” 

A pilgrimage path from the west to the east. In anticipation of that, the founder of the Natra Kingdom, Salema, had opened the border for pilgrims. However, pilgrimages were time-consuming and very dangerous. If there were a safe and easy means to do that, of course, many people would follow. Killcruz law had been responsible for the dramatic reduction in the number of pilgrims that visited Natra. And over the next a hundred years Natra would experience colder winter. 

“Right? If we could repeal Killcruz law, it would be very beneficial for Natra.” 

“… I agree. As your aide.” 

But Ninim continued… 

“In Fulham eyes, if Wayne becomes a saint lord, they won’t stay silent…” 

Levetianism had treated Fulham people with discrimination. The fact that the Natra royal family held the position of a priest could be said as something they had inherited from the founder, thus the people didn’t reject the idea very much and the royal family didn’t oppress the Fulham people for a religious reason. However, it won’t be the same result if the royal family accepts to become a saint lord. 

“That is definitely possible…” 

Ninim hesitated for a bit but decided to speak out as Wayne’s aide. 

“You can just take down the Fulham who protested…” 

“The Fulhams had been supporting the Natra royal family for more than a hundred years. As if I could do something like that…” 

“You must if it is needed for the country’s survival.” 

Ninim asserted. There was no doubt that Wayne had favored her. But she didn’t want him to favor the Fulham people over the country’s survival because of her existence.