Genius Prince – v3-c11

“Welcome, your highness the regent.” 

The one who welcomed them was Horonie who had visited Natra before.

“We’ve prepared a guesthouse where everyone could use.” 

Guided by Horonie, Wayne and the others stepped into the royal capital.

“This is…” 

“Ooh, amazing…” 

The royal capital seen from the outside was spectacular but, looking at the whole city from the inside was a sight to behold. 

The buildings were in order, the roads were clean. And above all else, it was a very lively city. 

The holy spirit festival would be held for several days, and today was the day before it started. Many people had gathered for the festival, their expression was also bright. 

“This is the first time I have seen the festival but, this indeed looks very significant.” 

Wayne sees the scenery of the city while moving his horse. It was as expected for a city that would become a place where the saint lords selection took place. 

Ninim whispered secretly from his side. 

“If you’re looking that restless, people would think of you like someone from the countryside you know?” 

“From their perspective, Natra is indeed a countryside country.” 

“Even if that is the case, please get a hold of yourself. After all, now that the carriage was broken…” 

“Ah, right, on the west side of the continent, aristocrats usually ride a carriage huh?” 

As Wayne said those words, a carriage passed by… Looking at a glance, the one riding it seems to be a man with a warrior background due to his body. 

“Zeno also had said that but, this indeed seems to be a quite serious custom…” 

“Should we ask General Hagar to bring a new one, I wonder?” 

“No need, we can’t do anything about it now, we don’t have time for it either. That aside, how’s Zeno?” 

“To make sure she didn’t look suspicious, she went back in line since a while ago…” 

This was the most hostile area for the remnants army. Her identity should never be found out. Wayne was convinced with the answer and he thought it couldn’t be helped. 

“Your Highness, we’ve arrived at the guesthouse.” 

Led by Horonie they arrived at a huge mansion that looked like a newly constructed building. 

No, looking at it closely, it was indeed a new one. If one were to look around, there were a lot of new buildings. Perhaps the land readjustment was done in the pretext of preparation for the holy spirit festival and the holy conference. 

(How nice, they seem to have a lot of money…) 

Natra capital city, Cordbell was a historic city, as a result, there was a lot of aging buildings, it was hard to sort them out due to the historical value despite the building itself was deteriorating. And when Wayne finds an opportunity to sort them out, the hindrance called ‘budget’ gets in the way. 

As Wayne was feeling envious toward the greener neighborhood, Raklum stepped forward. 

“Pardon me, Horonie-dono but, I believe this building would be too small for us all to rest here…” 

“Forgive us. Due to overlapping invitation with other guests, we could not provide a bigger one. Of course, there are other lodgings with the same size, if this is not enough, you may take another one…”  

In other words, the guesthouse for the state guest had already being used up by the holy conference attendees. 

Due to his lord being disregarded Raklum’s expression showed displeasure but, Wayne hold him back. 

“I don’t mind. More importantly Horonie-dono, when can I meet with King Ordorasse?” 

“Yes, the meeting would be held tomorrow as scheduled.” 

“Very well then, it would be better for us to take a rest as soon as possible. Raklum, allocates the staff and rooms. Ninim, I leave the logistics to you. As soon as you finished, we will plan for tomorrow.” 

“”Yes, sir.”” 

After giving his two loyal vassals their assignments, Wayne entered the guest house. 


“— Finally…” 

That night, four people, Wayne, Ninim, Raklum, and Zeno were gathered in one room. 

“About tomorrow, obviously, I would need to meet with King Ordorasse. As for escort, I will bring some with me with Raklum as the guard commander. I will leave it to you for the selection of the guards.” 

“Yes, sir!” 

Then Wayne turns toward Ninim after Raklum. 

“Ninim, I want you to gather information. finds out the King’s ability, ideas, reputation from the public, and also his relation with his officials. In addition to that, I want you to gather information about the city geography and also the residence of the holy conference attendees. get manpower from our delegation as you see fit.” 

“I understand.” 

Wayne believes that after meeting with King Ordorasse, there would be a need for negotiations or even a battle breaks out. He wants to take Ninim with him to the meeting but unfortunately— She was a Fulham. He didn’t want to cause unnecessary turmoil. Hence the allocation of assignments. 

“As for you Zeno, what are you going to do? If you promise me to leave your sword, I don’t mind bringing you with me to the meeting.” 

He asked Zeno the question but, she didn’t reply. She was staring at empty space as if she was thinking of something and only realized that she had been asked a question due to the three people’s gaze. 

“E-Excuse me. … I’m thankful for your highness kindness but, I want to join with the others tomorrow for information gathering.” 

“Is that so. I don’t mind if you want to cooperate with Ninim as well. Alright then, we’ve decided what we all going to do.” 

After the three of them bowed their heads, Zeno and Raklum left the room. Only Ninim stayed behind, then Wayne called to her. 

“Ninim, keep an eye on Zeno.” 

“I guess it would be better for us to do that huh? Wayne as well, please be careful tomorrow.” 

“No worries, when push comes to shove I would just need to take King Ordorasse as a hostage and escape.” 

Wayne means joke and laughed but, Ninim who knew he could really do that could only show a bitter smile. 

Then, the first day of the holy spirit festival. 

The city was in a festive mood. 

The people were lively. Clamorous noise comes from all sides of the city. Stalls lined up on the roadsides, and traveling performers showed off their skills. Flower petals scattered around as if welcoming the spring. 

“Even just by looking, I could feel the people enthusiasm.” 

Wayne murmured those words unintentionally while looking at the outside from his carriage. 

“I agree. It seems there would be a parade in the afternoon.” 

Raklum who was also inside the carriage responded as his escort. 

“A parade huh? I definitely want to see it.” 

“For that, we need to end the meeting with the King safely. … Also, your highness, please be prepared to escape at any time.” 

“I know. I won’t let my guard down.” 

Soon, the royal castle entered the view. 

As the residence of one of the saint lords, they put more emphasis on religious in the design rather than defense. Naturally, it had elaborated interior, and the moment he entered the castle, he was welcomed with vivid decorative furniture. Not just the walls, even the ceiling was being decorated, which gives the overwhelming feeling. 

“This is… Amazing.” 

Compared to Wayne he was just a commoner, and Raklum didn’t even have any relation with arts, but even so, he still feels admiration from the interior of the castle. 

“Levetia preaching to the believers… The poor people in front of you is your brother… The angel found the saint Roland… All of these are depicting passage from Levetianism.” 

“As expected of your highness. I can understand that the decorations are amazing but, to know such detail is beyond me.” 

“Well, I need to learn them to understand the people of this area. Raklum as well, you should learn about Levetianism a little bit if you have time. If we’re going to have a closer relationship with the west, you will do well if you have such knowledge…” 

“Yes, sir.” 

Wayne and his colleagues were guided through the castle by the officials. 

Nevertheless starting from the decorative paintings, each piece of the furniture in the hallway, all of them were luxury items. Compared to Natra’s royal palace, it was far different, which cause him to dislike King Ordorasse even before they meet– As Wayne had such thought, several government officials come rushing. 

The elder man who was walking at the front, the moment they about to pass each other stopped walking when he saw Wayne’s figure. 

“… Are you, the special envoy from Natra?” 

Looking at his standing behavior, he looked like a veteran military man. However, after looking at Wayne, he snorted. 

“Being able to come from Natra, you have done your best. I’m sure for someone from the countryside, there are many things that are unfamiliar. Do enjoy your sightseeing.” 

As the guide face turn blue, the man turned his heels and together with his followers left the place. 

“P-Pardon us, your highness! T-To thinks he would show such shameless behavior…!” 

He might’ve thought that someone’s head would roll because of this. Wayne gives a sidelong glance to the leaving officials and speak… 

“… Who is that person?” 

“R-Rubert, a general who had been serving our country for a long time…” 

“A general huh…” 

Muttering, Wayne whispered to Raklum. 

“Raklum, calm down. Something like that is just a gentle breeze…”


Raklum then let go of his hand from his sword handle. Blood vessels could be seen started to appear on his forehead. 

“More important than that, look at the guy beside Rubert…” 

Raklum then directed his gaze toward the person. There he noticed, he slightly dragged his leg when walking.