Genius Prince – v3-c10

After Wayne met with Zeno and let him join with the delegation mission, they immediately started the journey, and everything went smoothly. 

Although on their way they had to keep vigilant in case of bandits attack, in the end, they manage to pass the conflict zone and enter the territory of the Cabarine’s army. Like that, it can’t be helped if they want to relax a little bit. After all, if they keep on being tense all the time, they would end up being crushed by the pressure instead. That was why moderate relaxation was necessary. 

Even though that was the case, however, nothing had changed. 

The reason was Zeno’s presence, a member of the remnants army. 

The road leading to the Cabarine’s capital was long and time-consuming. This was also meant that they had a lot of free time. 

Of course, there were many small details such as adjustment of marching speed and people’s arrangement but, those were things that can be left to Ninim and Raklum to handle, which made Wayne left with nothing to do. 

If this was the carriage, then Wayne would’ve used the time to just sleep. However, his carriage was destroyed by the bandits, and there were no enough carriages in the remnants army, thus they decided to go by riding a horse. It was not impossible but, the situation won’t allow him to sleep on-the-road. 

Wayne feels very bored, and at that time Zeno comes to his side… 

“Your Highness the regent, I have a question.” 

“Sure, what is it?” 

Zeno opened her mouth as their horses lined up with each other, and Wayne also responded to her words. 

It was a sight that happened almost every day since the journey had started. 

The content was mainly about Natra’s politics, ideology, and culture. 

(Still, she’s sure not getting tired with this topic huh?) 

Wayne held an admiration and amazed feeling toward her. 

At first, Wayne was warry of Zeno’s approach. Using the pretext of a question, she might try to find out about something. 

However, after exchanging many words, he realized that that was not the case. 

Apparently, this girl in disguise, Zeno, seems to have a deep interest in other countries. 

“While it is embarrassing, I only know Marden. However, if I remain in such a narrow view, even if we recapture the capital, we won’t be able to respond to national politics. That is why I feel I have a good fortune to have your highness to teach me about various things.” 

That seems to be her reason. 

Wayne had no objection when it comes to deepening his friendship with Zeno, and it was a good method to kill time, he continues to answer her question without hesitation. 

“I see… Natra’s culture is being influenced by the west and east, not only by architecture style and food but also by language and courtesy…” 

“Since the founder of our Kingdom was someone who comes from the western continent, the western style had been mainstream from the start. And after a hundred years, we begin to take a distance from the west, and now we’re closer to the east, and such a trend seems to continue…” 

“… For your highness, don’t you feel worried due to such a change?” 

Wayne shakes his head in response to that question. 

“I personally am not worried. Some may hate the change, others might love it. Both sides are not wrong.” 

“But there are also times when your highness needs to clarify the stand your highness is on politically, no?” 

“In order for me to reach such a decision, I would need a very strong political power. In other words, whether I want to perform complete reform or being conservative, both need big political power. So I think there was no problem with my current stance.” 

“Are your highness saying it is fine that dispute happens because of them?” 

“That’s right. Power is a hot thing. And something hot means progression. If I’m afraid of such a thing, the light of culture would disappear even without me doing anything.” 

“I see…” 

Wayne really feels that way. And Zeno thinks hard after she heard his response. 

During that time, Raklum draws closer. 

“Your Highness, I’m sorry for disturbing the conversation. There are a few things that I wish to confirm.” 

“Sure. Zeno, today we will end the conversation here.” 

“Yes. Thank you for your guidance, your highness.” 

Zeno replied with courtesy and moved her horse back to the convoy once again. 

Meanwhile, someone called to her when she was in the middle of looking at Wayne’s back as he talks with his subordinates. 

“Oh? Have you finished talking with his highness today?” 

It was Ninim with her hair dyed black. 

“Oh, Ninim-dono. You seem to be busy huh?” 

“Nothing much really, we just need to check the amount of supplies we have…” 

Ninim and Zeno. A Fulham in disguise, and a girl in disguise, they had particularly close relationships due to them both being women. Besides, in the first place, it was Ninim who suggested Zeno to have a talk with Wayne, since both of them had a lot of free time. 

“I’ve heard some rumors but, his insight is truly amazing. Just by exchanging words with him it feels like my eyes are opened…”

“He is the crown prince of Natra after all.” 

In response to Zeno who didn’t try to hide her admiration, Ninim also nodded her head in satisfaction. 

“Leaving that aside, Zeno-dono, I’ve told you that you can just call me without honorific, yes?” 

“About that, I’ve also told you to stop using honorific as well, no?” 

“You might be in disguise but, Zeno-dono, you’re the representative of the Liberation army. With my position, if I don’t use honorifics, I might be viewed as looking down on you.” 

“It is because I am in disguise, that you don’t have to treat me with such a thing you know? Besides, if we talk about standpoints, then, Ninim-dono as well, you’re his highness’ chancellor, no?” 

*Fumu*, Ninim then respond after a little thought. 

“… To be honest, the position of the Chancellor does not exist in our country, you know?”  

Zeno then tilted her head in response. 

“I don’t understand what you mean by that but… I won’t change the way I called you if Ninim doesn’t change.” 

“… I guess it can’t be helped.” 

Ninim responded and sighed, then after a little coughing she continues… 

“I guess it’s fine if we both change the way we call each other, Zeno.” 

“Then I have no complains, Ninim.” 

They both understand that both of them comes from a different country and with different duty. However, both girls were smiling at each other. 

“By the way Ninim, what do you mean by your remark earlier? The Chancellor position didn’t exist?” 

“It’s a simple story. Natra does not have any executive seat, such as Chancellor or Prime Minister in the government.” 

Ninim continues as Zeno still looked confused. 

“As you might know, Natra is a country of the immigrant. That is why we don’t have an executive position to act on behalf of the King, such as Chancellor or Prime Minister, the reason for that is to make sure that the loyalty of the subject is undivided toward the King.” 

Ninim was treated as a Chancellor due to custom, but officially she was just a private secretary whom Wayne had personally hired. 

And there was more reason why in the Natra government there was no such position. 

“… But, if I’m not wrong, Fulham had been serving as the royal family’s aide for many generations right?” 

“Yes, that’s right.” 

When Ninim nodded in response, Zeno then begins to understand. 

“I see now. If Natra officially creates the office of the Chancellor, it might create a rift between the Fulham and the non-Fulham people. That is why the position is a private secretary in which the royal family personally employed.” 


In any case, the Chancellor or a Prime Minister was a position that could talk directly with the royal families. In fact, even in Ninim’s current position, there were already many people who tried to curry favor by bringing gifts. And that was despite Ninim being a Fulham, that was why, if the official Chancellor position were to be established and someone from a non-discriminated people takes the seat, the person would be able to amass a huge fortune. 

“And so, since the Fulham people’s position is very weak, they need the royal family patronage but, if we are too close to the royal families, we might be regarded as a dangerous existence. That was why we’re only holding the title of private secretary.” 

“… The foreign culture sure is unexpected and unique. If I were to stay in Marden, I might not be able to know this…” 

Zeno exhaled deeply. 

Next to her, Ninim shrugged her shoulders. 

“If we are talking about uniqueness then aren’t you the most unique one?” 

“If we’re talking about my looks, could you overlook it, just for now, I wonder?” 

Zeno instinctively touching around her chest and grumbled. Though she might be able to behave properly in front of Wayne, it seems as a woman she still feels troubled with her figure. Ninim then showed a bitter smile and continue… 

“That is not what I mean, what I’m talking about is your attitude toward the Fulham people.” 

“Oh, that, I’ve heard about Ninim from Ziva… My uncle. I was surprised when I saw you with black hair but, I was told afterward that it was dyed.” 

“But, aren’t you Levetianism believer?” 

“And the people whose country host the Levetianism saint lords holy conference was the one who destroyed my country.” 

This time, Ninim was satisfied with her answer. 

“I guess the saying of my enemy’s enemy is my friend would be appropriate for this?” 

“I guess, to put it simply, that is how it is… But, I definitely won’t look down on you just because you’re a Fulham.” 

“Then that is good.” 

Ninim said that from the bottom of her heart. 

At that time, a noise comes from the front. 

The two of them thought there was an enemy attack, but that seems to be not the case. The leading group stopped and Wayne turned his head around. 

“Ninim! Come!” 

In response to that call, Ninim speeded up her horse speed, as if being lured, Zeno also followed her. 

When they reached the top of the hill, they opened their eyes wide. 

“This is…” 

A stunning city surrounded by thick walls, inside, there was a lot of brightly colored buildings stand neatly. 

The capital city of Cabarine Kingdom, Tristoria 

They were standing looking at the view in front of them. 

“First time seeing it but, it’s really beautiful.” 

Wayne’s words were short but, that represents the feeling of everyone’s here. 

“As expected of the city being appointed as the place where the lord saints selection took place, it is a very lively city.” 

“I wish I could’ve the time to enjoy the festival.” 

Wayne smiled and then shouted toward the convoy. 

“Alright, just a little bit more. Let’s go!” 

Everyone nodded their heads and increased their speeds toward the Cabarine’s capital city.