Genius Prince – v2-c9

“The area around lake veil in the southeast of the continent is fertile, and blessed with climate, and there has always been a war over this place.”

A hoarse voice reverberated inside the room.

“Sixty years ago, such struggle ended, and a country was established by force in that region. And that country would be known as Azworld Empire.”

The owner of the voice was an old man. His name was Cladios. Originally he was a scholar from the west, a wise man who had been Wayne’s teacher when he was still a child.

He was known for his fairness since his youth, he would not even hesitate to criticize Royalty when they did something bad, thus he was often time being expelled because of it, he would lead such a life for some times.

He was not only once or twice being attacked as assassination target but, not only his head was good, even his martial arts was top-notch, in which he continues to fight back until he reached Natra.

And whether it was because he suited in Natra or because he remembered his age, his attitude in which he would flare up against anyone finally quiet down, since then he had the career of being a teacher for influential people.

“But the peace forged by force had shed too many blood, creating a source of evil. To not let any gap that could be used by the suppressed country or tribe, the Empire need to show their strength toward the outside and inside the Empire, and keep following the path of further expansion.”

One girl was currently taking a lecture from Cladios.

Franya was a girl that still had many childish features. She was the princess of the Natra Kingdom, who had been given the middle name of Elk, the same as King Elklad, who rejuvenated the kingdom.

“The countries that had been absorbed by the Empire vary in size. A typical example would be Bernok, Kodrafi, Toddleran, Fufert. And Gairan province, which shares a border with Natra on the eastern side, though originally the territory belonged to the kingdom of Antogadar. However, this country, unlike any other, the monarch itself had offered to become the subject of the Empire.”

Until there, Cladios words which had been continuing without stopping until now stopped.

Then, he spoke with a low voice while releasing a small sigh.

“Your Highness, Franya.”


As he tapped the desk, Franya raised her head in surprise and fixed her posture as if she had been listening properly. But such an act had been seen by Cladios hundreds of times.

“It looks like today your highness mind is at somewhere else huh?”

“Au… I’m sorry…”

her apologizing without any further evasion showed how honest her heart was. But as a royal educator, such a scene was a bit complicated.

“Your Highness, as a royalty, your behavior alone has a lot of implication toward politics and work. Didn’t I told you already, that you must not apologize easily?”

“Au, I’m sorr… O-Of course, I know that.”

“That is good then. … Though in this situation your highness should not worry about it. But until your highness could make a distinction between public and private, please brace yourself, since I will keep reminding your highness for it.”

“I understand. Thank you, Cladios.”

The old man smiled at the girl who showed gratitude toward him.

“Anyway, let us end today lesson here…”


“There’s nothing more inefficient than teaching without a student. If your highness is concerned that you would spend less time for studying, then please resolve yourself and concentrate for the next lecture…”

Cladios eyes then directed toward behind Franya.

“And it seems the one who should give more appropriate guidance have arrived…”

When Franya turned around, Ninim appeared in front of the doorway.

“I’ll leave the rest to aide-dono. Well then, your highness Franya, until next time…”

Cladios tidied up the teaching materials he had spread out and left the room with it.

Ninim then walked up toward Franya.

“Your Highness Franya, I heard that there’s a shadow clouding your heart, I’m sorry for being late in visiting.”

“Ninim… You know…”

“I understand. This is about his highness Wayne, right?”


Franya nodded in response to Ninim question.

‘I know it.’ Ninim consented inside her mind. It was a well-known fact that Franya respect and loved Wayne. Even when Wayne studied in the Empire, it had caused Franya to be deeply depressed.

And this time, the talk of Wayne getting married had come, which made her worried that her brother might go to a faraway place.

“Don’t worry, your highness Franya. Even if his highness Wayne is getting married, he won’t leave this country. After all, he is the crown prince of the Natra Kingdom.”

After saying that, Ninim noticed that Franya response was slow.

“Your Highness, Franya?”

“My brother would remain in this country even if he gets married. I understand that. … I understand that but, I’m sure that everything won’t stay as it used to be…”

Franya voice was as if she going to cry.

“First my father fell ill, then my brother becomes a regent, and now he is about to get married…”

Franya drops her gaze. What reflected in her eyes was her small hands.

“I feel that my surroundings are changing. However, it looks like I’m the only one being left behind…”


What Franya feels was not paranoid.

Natra now was about to change, with Wayne as its center. Franya was probably not the only person that feels lonely and anxious about it.

The things she had said was reasonable. Ninim then says the words that she herself tried to believe.

“Just like your highness Franya said, our country will surely undergo a major change. In my case, if I lose focus, I feel like I would drown into the raging stream.”

Ninim then enveloped Franya’s hands.

“But not everything will change. There would always something that remains unchanged, no matter how much the surrounding change.”

“That is, for example?”

Ninim then smiled…

“That his highness Wayne and your highness Franya would always be important to each other.”

Being bluntly told that, causing Franya cheek to turn red. Ninim then continues with a smile still on her face.

“If just this marriage is settled, just because his highness Wayne has a wife, there’s no way for him to hate your highness Franya. Just like your highness Franya who respect and love his highness, His highness Wayne also respect and love your highness…”


“Can your highness, Franya, believe in his highness Wayne?”

“I want to believe, but I’m a bit anxious… Do you think this is weird?”

“No, there’s nothing wrong with it. And it is also clear how to solve the problem…”

Ninim then took Franya hand.

“Let us go and see his highness, Wayne. There your highness should frankly talk about your highness anxiety and exchanged more conversation. What your highness Franya needed most is above all else the time spend with His Highness Wayne.”

“… Won’t this bother my brother?”

“If I have to borrow his highness Wayne words then, ‘A brother who thinks talking with their sister as annoying is wrong in the head’. — Now, come…”

Encouraged by Ninim, Franya stood up nervously. After all, she was about to tell her brother to spoil her more…

“Can Ninim come with me?”

“Of course.”

Ninim smiled softly then begin to walk alongside Franya.