Genius Prince – v2-c7


“You guys should reject it some more!”

Returning to his office, Wayne was holding his head as usual.

“if it continues like this then we will end up in 100% trap, isn’t it?! It is strange for a princess to come to see me! Think about it more! Think about the difference between our national powers!!”

For instance, between their two countries.

In term of the government system, they were similar. However, it was not unusual for houses with similar ranks one of them being treated more superior because of the difference in financial or military powers.

The same also applies to the royal families.

But only in their own countries, they would be treated as unique. As the highest pedigree in the country.
However, the value of a certain royal family was heavily influenced by their country’s financial or military powers. If the difference of the national powers were like that of heaven and earth, even if they were the same royal family, they would be treated differently.

And when comparing Natra to the Empire national powers, it was precisely those kind heaven and earth difference. From a common-sense perspective, the royal of the Natra Kingdom was not suitable for a princess of the Empire to come and become a bride.

However, the reality was that they had proposed to come.

“That means there’s a political reason behind this huh…?”

Hearing Ninim’s words, Wayne groaned.

“Yes, it is natural to think like that… By the way, what does Ninim think about this?”

“I think it has something to do with one of the prince faction…”

Currently, there were struggles for the throne between the three princes of the Empire. So far, it was not yet fallen into the realm of using force, but there was no sign of political settlement yet, and rumor said that civil war was a matter of time.

“The princess probably joining one of the faction. And even if it is just for a little bit, the prince must want to increase their influence even more. Thus sending her here to be married?”

“Indeed, that is highly possible…”

Wayne murmured those words…

“…— Or, that is the trap they want us to think…”

Ninim was puzzled when she heard that.

“That is… Are you saying that they have another motive?”

“Indeed. Nine out of ten, if they know my face, I believe she would not agree to marry me.”

While Ninim surprised by his words, Wayne continued bitterly…

“Ninim also think that right? It is usually impossible for a princess to come here first even before the marriage has been decided?”

“Certainly, that is questionable…”

“Then, why did they do that? That is because there’s a reason for them to come here before winter… For that purpose, they prepared the delegation mission and set up a marriage meeting between me and the princess from behind the scene… And like that, Natra won’t have the reason to refuse her visit…”


Ninim thought his words while crossing her arms. As Wayne had said, they couldn’t refuse her visit. Since if they did refuse, the alliance between the two countries would shatter.

“But the problem was the marriage itself was not yet been finalized. If their purpose is to make us join their factional fight, then it would’ve been better for them not to do this arrangement and just force us to join… After all, looking at the difference in our national powers, we won’t be able to reject it either…”

Wayne continued…

“Yet, they didn’t do that. taking the risk of a princess coming to a foreign land, even the pretext of to get along was kind of barely make sense… What do you think? Don’t you feel that all of this just an act?”

Hearing his explanation, Ninim responded to his question with a groan. When lined up like that, Wayne’s words sounded very possible…

However, if that was the case, one question starts to arise…

“… Then, what is the reason for her to come to Natra?”

Wayne then grinned.

“—- For that, I don’t know!”

Toward Ninim who looked in anticipation, Wayne responded with such words.

“I can’t help it, I do think about it a lot as to why, but I really don’t understand their reason to do that… Furthermore, there’s also must be a reason why they need to do all of that before winter…”

Wayne grumbled while resting his cheek on his arm.

“And if marriage is not their aim from the start, it would be stupid for us to prepare for a budget of the entertainment of welcoming them… That’s why I want to refuse their visit very much but…”

“With the current situation, I think it is impossible…”

“I also think that…”

Wayne clicked his tongue in annoyance…

“Honestly, their personality for doing this is really bad… We barely manage to not going bankrupt due to the previous war, where am I going to get the budget for all of this…”

In response toward Wayne who was grumbling while looking at the ceiling, Ninim said…

“How about talk about with the other vassals for that?”

“I do planning to talk with some of them but, mostly it would only to make them concentrate on welcoming our guest. After all, no matter what kind of a plot they have, we cannot let ourself be rude toward a formal imperial princess. And I don’t think my retainer could probe their intention while welcoming them at the same time…”

“That is… Well, I can’t disagree with that but…”

Ninim aside, but he thought that his vassals, for better or worse were mostly simple people…

“By the way, what about the possibility that Wayne thinks too much about this?”

“The possibility for that indeed exists. But, in that case, the question why the princess coming here in person would be absolutely unknown…”

“That is…”

Ninim thought for a while and clapped her hands.

“For example, she is attracted to Wayne handsome gallant figure who manages to handle all the domestic and war problem… Err, I’m sorry, though I said that, I think that is indeed impossible…”

“I don’t think you have to say it that much you know, Ninim-san?! Just to be sure, my heart is hurting here, you know?!”

“Ah, don’t get me wrong. Wayne who is the crown prince and regent of the Natra Kingdom, manage to win against Marden in a war. I believe that is worthy of me and our people’s admiration and respect…– But as for being handsome, that is a bit, questionable. After all, you’re quite normal?”

“If you decide going so far as saying about admiring and respecting me then at least put me in the handsome category!”

“As the crown prince first and foremost retainer, I should refrain from telling a lie…”

“Aren’t you sometimes blatantly told me a lie?! Which mouth is saying what now?”

“This mouth, see?”

Ninim then pointed to her mouth without any shame what-so-ever.

In response to her gesture, Wayne groaned and said…

“… Fine then, if it’s like this then I have some idea too!”


“I’m going to accept Ninim opinion 100%! That the princess come here due to my handsome gallant figure!”


Ninim looked at him in amazement and dismay…

“Indeed, thinking back, I was quite unlucky these days… The Emperor suddenly passed away, the gold mine was almost depleted, and Marden was being destroyed completely!”

“Wayne bad luck, I think that is a daily occurrence?”

“Don’t be fussy! Anyway, since I’ve been unlucky these days, something good should happen soon! That’s right, that’s meant, this time it is my good luck that I would be able to live leisurely with a princess that comes to love me!”



Ninim lightly punched Wayne’s flank.

“Calm down yet?”

“I do…”

Wayne answered Ninim’s question while rubbing his side.

“In the meantime, I will try to find out the Empire’s plan… Let us think about the reason why the princess proposes to marry after we gather a bit more information…”

“I guess you’re right. In the meantime, I will think where to get the budget to welcome them…”

After deciding their next move, Ninim turned her heels.

Looking at her back, Wayne throws a question…

“Ah, by the way, Ninim…”


“Is it really impossible for me to be put in the handsome category?”

Ninim smiled and laughed a little while placing her finger on her mouth…

“Indeed, your highness is a bonafide average-looking guy.”