Genius Prince – v2-c6

“I found it.”


It was a few weeks after their previous meeting.

In their second meeting, Theodor said that as the opening talk…

“You found what?”

Wayne was asking the question while bewildered, and Theodor responded with a slight embarrassment.

“During the previous meeting, we’ve talked about your highness being single, and I was looking whether or not in the Empire there’s a good woman to be married to the Regent as a symbol of our countries good relationship.”

“I see… I wish you made more communication before doing this but…”

“Pardon me. But at the time, I could not say that I would be able to definitely find your highness a marriage partner…”

Of course, that was natural. If he declared that he could definitely found someone, he won’t be able to face Wayne again unless he found someone. As expected, he could not take such a risk at that time. Wayne didn’t ask further because he could understand that. But, that was not the problem now.

“I understand, I won’t ask further. But, you said… You found someone?”



Wayne glanced at Ninim who stand behind him as his aide.

She smiled. She smiled because she imagining that she could screw a hot potato up to his nose now.

Right there, Wayne was thinking that he should refuse the offer with all of his might.

“First of all, let me thank Ambassador Talm. Though it broke my heart by saying this. I am from the Natra Kingdom royal family. I don’t know what kind of a woman that the ambassador found, but there are some tough conditions to become a Queen.”

Wayne said those with a threatening tone.

However, Theodor nodded his head without shrinking back.

“Of course, I know that. In regard to that, I believe there’s no problem…”


Wayne observed Theodor…

He was confident enough to say there was no problem.

But something was strange. Recalling their meeting the previous time, if Theodor knows a woman who meets all of the conditions he should’ve been more enthusiastic, but today, he seems to be nervous due to something…

(The woman he found met the condition he said… But it seems something is wrong here huh?)

Wayne opened his mouth as if trying to guess…

“Ambassador Talm, I feel like you’re unable to calm yourself down since earlier but, is there something that I need to concern myself in regard to that woman?”

“N-No! As expected, there’s nothing like that!”

Theodor raised his voice involuntarily and continued…

“Her appearance is beautiful, and her behavior is definitely that of a graceful lady. And yet, she has the wisdom and sharp mind that even I couldn’t understand. I’m confident that she would definitely resonate with your highness. I do but…”

Theodor was speaking ambiguously at the end…

The other side was good looking, smart and wise. And yet, Theodor acted like that—

“Then, how is her origin?”


Theodor’s shoulders shook slightly. ‘Right on the mark, huh?’ Wayne had thought.

Perhaps, just like Ninim had investigated, he didn’t know any powerful noble. And somehow, he pulled someone from a fallen noble family huh?

Which means it would be easy to decline. Wayne then said the words calmly…

“I will repeat again, I am from the Natra Kingdom royal family… I don’t know what kind of a woman the ambassador had found but, I can’t have a partner unless the other side has a proper family status…”

Wayne had lined up a legitimate family status as a wall… He thought there was no way the ambassador could pass that. But as if convinced with his victory, Theodor opened his mouth, while somehow a hot potato image crossed Wayne’s mind.

“That is, not the problem…”


Wayne blinked his eyes due to the unexpected answer…

“But how should I say it, it is true that there’s something that needs to watch over when it comes to her status…”

“… What do you mean? If there’s no problem like you said, I understand if it is a daughter from Viscount or Baron but, did you by any chance find someone from a famous Earl household or something?”


Theodor was silent.

However, Wayne didn’t felt that silence was due to him being right on the mark.

Then why was he being silent? Then Wayne realized something…

The reason why Theodor nervous was not because he failed to achieve the condition he had imposed on himself.

It was because he had gained too much of a result thus he was panicking…

“Ambassador Talm… This is just a guess but… Is the person status above Earl?”

“… Yes…”

“… A marquis?”

“… No, more…”

“… A duke?”

“… One above that…”

“… Wait, that means…”

In response to Wayne’s reaction, Theodor nodded his head and said the words nervously…

“The one who announces herself to become your highness partner is, our Empire second imperial princess, imperial princess Louwellmina Azworld—…”

Thus, the unexpected story brings new hot air to the Natra before winter.

In a later era, this era would be called the wise king’s great war.

Thus the second curtain of Wayne Salema Albarest was about to begin…

Marriage was as one of political maneuver for by nobles family.

Some people might wonder why… After all, marriage was a serious event in life. But, the marriage didn’t mean there was a chain restraining both parties, marriage, in reality, was similar to that of joint ownership recognized by both party and the surrounding. Then, what was the political problem then?

The truth was that was what important. The joint ownership fact was something that might change the situation… For example. Even when both families had a bad relationship, if their children were married to each other, they would be willing to shake hands. When that happens, people would be relieved as immediate conflict won’t happen in the near future… Then both sides could concentrate on agriculture development, business and economy would become more active— It might sound like a joke but such a thing was indeed possible if the marriages were between royal families…

By simply having the surrounding acknowledged such marriage was already a big deal. Thus, political marriage was when marriages were being calculated depending on the profit.

— Consequently, to discuss the marriage proposal between Wayne and Azworld’s Imperial Princess, it was natural for Wayne to call all of the senior statesmen to a meeting…

“Isn’t that great?”

The meeting ended up with a favorable view toward the marriage.

“If it is the imperial princess of the Empire, then she would be suitable for Your Highness, Wayne. If it successfully being established, the alliance between our country and the Empire would be stronger, and more prosperity would be guaranteed…”

“Things are not that simple you know?”

Of course, some people opposed to it.

“The Empire that lost its Emperor is currently in turmoil. We can stay away from that because we’re an independent ally, but if we have a marriage relationship with the imperial family, we won’t be able to stay away from the conflict…”

There was some truth in that… However, it had not enough power to persuade the surrounding.

“Regardless of the matter, there is a good chance that we would be rolled into the conflict of the Empire. If that is the case then, why not we seek some connection now?”

“Agreed. The Empire’s power is still alive albeit in disorder. Since we don’t have to worry about Cabarine on the west, we should at least pursue a good relationship with the east side now…”

“However, look at the difference in national power between our countries. If we strengthened our relationship carelessly, we might end up being swallowed instead, you know?”

“By saying that, you just want to push your daughter as his highness partner, no?”

“What did you say?!”

“Calm down… This is not the place and time for arguing…”

In that way, the meeting continued, and eventually one of the vassals turned to Ninim who had kept standing on the corner of the room.

“Ninim-dono, is it true the princess is going to visit here personally?”

Ninim nodded her head, stepped forward with paperwork in her hands…

“in parallel with the marriage proposals, the Empire also sent a request to sent a mission to Natra before winter. The official mission is to confirm the alliance strength between the two countries but, the mission representative is Her Highness Princess Louwellmina herself. In effect, this is more like a matchmaking date between two Highness to confirm each other feelings.”

The vassals then look at each other.

“Isn’t that an amazing move?”

“No, that is too reckless…”

“I wonder if no one complained about this on the other side?”

In the end, the marriage with the princess was still in the discussion stage. However, being accompanied by guard aside, to go out to another country without knowing the partner’s face was like going inside the forest with just a single piece of clothing.

Of course, although the Empire was in turmoil, their authority was still alive. Thus no one would dare to act insolently but— To sent a young beautiful princess, it was a common occurrence to have demon’s wicked mind to enter men’s mind when they were in front of beauty. Everyone could imagine the risk of being assaulted before marriage.

Indeed, everyone could imagine. Even the imperial side. But, Imperial Princess Louwellmina still decided to come…

“Fumu… What do you think of this, your highness?”

The attention of the vassals gathered at Wayne, who remained silent since earlier…

“I wonder…”

Wayne glanced at each of his vassals and shrugged his shoulders while jokingly said…

“I guess I should hide the cracks on the palace outer walls before I welcomed the Imperial Princess…”

Laughter from his vassals echoed in the meeting room.

“Ah, I agree, we need to look a bit better…” “Where do you think we should get the money to pay the painting?” “Instead of using white powder, we should use the snow, how about it?” “Oh, isn’t that a good idea? It will disappear in itself when spring comes…”

Riding on Wayne’s words, joking conversation fly among the vassals.

When they settled, Wayne opened his mouth again.

“This time, it comes all of a sudden, surprised everyone. In fact, I feel the same, I’m afraid if the other side said ‘Ah, my mistake…’ when they see me tomorrow…”

Hearing that, the vassals had a light chuckle.

But, Wayne then continued…

“But if it is not a mistake then, I would like to consider it positively…”

All of the vassal’s face then grew tense. It was Wayne personal’s thought but, since the influence of his words was that of a monarch, the vassals could not joke about it…

“There is indeed some concern in regard to the turmoil in the Empire. However, even with that, it is also a great advantage for us to have a relationship with the imperial family. I have no intention to miss the opportunity…”

After saying that, Wayne laughed bitterly…

“Though I still don’t know if I will actually get married…”

“I believe there is no one more wise and benevolence than your highness…”

“Indeed. In the event Her Highness the Imperial Princess make a visit, I believe she would end up choosing your highness as her partner…”

Seeing all of his vassals nodded in agreement, Wayne broke into a smile.

“Then, let us get ready to welcome the Princess. Everyone, please cooperate…”

“”Yes, sir!””

Thus, the preparation to welcome the Imperial Princess visit begins…