Genius Prince – v2-c5

Wayne stared through the windows looking at Theodor’s back. 

Ninim besides him then speak… 

“… So, is that okay? If ‘that’ is being left alone…” 

“What do you mean by ‘That’ ?” 

“I’m talking about Ambassador Talm. You’re aware of it, right?” 

Ninim said that while looking slightly bitter. 

“That ambassador… It seems he is going to find Wayne’s marriage partner in the Empire.” 

“I guess so…” 

Yes, that was the plan that comes to Theodor’s mind. 

Objectively, Wayne was a young, gentle and talented prince. Moreover, he was also a single man. There were not many women that could marry him, but if he manages to introduce someone that fits to become Wayne’s queen, there’s no doubt that Theodor’s would be remembered. 

“Even though it is a desperate plan, but looking at his position, I think that is a pretty bold plan.” 

Wayne then laughed. However, Wayne and Ninim were truly terrifying. Far from thinking about Theodor thought, the two of them had already taken account of the future. 

“Well, in reality, it would be complicated, I guess? Ninim also thought that right?” 

“… I guess so. A commoner would be out of the question. Even Viscount or Baron children still could be considered quite rude. At least Earl rank is the minimum, but I believe that ambassador didn’t have such connection…” 

“Moreover, while the imperial’s law allows marriage between any ranks, it is still necessary for the nobles who want to marry a foreign royalty with the Emperor’s approval. And since the Emperor seat is currently vacant, there’s nothing he could do…” 

It was not unusual for aristocrats marriage being restricted. And marriage with an influential foreign person, in particular, was something that needs to be done carefully, because it might cause a breakdown in power balance and might interfere with internal affairs. 

In fact, the Empire approval was near impossible. In the western part of the continent even, where there was a large disparity between each countries, marriage with foreigners was forbidden entirely, marriage between commoners and aristocrats were also not allowed, only marriage between equal status was allowed there. 

“But, it is not something completely impossible, you know? The ambassador might have a powerful acquaintance, and using the pretext that the Emperor seat is vacant, he might be able to push it through…” 

“Do you think such a powerful family willing to get involved with another country’s royal family while everything is already chaotic enough in their home country? If they had a daughter that they could marry, in this kind of time, they would choose to marry her into a domestic nobleman.” 

“Hnnn… How about if they give up the Empire?” 

“Impossible… They might do that if the Empire is about to sink, but for the current Empire, some crack might appear, but it still needs more force for them to sink soon… It is too early for the aristocrats to give up now…” 

After that, Wayne grinned… 

“That’s why I’m not going to marry someone from the Empire, so stop sulking already…” 

“… I’m not sulking.” 

“I’m sure you do, in fact, you’re pouting! Oh my, Ninim-san, for you to be this shy and cute, ow ow ow, my arm! That’s hurt, oi!” 

“I feel like we should increase Wayne’s arm joints?” 

“No no, it can’t increase!” 

Ninim released Wayne’s arm while looking annoyed. 

“Also, I’m not shy…” 

“I know, I know, my bad… Ninim is not shy and sulking. You’re super beautiful and super cute as usual. Is that fine?” 


“It is…?” 

Wayne pulls himself together, while slightly horrified by Ninim who nodded her head in satisfaction. 

“Anyway, that ambassador can’t pull a marriage partner that fits my position. Besides, I don’t have the intention to marry myself. Incidentally, even if the Natra Kingdom find someone, I have no intention to accept either…” 

Hearing that, Ninim opened her eyes lightly… She understands if he didn’t want to marry an Empire noblewoman, but what did he mean by refusing Natra noblewoman? 

Then something crossed Ninim’s mind. 

“Wayne, it can’t be, you…” 

She continued while terrified by the image that appears inside her mind… 

“… –You like men?” 

“I’m going to rub your boobs…” 

“One finger per rubbing.” 

“Isn’t that a bit too expensive, oh super beautiful and cute Ninim-san?!” 

“If you tell me the reason why you refuse, then I will give a discount…” 

Wayne then replied despite still thinking that was a bad deal. 

“It’s not something that complicated, you know? You know, right— I’m going to sell this country whenever I have a chance!” 


Hearing that, Ninim covered her face with her arm. -TLN: A facepalm 

“If they marry me, they are expecting to become a Queen, yes? Yet it suddenly that didn’t happen, I think it would be sad for them…” 

“… If you could do that then, why not have a divorce first before selling the country?” 

“No, I definitely could do it. I’m determined to escape from this responsibility and duty, and live a happy, independent life!” 

“… Ah, I see…” 

“There, I already answer your question, how much are your boobs now?” 

“Two fingers…” 

“The price is going up?!” 

Ninim then heaves a big sigh… 

“Geeez… If it’s like this, then I pray the ambassador brings a marriage candidate that you cannot refuse…” 

“I wonder if such a convenient partner exists. How about we bet on it…” 

“Then, if one is found, I’ll thrust a boiled potato into your nose.” 

“Fine, let’s do it. After all, it’s impossible to find anyone…” 

Wayne laughed as if convinced with his victory.