Genius Prince – v2-c41

The first thing Louwellmina did when she returned to the imperial capital city was to laying the groundwork to gather her own vassals. 

She then revealed the proof of rebellion plan. However, if she left the plan revealed as it was, there would be accidental victims due to suspicion of participating in the plan. 

Therefore, she gathered trusted retainers, revealed the plan to them and ask them to cooperate to eliminate those who participated. 

They must hurry. However, she needs to make sure she didn’t make any impatient move. Louwellmina then steadily gather her vassals, while maintaining exquisite balance. 

“Everything has been going well, your highness Louwellmina.” 

Louwellmina responded by nodding her head when she heard Viz’s words. 

“But, information is gradually leaking. If the information breaks loose, chaos would spread all over the Empire. However, we will get ready before any of that happens.” 


Looking at Viz who bowed at her with respect, Louwellmina thought of something. 

As Viz had said, everything had proceeded according to her plan. But all of that was not due to her own power. 

The thing that comes to her mind was the time she had to part ways with Wayne… 

“Even if you get your hands this far, for Wayne, there should be other ways right?” 

The strategy of breaking Greenach heart was successful, making him submit under Louwellmina. 

But when everything was over, Louwellmina begins to think that there should’ve been other ways to do it. 

“For example… You told Greenach that those who participated in the rebellion plan had sent their spy to me, and Gerald got killed by the operative. In that form, he didn’t have to dirty the honor of his son as well, and you could persuade Greenach at the same time, no? Furthermore, to get the information we could just interrogate him by abducting him.” 

Wayne then answered Louwellmina’s question. 

“I thought about that as well. But, if we break his heart completely, it would be easier for Lova to control Greenach, right?” 

It was an unexpected answer. 

Certainly, Greenach was very obedient to Louwellmina now. For now, the thought and feeling of against her will won’t appear in him. But that only brings profit for Louwellmina, Wayne didn’t get anything out of it. 

When he noticed what she think, Wayne smiled… 

“I’ve promised you a long time ago, no? — That, if you manage to get me involved until I can’t escape anymore, I would help you?” 


Louwellmina’s back quivered. 

“Well, in the end, I can only do this much. The rest is up to you, future Empress.” 

“… Of course.” 

Memories of a small conversation from the past that was very important to her. 

She found out that that small conversation, it was not only her who cherished it. 

For him to remembered that promise, Louwellmina was very happy. 

(I shall show you, I will accomplish my goal.) 

She was able to go this far because her friends had helped her. It was her duty as their friend to give an appropriate result. 

(… Also, there’s another thing I was concerned about…) 

When Louwellmina told him about her trouble, Wayne told her to wage a war against the current ideology and culture. 

She realized that that was not an improvisation, and it feels like he had been considering that as well. 

When she had asked him to cooperate with her, Wayne said he had a lot of things he needs to do. 

When she linked his words with the topic of waging a war against the current ideology and culture, Louwellmina realized… 

(The ideology and culture of Fulham discrimination…) 

That was only her guess. She had tried to probe Ninim about it during the tea party but, it seems Ninim didn’t know anything about it. 

But then, she also thought, if it was Wayne, he should be able to do it. 

Making a plan to slaughter a horrible beast that plagued the continent, so that one girl could live in peace. 

(If that is the case, If I get involved here then…) 

Let us stand together. 

Just like how they did for her this time. 

That was why she needs to focus on herself fight right now. 

“Viz, what is the next schedule?” 

“Yes, there’s a meeting with a minister this afternoon but—.” 

Half a year had passed since the time the Azworld Emperor died. 

Princess Louwellmina provides information about the rebellion plan. 

Princess Louwellmina then carefully get rid of those who involved in the plan, and the three princes who realized that they were being trapped started to run around to purge those who got involved in the rebellion within their factions. 

As a result, the three princes’ power declined greatly, many people left them and gathered under Louwellmina. Thus, Louwellmina Azworld becomes the leader of a faction. 

This was the start where she appeared in the stage of history. 

“Ah… That was troublesome.” 

Wayne said those words while slumping on the desk. 

“To think I would go to Gairan, and everything started from a wonderful word of marriage proposal…” 

“In the end, we’ve been manipulated thoroughly by Lova huh?” 

Ninim responded with a bitter smile. 

If someone were to judge who was the winner at the end of this ordeal, Louwellmina’s name would come on top. There were many twists and turn, but she had managed to achieve her desire at least. 

“Well, I guess that is okay. Since we manage to settle it peacefully than we had thought at first…” 

“That is true, but in retrospect, it was almost a free work! I had thrown the cost of military exercise to the Empire but, considering the expense of receiving the Empire delegations, in the end, it was still a deficit!” 

“But Nanaki had managed to steal many important documents other than the rebellion evidence from Antogadar’s mansion. We can sell those to the Marquis back, and negotiate to lower the price of the mirror-dyeing fabric wholesale.” 

“Even if we include all of that, it was still just even! And if we openly traded a lot of things with Antogadar territory who had already under Lova’s camp, it would make us look like on her side!” 

“I think it is too late to deny that by now…” 

“It is not too late! Natra is neutral! We will never get involved with the Empire factional fight!” 

Seeing Wayne who was being stubborn, Ninim responded casually… 

“Or rather, why not marry Lova and get involved with the factional dispute? If you win the factional dispute, you might be able to live your dream life you know?” 

“Lova herself had told us that there would be no further marriage talk for now, no?” 

“That was just Lova’s opinion, yes? What is Wayne’s opinion?” 

Wayne shrugged in response… 

“Think calmly… If I marry her and win the factional dispute, do you think Lova would let me have my wonderful retirement life?” 

“Well… I guess not?” 

“See? In fact, she won’t hesitate to get us involved in further troubles, and my life would be busier than right now. That is why I want to avoid that as much as possible…” 

“… To stand side by side with this thing, it would be a real hardship, Lova.” 

Next to Ninim who muttered some words, Wayne continue… 

“We need to watch over the Empire’s situation in the future, but for now, since the delegations had returned back, my life shall return to normal now…”  

“I guess, you’re right, then here…” 

*DON*, Ninim put a pile of documents in front of Wayne. 

“… Oi, Ninim.” 

“When Wayne went to Gairan’s territory, these are all the documents that are waiting for Wayne’s decision…” 


“There are also department petitions that had been postponed due to the delegation visit. Next is half a month worth meeting schedule backlog with the kingdom’s influential people…” 


“Oh also, since the marriage talk with Lova had come to an end with no result, it seems many nobles started to offer their daughter to become Wayne’s bride. That is why, if you don’t want to get married yet, please do your best.” 

Ninim showed a sweet grin… 

“Now then, let us work as usual alright?” 

“Damn it, I will definitely sell this country!” 

Wayne’s voice filled with despair resounded in his office.