Genius Prince – v2-c4

“The Girat gold mine was one of the firs-class gold producers in the continent, but, it was mainly being sold to the west. Your Highness the Regent should also know this, right?” 

As soon as the talks began, Theodor started with those words… 

“The fact that your country, which is an ally, obtained the gold mine, it can be said as divine grace. Since the demand for gold in our Empire is very high. I would love to buy the golds your country produce by all means…” 

His voice was powerful, and enthusiasm could be felt from his words. 

The truth that was not misunderstanding… For Theodor  Talm, as an ambassador of the Empire, this meeting with Natra Kingdom’s crown prince was extremely important. 

He had been an empire diplomat for more than 15 years. Simply put, his life as a diplomat was not that sunny. 

Not only his origin was that of a commoner, but his skill also was not that great either. For that he was always being assigned to an embassy that was short on hands as a necessary personnel that fills the gap, and being given trivial works as he follows the ambassador, if it was just for a short amount of time the story was different, he was given the same jobs over and over again at other embassies. 

Not only that, because the Empire advocates meritocracy, talented young people were surpassing him one after another. It was not just once or twice that he feels ashamed over it. 

But finally, a chance had come. His predecessor, Ambassador Viz Brandel, was ousted, and he was selected for the vacant post. 

Of course, the feeling of not wanting to place talented people outside the country during the time when the country was in a crisis had played a big part for his assignment. 

His superior was also telling him to stay here quietly without doing anything unnecessary. 

(–But, this time I won’t follow it just like that!) 

If the discord in the Empire come to an end, he was sure he would be dismissed, and another ambassador would be appointed. If he didn’t get any achievement until then, he would return as hole-filling personnel again. 

And now, Theodor was in his forties. The life of running around the continent had become more difficult for him. There were also his families back in his home country. Yet, they could only meet once a year. 

(I have to leave some achievement for my family before I go back and work in my home country…!) 

Like that, while being driven by such personal circumstances, Theodor went to the royal palace of the Natra Kingdom to meet with Wayne. 

Whatever the reason might be, it was never a bad thing when someone went to his work with high enthusiasm. 

But the problem was that his work was a diplomatic work filled with hidden intrigue—. 

(Somehow his excitement gone wild…) 

From Theodor gaze, his frank sentiment was being transmitted toward Wayne quite clearly— In fact, it was so obvious that he could not bear it… 

(For him to show his hand that easy, it makes me want to give him a bit of advice to watch his steps…) 

Diplomacy was a place for bargaining battle for the sake of one own’s country interests. Considering the impact of diplomatic meeting that could affect thousands or tens of thousands of citizen, even a little bit of information cannot be handled easily. 

Furthermore, if you express your request in such a straightforward manner, the opponent could easily take advantage of it. 

In the first place in the case of the gold mine, it was not necessary for Natra to immediately heed the Empire’s demand. Natra now had a weak relationship with the west, while the east side was adjacent to the Empire’s territory. If they didn’t decide on the price immediately, Natra would eventually come with their own deal. 

(Do they really want to push the negotiation that much? I heard he wants to return home as soon as possible but, it seems before that he wants to get merit as fast as possible…) 

Wayne opened his mouth after analyzing it calmly inside his mind. 

“I really appreciate the ambassador’s proposal. Some people are attracted to the glittering gold, but that brilliance won’t illuminate an warm our winter. I think it would be better for us to turn it into something that could directly help the people.” 



Wayne cut Theodor words, who seems excited with the prospect. 

“I think you’ve heard about the fierce battle between Marden and my country. Thanks to that, not only people were receiving damage. The Girat Gold mine which had become the main battlefield is currently under severe damage, and could not function properly.” 

That was not a lie. Many of the tunnels were deliberately collapsed for the sake of winning the war. In addition, the transportation routes and the miners’ residence were also got destroyed, thus until now, they were still under restoration work. 

“Thanks to that, the mining environment is not good, and currently, the gold mine is out of service… There’s no estimate of how much mining could be expected after a full-scale operation. Under such circumstance, having a deal with your country would be difficult.” 

“I-I see…” 

This was a bit tricky. The truth was mining had been resumed in parallel with the restoration work, and the expected mining volume had been estimated. Even if a deal was not concluded, it was still possible to do preliminary step negotiations in the matter of the detail. 

The reason why he wants to immediately conclude a deal was that he understands it would be a great benefit for the ambassador, that was why Wayne wants to make a deal with someone who he could associate for a long time. 

A resident ambassador was an important channel with another country. No one knows how many futures dealing that might strengthen Natra relations with the Empire. Given that, it would be stupid of Wayne if he makes a deal with an ambassador whom he didn’t even know when he would get dismissed. 

(If Ambassador Brandel had remained, this deal could be used to make up for the previous one, but this person is a little bit…) 

If he spoke his evaluation, Theodor might be dying in a fit of anger. However, when people sit in a diplomatic table, everyone had equal status. Only ability was being evaluated. 

“Then Your Highness, what about the prospect of when the Gold mine going to restart production?” 

“Currently, we don’t know. Because it also serves as an important base for our country, we intend to build a perfect system, but it will take more time to do that.” 

“But then…” 

“There’s nothing to worry about. I understand that our relationship with your country is important. If the gold mine operation resumed, we would have a negotiation with your country first.” 

Wayne smiled at Theodor who tried to proceed stubbornly… 

The talk continues, and Theodor tried to make some other way but, Wayne didn’t let any opening, finally, after a while, Theodor dropped his shoulders as if given up on it. 

(… It seems there’s nothing he could do anymore, lastly what I need to do is to close the meeting huh?) 

When nothing could be proposed anymore, that means a negotiation was over. And even if both side still wants to associate, it won’t bear any fruits. 

“Ambassador, are you feeling alright? If not, then even if it is sooner than scheduled, should we end the meeting?” 

“N-No, there’s no problem!” 

Theodor who realize that he had exposed his emotion immediately fix his posture. 

“It’s just that I’m impressed by Your Highness who despite being young has such deep insight…” 

In response, Wayne laughed lightly. 

“To have a capable empire official say that to me, it indeed makes me happy a little. But I guess I still have a lot to learn and I still feel immature in a lot of ways…” 

“Immature is it? In my position, I’ve seen a lot of royal members but, I feel Your Highness is different compared to the others…” 

“I’m just a young man that has yet marry, it would be troubling if you praise me too much, Ambassador Talm.” 

When Wayne responded casually with a bitter smile, Theodor’s eyes suddenly opened. 

“Speaking of which, Your Highness is not yet married?” 

“Hnn? Ah, Yes… It seems my vassals are looking for candidates, but for now, I haven’t decided to whom I want to give the ring.” 

Saying that Wayne shrugged his shoulders. 

“If I could attach my unmarried daughter, then it would be one of the talks, but what appeared on the back of my eyes were about the pilled documents.” 

“… Is that so?” 

After having reflected something in his mind, he nodded his head and laughed a little. 

“Marriage is a good thing you know, Your Highness. It will enrich your life.” 

“However, it is also called as someone raises and fall in life, no?” 

“It is called companion in life because you could enjoy everything together, including even if everything withered away, see?” 

“… I see it is indeed doesn’t seems too bad when you say it like that.” 

After that, Wayne and Theodore continue to exchange words, and eventually, the meeting ended with a scheduled deadline. 

In the end, there were no agreements between the two countries in the talks. It was a meeting between a young crown prince and a new ambassador. Looking at the result, it was just that. 

However, one might say it was unexpected. Despite the disappointing result, Theodor’s face was not looking disappointed; instead, he was looking resolute. 

(… The gold mine is impossible. But, here there’s some potential…) 

Theodor left the palace quickly and picture the future plan in his mind.