Genius Prince – v2-c39


Greenach could hide his surprise when he saw the scene in front of him. 

Here within the Marquis Antogadar territory. Why Natra army was standing in line? 

Of course, it was normal for Greenach to have such a question but, he didn’t think to find the answer to that question… 

“Your Excellency, let us retreat for now!” 

“If we return to the previous checkpoint post, we should be able to defend ourselves!” 

His subordinates immediately give him urgent advice. 

Their reasoning was correct, since the difference in power between them were obvious. Natra Army was around 400 men. Even though they were the enemy, in Marquis’s eyes, they were standing in line beautifully. 

On the other hand, the 50 cavalries who had pursued the Natra prince were all in fatigue. It was definitely reckless to stay here, let alone fighting the enemy. 

However, Greenach didn’t move. To be more precise, he couldn’t move. He knew he could not win. However, if he escaped, it would be virtually impossible to capture Wayne. He was dumbfounded that the plan he had thought it was flawless had collapsed, just like that. 

Like this, if Greenach fights Natra, they would be defeated like a small stone on the roadside being kicked. But that didn’t happen… 

Because, another an unexpected event happened… 


The first thing they noticed was the earth-shaking. The next one they noticed was the sounds coming from the back. As Greenach and his man turned their head to see what was coming, they saw dust smoke rolls up. The one that created the dust to rise into the sky was, an Army—… 

“A-Another army is approaching from behind! T-The number is approximately 1,000 men!” 

One of Greenach’s subordinates shouted in distress. Of course, he would end up in distress, after all, an unknown army appeared from their back while Natra army stands in front of them. Which meant, their escape route was completely closed. 

“W-What about the flag?! D-Don’t tell me, they are Natra’s?!” 

They didn’t care from where the army had come from. But if the enemy was from Natra, the only thing they could do was to surrender or get crushed. Greenach and his subordinates waited until the mysterious army’s flag could be seen with their body stiffened as if their body had turned into stone due to the spectacle. 

“That is… No, that is not Natra’s flag! it is the Imperial Army Flag!” 

“What did you say?!” 

At first, he had thought they were the infantry he had left in the city that has finally caught up, but Greenach immediately shook his head.  No matter what, it was too soon for the infantry to arrive like this. Then, whose army was it? He still could not find out. But, since they were the Imperial Army, he had thought they may be an ally of him. 

“Let us immediately join the army! Raise our flag!” 

“Y-Your Excellency! P-Please, wait!” 

Blocking Greenach instruction, one of his subordinates pointed at the single flag raised in the middle of that army. 

“T-That flag!” 

When Greenach directed his gaze at the flag his subordinates pointed… 

On its right was the imperial army flag. 

And on its left, there was another territory’s flag. 

And in the middle of the two flags—… 

“Th-That is, Imperial Princess Louwellmina’s flag?!” 

Louwellmina, the one Greenach wants to capture. She had now instead led an army… 

“Honestly, I won’t do anything like this for the second time…” 

Most of the army belonged to Gairan Province’s army. 

And at the center of the army. He was an old man who voiced a complain while riding his horse, with soldiers protecting him. He was the governor of Gairan province. 

“Yes, I understand. With this alone, I cannot thank viceroy enough…” 

Running next to him on a horse, a girl responded to the governor, she was Louwellmina. 

“As a reward for viceroy’s consideration, I will report to my elder brother that your governance is very good…” 

“I wish I could report your highness tomboyish behavior though…” 

As the governor complains passed from her right ear to the left ear, a messenger came to them… 

“Report. We’ve confirmed that Natra and Greenach army stand standby in the basin.” 

“Is that so… Then please invite the prince and the Marquis here…” 

“Yes, sir!” 

Louwellmina nodded her head in agreement after listening to the governor’s instruction. 

“Now then, let’s finish this…” 

Was this a reality or a dream? Greenach had such a question inside his mind. 

He walks toward a tent raised by the imperial army. He was called by the imperial princess, Louwellmina, when his situation was sandwiched by the Natra army and the Imperial army. 

He knew he could not refuse, as he was guided by the escort, his steps feel heavy as if he was a prisoner on a death sentence. 

He wished the journey would not come to an end, but unfortunately, before he noticed he had arrived in front of a big tent. 

“I’ve brought marquis Antogadar as ordered.” 


When he entered the tent, he saw three people inside the tent. Wayne, Louwellmina and the Governor. 

“Antogadar, have responded to your highness call…” 

He kneeled in front of Louwellmina. In his mind, his future started to disappear as he had thought about what would happen after this. Most of the scenario appeared in his mind involved a death sentence. 

(What should I do, What should I do…) 

He desperately moves his brain. Was there a way for him to escape? Anything would be fine. Something, anything—… 

At the time when he had such a thought, the figure of Wayne in front of him appeared on his mind—… 

“Then let us begin—…” 

“Your Highness!” 

Greenach cut short Louwellmina’s words… 

“I want an answer before that!” 

“Marquis Antogadar! You’re being impolite!” 

“I don’t mind… Marquis, what question do you want to ask?” 

Greenach took a deep breath and turned his gaze at Wayne. 

“Why he, Why the prince of Natra is here?!” 

Greenach pressed for an answer. 

“This is the territory of the Empire! And the Natra’s prince has led his army into our territory! Isn’t this an invasion?!” 

He tried to denounce Wayne. That was the only path Greenach could think. He had thought he should speak under legitimate reason, although individually after what he did, he was not someone who legitimately could say such a thing… 

Of course, if those presents here were colluding with each other, there was no use for legitimacy but— Strangely, what he said was making sense. Wayne and Louwellmina had some secret cooperation but, the governor was not. 

“What are you saying…” 

But of course, there was no way those two won’t just involve the governor without doing anything. 

“Didn’t we sent you a letter already? And here I was wondering for once you seem to put more effort into something but, did you really come here without knowing anything?” 

“W-What do you mean?” 

The governor then sighed and explained… 

“It is natural for the prince of Natra being here. — After all, we’re about to have joint military exercise between the two countries.”