Genius Prince – v2-c37

“Protect Greenach?” 

On that day, Nanaki who was being called by Wayne questioned the command he was given. 

“Why do I have to do that?” 

“My guess, with 95% of probability, Greenach would end up being assassinated.” 

Wayne’s answer was clear. 

“The culprit was an agent from the west side, the one who tried to involve Greenach with their plan. Their reason for the assassination was due to fear of further failure in their plan. So, I want you to protect Greenach from dying.” 

“… That’s troublesome. We can’t just leave him to die?” 

Wayne shakes his head. 

“We can’t. If he died now, it would trouble us. I need him to live and testify.” 

Nanaki then responded with dissatisfaction. 

“My lord is Franya-sama. To leave that person’s side is…” [TLN: Funny part, he referred Franya as “Aitsu”, which means You in a crude/boyish way.]

“I know. Naturally, with your absence, I would increase the security around Franya.” 

“… It has to be me huh? No matter what?” 

“Yes, no one could do it, except, you.” 

Wayne asserted. 

“This mission requires advanced disguise skills. The only one who meets that requirement is you, Nanaki.” 

— Fulham people were goods at using makeup. 

Such words were widely known on the west side of the continent. 

The reason why such words were spread was that Fulham people had special characteristics, such as white hair and red pupils. 

The Fulham people, who were being discriminated against on the west side of the continent was easily distinguished because of their racial characteristics. In order to avoid being found, it was said that they start to hide the color of their hairs and then eyes. 

They were being discriminated by the world, but it was precisely because of that that the Fulham people ended up acquiring the essential skill to survive. From parents to children, their skills were inherited generation after generation. And with every generation, their disguise technique becomes more advanced. 

And in the current generation, Nanaki was known as the most skilled disguise technique user. 

“… I guess there’s no other choice. Then, how am I going to infiltrate them?” 

“From the front, of course.” 

Wayne then took out Gerald’s dagger. 

“Take this with you as Gerald’s servant, and inform them that Gerald had died. When you arrived there, act like a dying person as much as possible. Like that, you would be able to sleep in the mansion, since Greenach who would grow suspicious due to the news of his son’s death would put a strict guard around his mansion. With that, the chance of him being assassinated would lessen…” 

“Then, after I’ve infiltrated his residence, I don’t have to do anything?” 

“No, I will head toward the mansion after some days passed. At that time, the mansion would turn into chaos. And during that time, the assassin would try to get close to Greenach, and also tried to destroy the evidence of the rebellion’s plan. After you’ve prevented the assassination, I want you to secure the evidence.” 

“You say that as if it would be easy…” 

“It is easy, no? For Nanaki, that is.” 

Nanaki then received the dagger in silence. 

As he turns his heels, he said… 

“Just one thing. Will this benefit Franya?” 

“Of course. When did I ever lie?” 

“A lot of times.” 

Wayne averted his gaze. 

Nanaki then snorted… 

“But well… When it comes to benefits for Franya, you do never lie even once.” 

Nanaki then left the room. 

His figures immediately blended with the surrounding, just like that, without anyone realize, he had infiltrated Antogadar’s mansion. 

“W-Who are you?!” 

And right now, he was fighting against the assassin. 

“Can’t you understand just by looking? We’re in the same trade…” 

Nanaki then dashed at the man. 

The man was surprised by Nanaki’s sudden movement, and he tried to reach his dagger on his waist, but he was too late. 

As soon as his finger touched the tip of the dagger’s handle, Nanaki reached to his dagger first, and swiftly pierced the man’s throat. 


The man groaned, he tried to reach out to his pierced throat, but before he manages to do so, he had lost all of his power and collapsed. 


The boy then turned his back after the man turned into a lifeless corpse. 

“See? I told you it will be over soon, no?” 

The girl he was talking to had already lost consciousness with a man corpse on top of her body. 

It seems the scene of two people getting killed in front of her eyes was too stimulating for her. 

“… Oh well, this saves me some trouble.” 

After he prevented the assassination, he needs to get evidence of the rebellion’s plan. He needs to hide the corpse and act quickly. 

“I wonder if Wayne is also stuck right now.” 

While whispering such a thing, Nanaki lifted the unconscious girl to a suitable room. 

As Nanaki had anticipated, Wayne’s situation was approaching its climax. 

“Did you left your minion inside the mansion too?” 

“I guess, it is a little late for you to realize it now.” 

Wayne floated a provocative smile at Oulu. 

“The hand I had left in the mansion is the most excellent. By now, he should’ve already prevented the assassination, and currently in the middle of gathering the rebellion’s plan evidence. Now, what are you going to do? Do you even still have time to spare some time against me like this?” 


Oulu’s heart wavered, but he forced himself with mental power. 

“If that is the case then, I just have to kill you here and now, then run away–!” 

Along with a high pitched shout, Oulu attacked with all of his might. 

“Good, that is good. — I know you would come at me like that!” 

With him foresaw Oulu’s movement, Wayne then took a stance to aim at Oulu’s throat. 

However, Oulu had also foreseen Wayne’s move. He managed to avoid Wayne’s counter-attack by a hairbreadth, and conversely, he focused his strength on his arm holding the spear and — He noticed… 

From Wayne’s hand that was not holding a sword, a light was being reflected. 

(A hidden weapon?! No, with this position, it would only hit my shoulder. Even if I got wounded, it won’t become a fatal wound…) 

*It would…* The moment he thought that, he feels like he had heard a voice. 


Oulu’s reaction at that moment was very fantastic. 

He twisted his body forcefully to avoid the hidden weapon. It was a movement that if the one who did it was not Oulu, it would be near impossible. But at the same time, that was also not a miracle Oulu could accomplish without any sacrifice. 

“— That is a no, an assassin should not try their best to stay alive.” 

Wayne’s sword cuts off one of Oulu’s arm. 


Oulu fell down and he took some distance from Wayne as he rolled on the ground. 

But, it was clear to everyone that his wound was profound. Oulu screamed with a rough breath while holding his bleeding arm with his other arm. 

“To use such a hidden weapon, are you really an aristocrat family?” 

“If the one who did it was a royal then, it is a ‘right’ move.” 

Wayne laughed in ridicule. 

Nonetheless, there was no poison applied to the hidden weapon. That was because it was hard to handle the weapon with poison, and there was the possibility of him getting hurt by it during the times he hides the weapon. 


Oulu then understands everything. The consciousness that Oulu had planted in himself that he had to gather and destroy the rebellion plan’s evidence had created a psychological wall. And due to such psychological pressure, the whispering voice itself could be said as the poison. It could be said that he was lucky that he had only lost one of his arms. 

“Captain!— Guah!?” 

The impact that Oulu was being hit immediately spread out to the other attackers. Once their momentum collapsed, there was no way to stop it. 

“Now then, what are you going to do, are you going to continue?” 

Oulu gritted his teeth. 

“One day, I will get that head of yours… Wayne Salema Albarest!” 

“Is that so? You don’t have to come anymore.” 

Oulu then shouted in response. 

“… All members, pull back! We’re retreating!” 

As soon as Oulu’s instruction comes out, the attackers leave the place like a wave. 

Wayne escort had tried to pursue them but, Wayne prevents them to do so. 

“Leave them be. We’ve something more important than that…” 

Wayne emerged from the back of the alley, and turn his gaze at the Antogadar’s mansion. 

There was a sign that many people were coming from that direction. 

“They are coming to help us… I guess that is impossible huh?” 

“I see, so finally the time has come?” 

There were three reasons why Greenach tries to earn some time. 

It was due to the noble’s bad habit of preparation and to steel his determination. And the last one was because he wanted time to consider whether he should just abandon Wayne’s idea and tried to get princess Louwellmina instead. 

That was why Wayne had urged Greenach to leave as quickly as possible. He wants Greenach who usually being indecisive to give up before he made that kind of decision. 

But, that expectation was overturned. He didn’t know why but, beyond Wayne’s view, there was something that moves Greenach. 

“Your Highness, what should we do now?” 

“I guess, it can’t be helped. We go with plan B.” 

“Which means?” 

Wayne shrugged. 

“Cut the tail and run away. We will snatch some horses along the way as we move away from this city.” 

“Yes, sir!” 

Like Oulu, Wayne and the others also swiftly left the place.