Genius Prince – v2-c35

Having settled his meeting with Greenach, Wayne left the mansion with his escort. The destination was, of course, the inn. 

When aristocrats went out, they cannot go just with only the clothes they were wearing. After selecting the personnel to take care of the escorts, they need to prepare the cost and supplies for the outing, examining the route, and the place to rest en route, before finally, they start to depart. 

Therefore Greenach insisted that he needed some preparation at least a few days, but Wayne shook her head. 

“I told you, the princess knows everything.” 

After all, Greenach was about to invade Natra before. In fact, the preparation for that was almost done, and when the preparation finished the next day, Greenach told Wayne he changed his mind. 

Greenach had tried to earn time because it was an aristocrat habit, since birth they need a lot of time when it comes to preparation, and there was also another reason—… 

“Your Highness.” 

Suddenly, Raklum guard who was walking by Wayne’s side shouted. 

“I know.” 

The city was too quiet despite being in the middle of the day. 

Wayne had heard that the citizen had decided to hide inside their homes because they were scared of the unruly soldiers, and despite sending a petition, Greenach had ignored them, but— 

(This silence is different…) 

It has different air compared to the time when he had stepped his feet inside the city for the first time. Meaning, someone had intentionally paid the nearby people. Wayne had recognized the situation from his own observation, while Raklum realizes it due to his battle-hardened intuition. 

“Can we avoid them?” 

“… No, there are signs at the front and the back. It seems we are being pinched…” 

While walking on the road plainly, Raklum gives instruction to other escorts with his fingers. They quickly surround Wayne. 

“Probably, there’s one hiding behind the street ahead.” 

“How meticulous…” 

This was not Greenach doing. Making such a quick plan, paid the people around, preparing the ambush, he was someone who didn’t have the capacity to do something like this so quickly. 

Then who? Before Wayne manage to make a conclusion, figures appeared from the back and the front. 

“We will cut our way through. Don’t fall behind.” 

“I understand. — Here it comes!” 

Wayne pulled his sword and dashed toward one of the attackers. 

It was inside the chapel located next to the Antogadar mansion. 

It was built due to the people’s petition, Greenach himself was not a devout believer. But now, he was there, inside the chapel. In front of him was a coffin, and inside it was the body of his child. 


Gerald’s face of death was calm. He could see that the Natra side had handled his son’s body politely. If one were to look at Greenach figure, he looked like a typical parent that just lost their child. 

But, the truth was different. There was no sorrow inside Greenach heart. 

“… Up until the end, you are still a stupid son.” 

He spoke with disappointment, then soon, Greenach smiled. 

“No well… I guess it is natural? After all, you’re my child huh?” 

The overwhelming meeting between him and Wayne still stuck inside his mind. 

At that meeting, he was completely overwhelmed. 

A person with the rank of Marquis from the Empire, he was swallowed by someone younger. 

At that time, he remembered. It felt like when he was in front of his father, King Antogadar. 

(He’s just like my father, no, maybe even higher…) 

Getting into the enemy’s land, convince the opponent with his silver tongue, and calmly go back. Only an idiot or a hero would do something like that, and since he succeeded in doing it, that means he was a hero. From here on out, he feels that the young man would become a giant that influence the continent and lead the history, like his father, King Antogadar. 

It was an existence that Greenach wanted to become. Like his father, or more greater than his father. 

However, when he meets the young man, he realized. 

It was impossible. He would never reach that point. 


He wondered what should he call the emotions inside his chest right now. 

It was not anger. It was not hatred. It was not beautiful like a flame and didn’t have the splendor of water. This violent emotion, that was boorish and ugly. 

“Come to think of it, I’ve never praised you even once huh?” 

Greenach and Gerald. Parent and Child. The child, Gerald, who lost his life, and Greenach, the parent, who would soon sink into the sea of history. 

“It is too late for me to shed tears for you by now.” 

It was his stubbornness. The name of that emotion was stubbornness. 

The thing he was about to do was something he would do for the first and the last time. 

“That’s why, think of this as an offering from me. I’ll challenge him. Challenge that young hero.” 

After saying that, Greenach turned his heels. 

And then he gives order to the servants who were waiting outside of the chapel. 

“Gather up the soldiers. We will capture the prince of Natra and obtain princess Louwellmina…!”