Genius Prince – v2-c34

“The prince of Natra?!” 

When he heard the report from his subordinate, Oulu suddenly shouted his voice. 

“Yes, there’s no mistake…! Right now he’s in Antogadar’s mansion.” 

“… Damn it, ever last one of them!” 

Oulu quickly begins to think while kicking the chair to vent out his anger due to the situation. 

“How many soldiers he had brought with him?” 

“Only five people.” 


Normally, that was a stupid story. For a crown prince heading to a foreign country with only that many people. 

At the same time, because no one would believe such a thing, the visit was a success if one looked at it from the viewpoint of surprise. After all, if Wayne had brought hundred of soldiers with him, they would’ve been detected even before they arrived in the city. 

But, only for this time around, to miss that was critical. In this city, there were not only Gerald people. 

“How many people could move immediately?” 

“About ten…” 

“Collect everyone. When the prince comes out from the mansion alive, we will kill him.” 

“What about those who inside the mansion? Should we call them back?” 

“… No, it is fine to not move them. Proceed immediately.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

After he gives his instruction, Oulu knew that he was already too late. 

The Natra prince had definitely taken the initiative. 

(That is why, here, I would…) 

Oulu began his preparation. 

“First of all, I wish to apologize in regard to Sir Gerald’s untimely death.” 

Wayne who sat across Gerald face-to-face opened the conversation by apologizing first. 

“You might not believe me but, I’ve never had the intention to let him die.” 

“There’s no way I could believe you!” 

(Well, I guess, he’s right.) 

Wayne agreed to Greenach words. 

If he was not among those who involved in the accident, Wayne would also think Gerald was being killed. There was no way someone would just believe that Gerald had died because he fell from the second-floor window. 

“If so, then why did my son die?” 

That was a question that Wayne had waited… 

“That is of course, by the will of the princess.” 

“What did you say?!” 

“Let me be blunt, Marquis Antogadar. —The imperial princess knows everything.” 

There was nothing more disturbing than someone told you “I know it you know…” filled with a lot of meaning. More so when it comes from someone with a lot of authority. In response to that, Greenach expression turned pale… 

“W-What do you mean, she knows everything…” 

Greenach tried to suppress his trembling voice, but Wayne’s next words made him unable to not hide his surprise anymore. 

“Of course, about how you are involved in a rebellion plan.” 


“I will warn you.” 

Wayne cut Greenach words when he saw Greenach about to do something reflexively. 

“The chance for you to escape is already over. The evidence is already sufficient. And if I got killed here, the imperial army would come to this place without a doubt.” 

“T-That’s impossible… That kind of thing is…!” 

It was a bluff. There was no evidence. Of course, there was still a way for Greenach to escape. 

(Now, come and bite it…) 

Of course, Wayne never thought that bluff alone could persuade him. He was just placing bait to lure Greenach. 

“T-That is impossible… T-That’s right! If what you said is true, then why did you come here?! There’s no way you’ve come here just to deliver Gerald’s corpse and then sentence me to death!” 

He took the bait. Wayne didn’t miss the moment. 

“Will you believe me if I come here to save you?” 

“W-…What do you mean by that?” 

“Princess Louwellmina intended to destroy the Marquis household. The princess who loves the Empire could not forgive a traitor. I knew that because I’d known her during the time I studied abroad. That was why we’ve collaborated with each other— However, there was a small difference in our philosophy.” 

Greenach didn’t notice. Wayne had talked about fiction on top of another fiction, all of them entered Greenach mind as if it was something true. 

“For my Natra, Gairan territory is quite an understanding territory. If Marquis’s household is being destroyed, the territory would fall completely under the control of the governor-general, and that is very troubling for us. After all, the man has no respect for the royal blood.” 


“Although your household had become an imperial family vassal, you yourself had the blood of Antogadar royal family. And for those mediocre men to reject such high-class blood, we’re truly living in such a horrible time, don’t you think so?” 

Of course, Wayne didn’t mean all of that. 

In the first place, Wayne finds no value in bloodlines. 

But, he was also able to understand that the perception of value in regard to one’s bloodlines was prevalent in the continent, especially among the nobility. That was why he didn’t have any hesitation in using it. Wayne was not a thinker, but a politician. 

Sure enough, by mentioning the importance of blood, Greenach relaxed his tension. 

“That is… You’re right. However, how are you going to save me?” 

“Oh, it is not something difficult. —After all, Sir Gerald, the root of all evil, we’ve already vanquished it!” 


Wayne showed a nasty smile toward Greenach. If there was another person inside this room, they would say his smile looked like a devil smile. 

“It might sound terrible. But then, it is good because it is a terrible story! Forgetting his loyalty toward the Empire, putting his own family under house arrest, wishing for independence, thus he created the rebellion plan, he is indeed a human beast with a skin of a sheep!” 

“… W-Wait, it can’t be…” 

“Anyway, if we think about his reputation in the Empire, many people would easily believe us! In fact, you might be able to gather some sympathy instead. And the ingenuity of princess Louwellmina who manage to slay such traitor is brilliant!” 

“You bastard, are you going to place the blame on Gerald?!” 

“Of course!” 

Wayne immediately responded to Greenach question without hesitation. 

“Of course, your involvement would still be questioned. And it might be the parents’ duty to take responsibility for the child’s mistake! However, if you submit the evidence about the rebellion plan, and testify by acknowledging your mistake that you could not stop your son. If you do that, the imperial princess has promised that she would only reduce your territory as punishment!” 


Greenach trembled… 

The meaning and the power behind Wayne’s words caused Greenach to shudder. 

“Marquis Antogadar, this is inevitable. You’re a victim after all. You should not feel ashamed to cling on to Her Highness the princess who is currently waiting…”  

Wayne leads Greenach to his escape route that was filled with poisons. 

When a person was being hunted, it was their instinct to find an escape route. And when there was an escape route, it was human nature to immediately head over there… 


Greenach squeezes out his voice. 

“I knew it, Gerald was being killed huh…” 

“Even for me, that was a hard time… However, his was a necessary sacrifice.” 

That was a big lie. Gerald’s death was truly an accident. However, since he was already dead, they could use all of his honor and reason of death to fit their needs. After all, the dead tells no tales. Only the living had the right to tell a story. 

“Necessary sacrifice… huh…” 

“I understand your feeling since he was your child. But, I believe the continuation of the household took priority? As long as the Antogadar household survived, you should be able to see the future. Sir Antogadar, now is the time for you to make a wise decision like your father.” 


Greenach fell into silence. 

It was very likely that his thought was moving using more power than he had ever done in his life. 

(Take it, please take it, please take it…!) 

On the other hand, Wayne was praying silently. 

And after a long silence, Greenach opened his mouth. 

“… Prepare for a departure. Please give me a little time.” 

(Oh! Alright..!!) 

Inside his mind, Wayne raised his fist up into the air. 

“You’ve made the right decision. Everything shall fit into a circle with this…”