Genius Prince – v2-c33

Ten days had passed since Gerald’s death was being reported to Greenach. 

It was winter, snow was visible covering the urban city. 

“Master, there are a series of complaints made by the citizen concerning the soldiers.” 

“Complaints from the soldiers regarding treatments had come as well. If we leave it like this, it would be a matter of time for the deserters to appears…” 

“Master, we’ve also received letters from the governor and the deputy official. How should we reply to them?” 

Even when he just lost his child, the problem in his territory didn’t disappear. But the reports that his subordinates had spoken about in succession were something that he should’ve solved immediately. 

However, Greenach mental capacity could not handle them all right now. 

“Aargh, those things are trivial, we can put away those things for now! What important is Natra! How is the result of our investigation?!” 

For the last ten days, Greenach had never moved. Or to be exact, he can not move. 

Of course, he still had the desire to attack Natra and secure princess Louwellmina. But as soon as he was about to move his army, the fear that the imperial army might come to him had made him unable to make a decision. 

The only thing he had ordered them was to strictly guard the mansion. Although he ha instruct them to be more vigilance, there were not enough supervisors, and Greenach himself had failed to watch over them, that was why his order had little effect. 

“There’s still nothing…” 

“You useless! Damn it! Oi, what about the follower of Gerald that returned?” 

“Yes, he’s finally recovered…” 

“Call him now! I will question him personally!” 

Greenach, while finding faults in everyone, gives his subordinates another instruction. Due to the heavy pressure over his safety, the little dignity he had left was already disappeared. 

At that moment, one of his servants come into his office. 

“M-Master! This is bad!” 

“You’re noisy, what is it?!” 

“E-Excuse me. T-There’s someone outside of the mansion.” 

“A guest? You can just turn them around! I have no time to welcome them right now!” 

“I know very well master is very busy but, the one who visited is—…” 


As soon as the servant said the name, Greenach jumped out of his office. 

He runs through the corridor, and down the stairs, several people were standing at the entrance of his mansion. 

“—… This is the first time we’ve met, Sir Antogadar.” 

A young man was standing in the center. 

His dignified air shows that he was an aristocrat, his youth and characteristic was something Greenach had heard before. 

“Y-You… It can’t be…” 

“It is the truth.” 

The young man smiled at Greenach who looked perplexed. 

“I am the crown prince of the Natra Kingdom, Wayne Salema Albarest.” 

(Now then, let us start the decisive game.) 

Surprise, embarrassment, and anger— Wayne could feel all of those emotions from Greenach gaze. 

Wayne and Louwellmina had wondered, how are they going to break Greenach heart into submission. 

But the answer was simple. That was why Wayne was currently in front of him right now. 

However, of course, with him being here means he had to put a lot of danger on himself. 

“Guards! Come!” 

Greenach raised his voice. Soon, soldiers with their weapons rushed toward Greenach. 


For Greenach, the person in front of him was like a bug flying into the fire. 

But, Wayne had factored in such a response from him. Not to mention, when it comes to entering an enemy’s territory with a small entourage, Lova had done it first. That was why there was no reason for Wayne to feel hesitation—… 

(…Uwaah… I thought I’m going to die immediately.) 

Wayne somewhat felt like wanting to retreat the moment he saw the soldiers appeared. 

“Your Highness.” 

One of the escort he had brought with him– Raklum was putting his hand on his sword’s handle. 

“Wait, this is too early for that.” 

Wayne raised his voice while controlling his escort to calm down using his hand. 

“Sir Antogadar, I wish you ordered your soldiers to lower their weapons. I didn’t come here to fight with you.” 

“What are you saying! After killing my son, Gerald…!” 

“I’ve come here precisely for that reason. There’s a big misunderstanding between us. That is why I come here, it is to solve it personally.” 

“Hou, misunderstanding is it? What part of it is a misunderstanding?!” 

Wayne then showed an implied look. 

“If you wish, I will explain it. — But, is it okay? For me to talk about ‘it’ here?” 

Unrest appeared on Greenach face. And Wayne didn’t overlook that. 

(There’s something that comes to his mind. And he seems not surprised that I might know something either. Great, which means he had thought that Gerald’s death might have something to do with the rebellion plan…) 

Wayne quickly thinks about his next move. Greenach was no match for him. 

“Marquis Antogadar, I believe we should discuss this in private? I’ve also been entrusted with a message from her highness princess Louwellmina. If possible, I also wanted to hand over Sir Gerald’s body.” 

Wayne then directed his line of sight outside the mansion. That cart, inside it there was a coffin made for nobility. And inside the coffin was Gerald’s body. 

“I believe it would be better for us to not shed blood in front of your child’s body, no?” 


That was not words aimed at Greenach’s affection toward his child. By referring Gerald, Wayne wants to provide a reason for Greenach to lower his soldiers’ weapon. 

Sure enough, Greenach ordered his soldiers to lower their weapons despite looking unwilling. 

“… Fine then. I will prepare some seats.” 

Wayne floated a smile. 

“Wonderful. I’ll promise you this will become a fruitful meeting.”