Genius Prince – v2-c32

Shortly before Louwellmina went to Wayne’s office. 

She was groaning inside her room, with Viz by her side. 

“This has become a disaster…” 

She had aimed to get engaged with Gerald, and together with him, she would subjugate Marquis Antogadar. 

The plan Louwellmina had created already shattered into pieces. 

Just like Wayne had said, this time, it was not only him who holding their head due to their plan being messed up. 

“Viz, Gerald is truly died right?” 

“Yes… I’ve checked the corpse myself, so there’s no mistake. There’s no doubt that it was instant death, the cause of death was from a broken neck.” 

“Is that so… I guess it would be difficult if we want to consider this as an assassination. Everything was an accident as expected.” 

Louwellmina exhaled deeply. 

Viz then continues speaking with a serious face. 

“Your Highness, I believe we should take consideration to return home…” 

Louwellmina’s gaze then turns sharp. But Viz didn’t flinch. 

“From the beginning, this plan was like walking on thin ice. No one must know about your highness’s entire plan. However, his highness the regent seen through your highness plan, and the plan in which your highness was going to use Gerald had come to nothing. The other princes’ vassals that come with us as delegations are now in turmoil because of Sir Gerald’s death. If we insist on staying here while we’ve already decided on when to return home, those people would grow suspicious… Your Highness, I suggest we return home since in my eyes, we cannot proceed with the plan anymore…” 

Viz’s words were a sound argument. 

She had used the excuse of investigating Gerald’s cause of death to stay longer in Natra but, in the first place, the delegations that come with her still could not understand the reason why Gerald came, and also why Wayne and Louwellmina tried to entertain him so much. If she insists on staying, there was no doubt they would grow suspicious of Louwellmina. 

“I’m very aware of your highness willingness to save the Empire and to further your steps toward the throne. And for that reason, your highness plan was indeed the biggest chance to achieve that… However—…” 

“… I’ve missed my chance huh?” 


Viz painfully nodded her head. 

For Viz, the current situation was indeed very vexing. She held debt of gratitude toward Louwellmina who had picked her up after she lost her standing as an ambassador and ended up living in obscurity. 

She was attracted to the princess who held ambition for the throne despite being a woman. When Viz worked as a diplomat, many times she had bumped into a wall caused by her gender. Inside her heart, there was a strong desire to cooperate with the princess who held such high ambitions. 

Moreover, the princess patriotism and talents were also real. How many imperial family members had the courage to go to a foreign land just to save the Empire? 

If only the plan was a success. She held such a wish inside her heart but, now it was no longer possible. 

“If your highness is obsessed chasing after the shadow, you may miss the real prey instead, I believe even your life would be in danger. I suggest we should go back to the imperial capital, and come up with the next strategy.” 

Since the situation had turned into something that cannot be changed, it would be best to focus on Louwellmina’s safe return. Regardless of how much Louwellmina disagrees with her, she wants to make sure Louwellmina returned home safely. Viz was convinced that this was her role. 

“… Viz.” 

Called by a beautiful and cold voice, it tightens Viz’s heart. 

She could not response out of fear. Despite being hired only for a few months, she was convinced that the princess in front of her was worth serving. That was why, no matter how much she got punished here, Viz was determined to make the princess return home—… 

But then, *Gyuuto*, She was being hugged. 

“Emm… Umm… Y-Your Highness?” 

Viz opened her eyes wide due to the sudden event. 

“Emm… W-What is your highness intention by doing this…?” 

“The truth is, I was longing for it… To have a loyal vassal that I could trust. Up until now, there were no such people around me you see…” 

Viz feels the princess acted quite childish but then she realizes, that the princess was still young… It was easy to forget that the princess was still a teenager due to her ingenuity and courage. 

However, right now, it was not possible for that. Viz decided to harden her heart and speak… 

“Please stop playing around… The current situation needs a speedy solution. This is not the time for playing around like this, your highness.” 

“Indeed, I know…” 

Louwellmina smiled and let go of her hug. 

“Viz, all of your remonstration, were indeed a sound argument. If I stay here longer than this, I would endanger my life.” 


“But, the end of my life is just a trifle thing…” 

Louwellmina continues her words without averting her gaze from Viz. 

“Now that my ambition to get the throne has been hindered, as the imperial princess, as a subject who loves the Empire, the Empire well-being is my top priority.” 

“What can your highness do here, other than creating a danger to your highness life?” 

“If you do your best, and had the determination to see beyond then…” 

The two people gazed at each other in silence. 

Sparks flew as the two people determination clashed against each other. 

And of course, the one who broke down was Viz first. 

“… You are the legitimate imperial princess of the Azworld Empire. No matter what happens, your life is not something that should be regarded as a trifle. Please don’t forget that, your highness.” 

“Thank you, Viz.” 

“I’m just doing my duty as your highness subject, there’s no need to thank me. Besides, the problem in our hands is not yet being settled.” 

Viz’s words were reasonable. No matter how strong Louwellmina’s determination was, it doesn’t solve the problem in their hands right now. 

“About that… I’m going to visit prince Wayne now.” 

“Are you going to rely on his highness the regent?” 

“He and I shared the same desire, and that is to keep the Empire. If I give up pursuing my objective here, and only move just to save the Empire, I believe he will help me.” 

“I agree with your highness in theory. However, people have emotions. From his highness perspective, we’re the enemy that brought harm to the Natra Kingdom. I believe it won’t be easy to ask for his cooperation now…” 

“Don’t worry. Prince Wayne is someone who could abandon all of his emotions if it gains him some profits.” 

After saying that, Louwellmina floated a smile. 

“Well, nothing will come true if we just stay here, let us move fast. Though I’m not sure how far we could go…” 

“At that time, I will be there to accompany you as well.” 

Viz bowed deeply to her master who had such determination. 


“— So, that is how it is…” 

After finishing her explanation, Louwellmina drinks the tea Ninim had made. 

“It was arrogant of me to think that my plan was a good idea, but now, I’ve given up to use that to achieve my goals. From here, I will only concentrate on crushing the rebellion. That is why, why don’t we join hands and collaborate our plan?” 


Wayne who sits in front of Louwellmina asked Ninim who was behind him with his gaze. 

(What do you think?) 

(I don’t see her lying but…) 

*Muuh*, Wayne groaned. 

“Honestly, it is hard to believe.” 

“Oh my, to think you would doubt your friend’s words. Do you think I would dare to trick both of you?” 

“This meeting, it is something along the lines ‘let’s cooperate, after all, my plan had failed even though I had used all of my power to trick you’, right?” 

“Well, that’s right.” 

Louwellmina said those words without hesitation while tilting her head… 

“What should I do so that you would believe me?” 

“For someone who wishes to get someone else’s trust, isn’t that something you should think about it yourself?” 

“That is indeed reasonable. Let’s see, then… How about I will take off all of my clothes here?” 

“If you think that trust is something that only worth clothes, then I2wants you to stop.” 

Wayne shrugged. 

“Still, to think you’re looking at me that low. I’m not stupid enough to get caught by such a seductive scheme.” 

“Viz who is waiting outside will also join in you know?” 

“Let us talk about the detail!” 

“— Tei~…” 

Ninim’s pen pierced Wayne’s back. 

“Wayne, stop joking around. We have no time.” 

“I understand, I understand.” 

Wayne said as he rubs the place where Ninim stabbed. 

“Lova, just to confirm something but, is it really fine to use any means necessary to crush the rebellion?” 

“Of course. By now, I no longer have the leeway to choose the means…” 

“… Fine then, let us talk about Greenach and Antogadar territory then.” 

Louwellmina nodded her head and speaks about everything she knew regarding those two. In the first place, she had wanted Natra to defeat Antogadar. That was why she had learned everything, from Greenach personality, up until troops composition and territory geography. 

“Maximum mobilization force is 4,000 troops… If we talk about the entire Gairan province, it would be double that… However, if we only talk about Antogadar, then such a number is reasonable. Weapons and armors from the west seem to have been distributed equally among the troops. However, the skill of the soldiers and the commanders under his command is quite low.” 

“And it seems he didn’t have enough horses. I guess if war breaks out, infantrymen would be their main power huh?”  

“That is if war breaks out.” 

Louwellmina tilted her head when she heard Wayne’s remark. 

“You did solve the tribal conflict without shedding any drops of blood but, did you really woke up to philanthropy just like the rumor said?” 

“As if something like that happens. I did that simply because I don’t want to waste human resources. It would be a big waste to subjugate your own people with your own army. Also, the reason why I didn’t want to get involved with another war is that– I don’t have money for it.” 

“To say no money, how bad was it?” 

“Listen alright, this is my struggle here, with the current budget, except the soldiers for defense purpose, I could only move around 500 troops.” 

Louwellmina glared as if she could not believe it. 

“… Is that a joke?” 

“That is serious, I haven’t recovered from the war against Marden yet. Right, Ninim?” 

“Indeed. If we move soldiers more than that, it will affect national politics to the point of no return.” 

“But then again, I have no confidence to win against 4,000 soldiers with only 500 men in a straight fight. In the case of commander, Hagar is a good one but, I cannot recall him who currently is stationed in the west. With that being the case, we cannot hope to win the war if we fight straight….” 

After he arranged his reasoning, Louwellmina nodded her head reluctantly. 

“… I see, now I understand why there won’t be a war. But, what are we going to do if the use of force has become impossible like this?” 

“Review the problem once again. In the first place, what is our goal, is it to defeat Greenach military? No right? In fact, we want him to testify about the rebellion plan and simultaneously stop the rebellion. In other words, we’re going to break Greenach mind into submission without having to spend money.” 

Wayne grinned then continue… 

“We’ve been doing something more difficult than this during our school days. — Now then, let us begin our sinister conspiracy.”