Genius Prince – v2-c31

“Gerald… Is dead?” 

In response to his butler report, Greenach dropped the documents from his hands. 

“—W-What do you mean he’s dead?! How id he die?!” 

“That is… One of Gerald’s followers reported in a rush just now but, I heard Gerald-sama had died in the Natra’s royal palace due to falling from a second-floor…” 

“That’s stupid! There must be a mistake there!” 

“I thought that as well. But the follower also brought this with him…” 

The butler then presented a dagger toward Gerald. Based on the decoration, there was no mistake. 

“According to the surviving follower, all the other followers that come with Gerald had been detained by the Natra Kingdom army, and he said he was barely managed to escape…” 

When he heard the report, Greenach felt like his feet were about to give up. 

He was barely able to support his body by holding on to the desk. 

“Where is the follower right now?” 

“He’s currently resting, his body seems to become severely weakened. It seems he hasn’t eaten anything while running from the Natra Kingdom…” 

“… I see… As soon as he wakes up, find out what had happened… As for me, I want to think about this lone for a while. Tell everyone to not disturb me.” 

“Yes, sir…” 

After his butler left his office, Greenach showed a bitter expression. 

“What’s going on… Why…” 

The words that come out from his mumbling was the question he had inside his heart. 

Gerald had died. He had died in a foreign land. 

(Natural death… accident… No, that is impossible.) 

Gerald was killed. No doubt. 

But then, why… Why did he have to be killed… 

(Everything started because of that letter. Probably that letter— Was a trap aimed at Gerald…) 

Knowing Gerald held affection toward princess Louwellmina, he sent a letter to make Gerald come and kill Gerald. 

In other words, it was Natra’s plan all along. That must’ve been the reason why they captured almost all of Gerald’s followers. They did it to silence them. 

But then, the question was, for what reason did Natra kill Gerald. 

(Resentment toward Gerald… But, just for that reason they willing to go this far? In the first place, even though he was like that, he was still a nobleman of the Empire, and he was my son, a marquis…) 

It was too absurd to call him just to kill him. And even though they tried to silence the news, eventually it would come to light and such an action was akin to picking a fight against the Empire. 

Then something crossed Greenach’s mind. 

(That’s right, my son is killed. If that is the case, I could make use of this as a valid reason to invade Natra, At the same time, taking Princess Louwellmina…) 

For Greenach, this was a turn around chance. However, another suspicion immediately emerges… 

(… No, wait, if that is the case then, was princess Louwellmina aware of my son’s assassination plan since the beginning?) 

The letter was using the name of the prince but, the content was filled with the princess’s intention. 

It was natural for him to think that they both cooperated with each other if the letter was sent under the princess’s request. 

Now then, he questioned, why did princess Louwellmina cooperate in the assassination of an Empire’s nobleman. 

“— It can’t be…” 

Greenach shuddered when a particular premonition crossed his mind. 

(Did she noticed the rebellion plan?) 

That was the worst nightmare for Greenach. 

He thought perhaps Louwellmina didn’t know everything. After all, if that was the case, she didn’t have to do everything in such a roundabout way. But, she might get a piece of information about his involvement in the rebellion plan. 

That was why, Greenach assumed, Louwellmina created a plan because of that. She approached the crown prince of Natra, made a deal, and lure Gerald in… From there, she might’ve tried to pull information about the rebellion from Gerald. 

(Being killed means his role was over… How far, how far did Gerald know and let out…) 

As for the rebellion plan, Greenach himself hadn’t even disclosed it to the others. Even if Gerald was his son, he didn’t tell him either. But maybe, Gerald had sensed it by seeing Greenach gathering soldiers. 

And if Gerald knows the whole story and exposed it, not only Greenach won’t be able to attack Natra. The Empire forces would appear in front of his door instead. 

(I need to immediately prepare for defense… I need to find a way to escape… No, wait, maybe it would be better if I capture the imperial princess… But… But…) 

As his mind went round and round, a whirlpool was created inside his mind, causing him not to be able to reach a conclusion, and making the sense of crisis grow stronger. 

The situation was beyond Greenach capacity. 

However, Greenach keeps on thinking and wander around inside the labyrinth of his mind, where there was no exit. 

“Just, what is going on…?!” 

It was not only Greenach that received Gerald’s death. 

Gerald’s followers that manage to escape. It was someone Oulu had sent to infiltrated Gerald’s close circle. 

“For Gerald to die… Especially in this kind of timing…” 

“He had died during a battle performance in front of the prince and princess but…” 

“As expected, is it an assassination? But, there’s a high possibility that this is just an accident, no?” 

“What else is there? No matter how moronic Gerald was, for him to die in a foreign land due to accident, it was impossible…” 

But if that was the case, for what reason… 

Naturally, Oulu had reached the same conclusion as Greenach. 

But, what makes Oulu different compared to Greenach was that he didn’t forget what needs to be given priority than finding the answer to that question. 

(If Natra and Antogadar went to war, there’s no doubt, it would attract too much attention. The preparation for the rebellion is not yet ready, we must avoid such a scenario.) 

After Oulu think thorough fully, he decides… 

“— Listen, everyone. There’s a change in our strategy…”