Genius Prince – v2-c30

After that, Wayne was planning to push Gerald’s action as “he lost his balance when he tried to pick up his wooden sword”. With that in mind, Wayne was going to look at Gerald who passed his body— 

Right now, the dinner party was held on the second floor. 

Furthermore, as they both fight, the two of them had come to a position that was close to the wall of the room. And of course, there were many big windows on the wall. 

Gerald crashed there… 


Wayne muttered… 

As Gerald crashed, the window glass broke and shattered. 


Louwellmina was surprised… 

Gerald’s momentum didn’t stop, and his upper body goes over the window’s frame. 


Wayne and Louwellmina shouted at the same time. 

In front of the two eyes, the lower body of Gerald that remained in the room begins to rise—… 

He fell… 

Outside of the window. 

Soon enough, the sound of a heavy object hitting the ground could be heard by the people inside the dinner party room. 


Everyone was stunned, could not process the series of events that happen in front of their eyes… 

It was Ninim who manage to pull herself first. 

She runs toward the window and jumped over without hesitation. For Ninim, the second floor was not a problem. 

Next, Wayne, Louwellmina, and all of the entourages went toward the windows. 


“Ninim! Is Sir Gerald safe?!” 

While everyone was watching, Ninim tried to confirm Gerald’s condition. 

A few seconds later, Ninim had a very confused expression on her face. 

“Emm, how should I say this…” 

Ninim said that as she looked at the two people above… 

“It is difficult for me to say this but— He is dead…” 

When they heard that, Wayne and Louwellmina stared at each other at the same time. 

It was the day after the dinner party. 

The office was wrapped in a gloomy atmosphere. 

The cause was, of course, it was Wayne, who slumped his head on his desk while giving off a depressing aura. 

Ninim was standing beside him, but she also showed a bitter expression. 

“… Tell me, Ninim.” 

Wayne muttered while having his face facing the desk. 


“This is only an example—, For example, there is a son of a large noble family who suddenly visits a foreign country due to a suspicious letter…” 


“And the person died there.” 


“What do you think the surrounding would think?” 

Ninim then responded after a short silence… 

“— People would definitely think it was an assassination.” 

“Damn it, I know it!” 

Wayne raised his head up with tears on his face. 

“No, you see, why?! Why he’s dead? Oi, Gerald, why did you die?! You challenge me to a duel because of jealousy, furthermore, charging at me with a surprise attack, and yet, you died with a broken neck on your own, damn it, you bastard!” 

“I was also surprised for that thing to die like that, honestly…” 

“Thanks to that we’re about to die now! This is not at the level of plan failure anymore! If we leave it like this, forget Antogadar, we’re going to have a war against the entire Empire instead!” 

Gerald was the son of Marquis Antogadar, an aristocrat household in the Empire. He was a genuine nobleman. If he died in another country, it would be enough reason for not just Antogadar, but also the Empire to invade Natra. 

“W-Why did this happen to me… Why… I just want to coax Gerald and get him together with Lova and then let them return home…” 

Wayne groaned while covering his face. 

Ninim understands his feeling. To think the situation would turn upside down like this, who would’ve guessed? But, it was also the truth that they cannot let the situation proceed as it was… 

“I will listen to all of your complaints later, right now we need to think a way out. We need to think about what we should do from here on out…” 

Wayne who heard Ninim’s sound argument groaned like a dead person, but before long, he showed a serious expression while still giving off a depressing aura. 

“– First, even if they find out about it, the Empire won’t be able to move yet…” 

“I agree. The Empire currently split into three factions antagonistic toward each other. It would be impossible for them to invade Natra as soon as possible.” 

“Next is about Antogadar… How is the status of Gerald’s followers?” 

“Mostly, we manage to confine them under house arrest. However, before I realize it, we could not find the whereabouts of two people. According to the other’s testimony, it seems those two people were newcomers…” 

“For someone who follows such a stupid person, they sure move fast…” 

“I wonder if the news of Gerald being dead has reached Greenach by now?” 

“That is very likely, and if it’s not then, there are also those imperial delegations Louwellmina had brought with her. Since an imperial nobleman had died, they need to report to their home country, and I could not put them under house arrest either. Sooner or later, the news would eventually reach Marquis Antogadar.” 

But then, Wayne continued… 

“But I believe that even if the news arrived, Marquis Antogadar won’t move immediately. If we talk about that person, he might be thinking about why his son was killed, he would excessively worry and waste his time…” 

“But in the end, he won’t think that his son had died due to an accident huh?” 

“Of course, after all, I never thought he would die either, even in my dreams!” 

Ninim tried to soothe Wayne who screamed once again. 

“Yes, yes, calm down. Anyway, in the meantime, we need to do our best.” 

“… I guess so…” 

Wayne exhaled deeply… 

“My motive, Lova’s motive, Antogadar’s motive, and everyone else… Now all of them had become messed up, which means, the one who took the initiative from here on out would have the advantage! In other words, we’re all still even…!” 

“You are saying that not because we’re being cornered, right?” 

“Oh, you’re noisy! We might not be able to turn back time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t deal with the situation! Anyway, if I continue to take the initiative, it should be still possible to solve this problem by using secret maneuvering… I definitely could do it!” 

At that time, the office door was struck. 

One of the officials appeared. 

“Excuse me, your highness. Right now, Princess Louwellmina wish to meet with your highness, it is urgent she said…” 


Wayne was in tears inside his heart. 

“What is your highness response would be?” 

“…– I can’t refuse if it was princess Louwellmina’s request. Let her through…” 


The official person then left the room after bowing his head. 

And after no one inside the room other than Ninim and Wayne, Ninim opened her mouth… 

“I guess, you’ve failed in seizing the initiative eh?” 


Wayne shouted… 

“This is bad, I still couldn’t figure out what Lova is thinking right now…!” 

“Maybe she’s going to protest for the death of an imperial nobleman?” 

“That possibility is very high indeed. If that is the case, I wonder what she would demand from us…” 

Wayne was turning his head at high speed but, the door was once again being knocked… 

“I’ve brought princess Louwellmina, your highness.” 

(You should take your time, and get here more slowly!!) 

While Wayne was throwing unreasonable complaints to the government official, Louwellmina appeared inside the office. 

“I’m sorry for disturbing your busy time, prince Wayne.” 

“… No, no, think nothing of it, I can’t possibly refuse princess Louwellmina’s request after all…” 

Wayne said that with a stiff smile on his face. 

“But, as you might know, I’m busy dealing with the aftermath of last night’s incident. If possible, I would like to ask you to be brief…” 

He said that while thinking for a move. But, Wayne’s inner spirit was already determined. 

(Come at me, tell me anything, and I will definitely block it!) 

He cannot let Louwellmina take the initiative here. He didn’t know what she wants but, the correct answer for him was to block anything she wished… 

“Then, let me be brief…” 

*Uhum*, Louwellmina lightly clear her throat, and Wayne was ready to response— 

“I surrender.” 

“— Hah?” 

Wayne was dumbfounded due to the unexpected words.