Genius Prince – v2-c3

“… I see, then Wayne, how about thinking in reverse?” 

“In reverse?” 

“Wayne was able to win a war despite being a poor country and even spare one gold coin…” 


Wayne then crossed his arms. 

“I certainly can see that.” 

“Right? If someone else led the country, we would definitely be in the red, no?” 

That was Ninim honest opinion. Without Wayne direction, such result won’t even happen, she thought. 

Wayne then exhaled his breath, it seems he was pleased to hear that. Somehow, Ninim felt his nose had grown longer… 

“Well, I guess everything is obvious? I mean there’s no one as talented as I do? It was because I did my best that the result was like this, it is natural, yes?” 

Wayne then begins to play with the single gold coin with a smug face. It was a bit annoying, but Ninim decided that she would let it go this time because he would be too lazy if he were depressed. 

“That’s right Wayne, that gold coin is the testament of Wayne’s talent.” 


“It is something that no one could perform but Wayne!” 

“I see!” 

“Even if other people only see it as a single piece of gold coin, it is actually a valuable object worth a thousand gold coins!” 

“Oi oi, Ninim, your praise is a bit too much don’t you think–? My head will explode, you know–?!” 

“Oh my, but I only told the truth, you know?” 

“Right! As expected, I can’t get enough of my talents!” 

Seeing him, Ninim smiled. 

“That was why I will take the gold coin I lent you back during the time we studying abroad…” 


Wayne screamed after his gold coin being snatched… 

“A-Are you a monster?!” 

“This is my legitimate right.” 

“There’s the timing for everything, don’t you know that?!” 

“Do you want me to collect the interest as well?” 

“Please take it, Ninim-sama! Do you also want me to give you shoulders massage?” 

Wayne sent off the gold coin as if he had a heartbreak. But for him, interest cancellation takes precedence over pride. 

“This by no means a substitute, but, here take it… I got it for you.” 

Something wrapped in paper was being taken out of his jute bag. 

“Polar bear restaurant, Rabbit meat pie…” 

“OOOH, this is soo nostalgic, oi! That store is still open?” 

The polar bear restaurant was a small restaurant located in the corner of the royal capital. Back in the days when they were young, Wayne and Ninim were often times sneak out incognito and went there together. 

“OOOH, This thick pie dough, the strong flavor, the taste of the dried rabbit meat taste… This still has the same taste of that time!” 

“If it is taste bad, just say it honestly…” 

“You don’t understand, when someone remembers the past, they will become a poet.” 

While eating the pie, Wayne looked out of the window. 

“But still, I’ve been unable to go out of the palace lately…” 

“It can’t be helped. You’re currently the ruler, you only have a limited time, and accordingly, when you move, we need to think about safety…” 

“Isn’t it fine if we go incognito just Ninim and me?” 

“If you want both of us died being assassinated then we could go.” 

“As expected, I want to pass on that.” 

Wayne was right now a popular man in the Natra Kingdom but, not all people had the same friendly view. There was various opponent, such as officials that had been treated coldly by Wayne, nobles who want foolish puppet ruler, and foreign countries which didn’t want the Natra Kingdom to raise. 

Of course, many people also happy with Wayne existence but, where there was light, there would always be the shadow. 

“How was the royal capital?” 

“The festivities are going to continue for a while. There’s rarely good news in Natra, so it is inevitable for them to act like that. I’m just worried that many people said that Wayne is a compassionate person.” 

Hearing that, Wayne showed a sour expression. 

“It is nice to be loved by the people but, it will only cause trouble if they overdoing it.” 

Wayne words were precisely what Ninim worried about… 

There were no politicians who were not pleased when people love them. Popularity was what supporting them, the higher the popularity, the easier for the politicians to move the country. 

However, even when the ruler was loved, it was important not to naively underestimate the people heart. 

If they consider the ruler did something they didn’t agree with, the people would hate the ruler ten times the normal due to the guilt and sense of betrayal. 

To that end, executive people were required to have a high sense of balance. To be loved by the people, yet also feared by the people– It was easier said than done, but a lot of countries had been destroyed throughout history because the leader could not balance that out. 

“For me, as long the people didn’t hold contempt, I’m fine with it. In reverse, what I want to do…” 

“What you want to do?” 

“… Impose my authority, despotic administration!” 

“Look here…” 

“I said, despotic administration, tyranny! Like, oi pile up the corpse! The grief of the people is my happiness!” 

“And your destination is literally the spearhead. That is not a joke a ruler should say, Wayne…” 


Wayne was only successful once, his position was not solid yet. If possible, he should avoid doing anything that would lower his reputation too much. 

“Well, anyway, we should watch the progress for now. Please do pay attention to them…” 

“I’ll arrange it.” 

“Alright then, it is time for me to play!” 


Ninim grabbed Wayne’s collar who was about to leave the office while yawning. 

“What are you doing going to sleep at this kind of time? You still have a lot of work…” 

“… I know you would say that. But Ninim, think about it for a moment. In the first place, it is strange that I’m busy, you know?” 

Wayne continued talking while Ninim looking at him doubtfully wondering what he was going to say… 

“Listen alright, first of all, a country is made up of a hundred of specialists who were the vassals and jack of all trade who was the monarch.” 

“Okay, and?” 

“The state then had various departments work, from agriculture, industries, transportation, and military. But the monarch didn’t need to think and develop all of it. It could be done by the vassal who was specialized in the department.” 

“I see. Continue…” 

“Then, the role of the monarch is to determine and audit the working policy. Determine the direction in which the department’s business should develop, distribute the necessary budget, and watch over if any corruption happens… To that end, the ruler should have knowledge of all departments, but still, that knowledge is for him to be able to see through any injustice or corruption, not to get involved in the development or day-to-day work of the department.” 

“I see, though there’s some part that I’m not convinced, I can understand…” 

“Right? So it is strange that I, the ruler, have to involve myself with each department day-to-day business! My real job is to check the work reports from each department, and settle it! That’s it! If we go by that theory, I’m free now!” 

“Are your sleep talking over?” 


Wayne shouted… 

“What is wrong with my theory?!” 

“Then let me ask you something, how many people could be included as ‘specialist’ in Natra?” 


Wayne averted his eyes away. 

Ninim then pointed toward herself. 

“W-Well… I guess it could be counted with one hand… Including you…” 

“Which mean someone has to fill the gap, that’s right the so-called ‘jack of all trade.'” 

“Yeah… That is true, I guess…” 

“Of course, I don’t have to explain it to you that diplomacy also the responsibility of the ruler. It is impossible to have a negotiation if both sides representative didn’t have an equal title.” 

“Well… Yeah, I understand that, but you know…” 

“So then, waiting for now after this is the meeting with the new Azworld Empire ambassador. Someone who could meet the person with equal standing would be…” 

“I know! I know already! I just have to do it, right?!” 

Wayne said those words in self-abandon. 

“Ah Geez, why the boobs person has to return home?!” 

“It was because Wayne kicked her out…” 

“That’s right I did that didn’t I?! Arrrgh!” 

Azworld Empire. Located in the eastern part of the Vuno continent, which was divided into east and west, they were the dominant power which had been expanding their territory in the east. The person who responsible for such movement, the Emperor, several months ago had died, and right now the Empire was under great disorder. 

At that time, a female ambassador of the Empire named Viz Brandel had been stationed here in this country. However, due to losing against Wayne in a diplomatic negotiation, she was being recalled and returned home. And only recently, a new ambassador was being dispatched from the Empire, and they never meet the person until today… 

“By the way, about the new ambassador…” 

“Ambassador Theodor Talm. He is an old man…” 

“Uwah, my tension is going down~…” 

“In term of career, he is a hard-working man who had traveled around the continent, mainly as an attendant of the ambassador. Thanks to that, he had a lot of connection with foreign dignitaries, but when it comes to his home country itself, he had little connection.” 

“How about any beautiful acquaintance of his?” 

“There’s none.” 

“Uwaaaaah, my tension has gone rock bottom…” 

“This seems to be his first time being appointed as an ambassador. It’s just that the person himself was an old man, it was said that he wants to return to his home country. … Wayne, do you hear me properly?” 

“I’m listening~…” 

Wayne sighed… 

“Haaah, I wonder when I’ll be able to retire and stay in a nice place…” 

The prospect for that seems to be bleak, and problems keep piling up.