Genius Prince – v2-c29

Wayne and Louwellmina reached to the same conclusion in an instant. 

But, other people would also have the same impression as them. Just by looking at Gerald’s physique, muscle mass, and footwork, anyone could understand that he was not someone who knows some sword arts knowledge. 

So, why did Gerald say such a thing then? 

(He feels jealous looking at me and Lova being intimate, and thus he had the ulterior motives of defeating me using a sword.) 

That was the reason. 

If it was for such a purpose, other people would usually choose a different way. However, even in Gerard’s case, he didn’t choose the sword randomly either. Wayne and the others didn’t know, that Gerald had always beat up his followers using a sword on an almost daily basis, which for him, the result always gives him a self-satisfaction. 

Of course, Gerald also didn’t know, that his followers were struggling every day, to find out a way to get defeated without ended up making his mood get worse— That was why, when Gerald said that he knew sword arts, he actually didn’t lie at all… At least, for him that is… 

(What should I do now…) 

Wayne gazes at Louwellmina. 

Louwellmina responded to his gaze by urging him to accept the challenge. 

(You will have no choice but to satisfy him appropriately…) 

(That appropriately you’re talking about is something hard to do, you know?!) 


Because she was only going to watch, Louwellmina’s expression was very calm. ‘This damned…’, Inside his heart, Wayne was cursing at her. 

“How is it, your highness? Will you show your sword arts ability in front of Princess Louwellmina.”

When they heard Gerald’s remarks, the surrounding entourages showed various expressions. Naturally… Whether it was Wayne or Gerald, both of them were important people, it would turn into a big problem if any of them get injured. 

“Your Highness…” 

Ninim who was standing behind him all this time took a step forward. Wayne stopped her by raising his hand. 

“No need to be anxious, it is just entertainment. We’re using wooden swords…” 

After Wayne takes off his jacket and received the wooden sword, he jumps to the center of the venue. 

Gerald who also had a wooden sword in his hand, stood in front of Wayne, while the surrounding entourages and servants quickly expanded the field. 

“Prince, how are we going to decide who wins and loses?” 

“Then, how about the one who dropped the sword first?” 

The two people then facing each other while taking their fighting stance. 

By this time, the surrounding people were convinced of Wayne’s victory. None of them was favoring Wayne. They saw the difference in ability between the two by how the two of them performed their fighting stance, Wayne with his stable breath, gaze and solid sword holding, and Gerald with how his whole body swayed showing how unstable he was… 

However, compared to them, the two men had different things inside their minds. 

(I will make Prince Wayne become my foil.) 

Gerald was convinced of his own victory. 

(Now then, how am I going to settle this peacefully?) 

Wayne was thinking about each other’s face and the subsequent developments from this battle result. 

(For my interest, I need to make Gerald take the glory. But, I cannot be defeated in front of many human eyes like this…) 

If that was the case— He decided to aim at Gerald’s sword. 

Gerald’s sword stance was weak, it would be easy to knock it down. 

And as soon as he about to drop the wooden sword, he will let go of his wooden sword to force the battle into a draw. That was why Wayne had set dropping the sword as the victory condition. 

(Besides, Gerald should not be able to swing his sword for long while being drunk like that. Ten out of ten, he would be exhausted immediately. While exchanging blow, I can just wait for him to run out of steam huh?) 

The situation moved as Wayne solidified his plan. 


Gerald kicked the ground and dashed toward Wayne while screaming a weird voice as if he could not stand the silence. 

He raises his sword, charging without any form whatsoever. It was easy to handle it, but it was also necessary for Wayne to not make it looked like an easy victory. 


The wooden sword collided and the dry sound reverberated in the hall. 

The sound resonated, again and again, Wayne calmly keeps grasping Gerald’s movements and the position of his wooden sword while also pretending being pressed. 

In the meantime, Gerald’s breathing started to become disordered as Wayne had expected. It was about time. Wayne then prepared his breathing while looking for the timing— 

(— Now!) 

He took a step forward. 

At that moment, Gerald’s legs were entangled. 


Whether it was because of his drunk state, or because he was surprised by Wayne’s sudden vigor, it was a question as to why he tripped over nothing. 

The truth was not clear but, Gerald had lost his balance at the same time with Wayne’s movement. 

And then, as he was about to fall down, in front of his head was Wayne’s sword which Wayne had swung to hit Gerald’s sword, as a result— The sword would hit Gerald’s head. 


Wayne shouted inside his heart. If he left his sword trajectory as it was, Gerald’s face would turn into a mess. 


Wayne put all of his strength in his arms. 

The wooden sword which had been aimed at Gerald’s head was miraculously shifted its trajectory and hit Gerald’s wooden sword. 

A dull sound and a high pitched sound resonated almost simultaneously. 

One was the sound of Gerald hitting the ground, and the other was the sound of Gerald’s wooden sword falling on the ground. 

For a moment, Wayne’s posture was stiffened, but then, he slowly lowered his sword. 

Cheers rose from the surroundings. 

By the people who watched, that was Wayne’s victory, and it was an indisputable victory. Because they didn’t like Gerald very much, Natra vassals, and the imperial delegations, both of them were clapping vigorously. 

And naturally, Wayne who basked in the strong cheers, and Louwellmina who saw all of that, both of them thought… 

(Damn it, what have I done, aaaaaaah?!) 

(What are you doing, why are you winning, aaaaaaaah!) 

Both of them screamed inside their hearts. 

Because he had put all of his strength into his arms to change his wooden sword’s trajectory, Wayne couldn’t let go of his wooden sword at the moment his wooden sword collided with Gerald’s wooden sword. Thanks to that, he could not get the draw he had aimed. 

(M-Maybe I could deceive them by dropping my sword now…!?) 

Wayne was trying to trick the masses but, since the crowd was paying attention to him, it would be very hard to trick them. 

At that time when Wayne was racking his brain out. 

“Your highness!” 

Ninim raised her voice. In response, Wayne turned around and there was the figure of Gerald trying to pick up the dropped wooden sword, and rush toward Wayne while dyeing his face with shame and anger. 

(— This is bad.) 

At that moment, the thought that crossed Wayne’s mind was not about the surprise attack. 

Even with the current position, it was easy for Wayne to deal with Gerald’s attack. 

What he was worried about was that if he left it like this, Gerald would become a shameful man who performs a surprise attack despite his complete defeat. If that happens, it would be very difficult to restore his honor. 

(Gerald surprise attack was a fact that I can’t deny by now. And I can’t deal with his attack the same as before. I guess there’s no choice but to avoid his attack. I will make it natural, making it looks like I didn’t avoid his attack at all—!) 

Will he be able to do it? For him, there was no other choice but to do it. 

As Gerald gets close to him, Wayne devoted all of his body and soul to avoid Gerald’s charge… 

Wayne had managed to dodge Gerald. He makes it so that when he turned around, both body would just pass each other… 

(Alright! It’s perfect—-!)