Genius Prince – v2-c27

“Well, in order for Lova, who has no backing in the Empire’s central politics, to make an impact where she could remove Antogadar would be when she had a prove that Antogadar tried to kidnap her. And she could not use the usual fight between Natra and Antogadar now.” 

“Then, what is she gonna do?” 

Wayne then floated a dry smile on his face. 

“Probably, Lova would—” 

“I will entice Gerald Antogadar.” 

Louwellmina who sits across Viz inside her room quietly declared… 

“And as a result of our marriage, I will testify the whole uprising plan along with the evidence.” 

“Haa… But, are you sure?” 

“It is not very good at all of course…” 

Louwellmina continued after a heavy sigh. 

“I knew that Gerald falls in love with me but, I never thought he would just come and visit another country’s royal palace like this. And if I stubbornly stuck to my original plan, I’ll be in more trouble than I’ve already in…” 

“For that person to run wild like that, I heard it was due to the letter sent by his highness the regent, mistaking it as a letter coming from your highness, are you sure you’re not going to investigate it further?” 

“Wayne prediction had turned into a mess, but I believe he already prepares for the next move by now. Well, I will put him for later. Since I’ve almost made Natra as a villain, my standing is in a bit of trouble right now…” 

Everything was for the sake of stopping a revolt inside the east of the continent. That was Louwellmina’s top priority. No matter what happens, no matter what she needed to do, she cannot take a step back. 

“During dinner, Wayne will definitely try to connect me and Gerald.” 

“His Highness the regent will cooperate?” 

“Yes, because right now, Wayne and my interest are the same.” 

But, Louwellmina continued… 

“But after that, We will have completely different interests. After I get Gerald, I will instigate him. And then—” 

“There’s a continuation in Lova’s plan.” 

Ninim tilted her head when she heard Wayne’s words. 

“There’s another goal than stopping a mass uprising?” 

“That’s right. Lova’s true aim. — To become, an Empress.” 

Ninim showed a face of confusion. 

She knew that Louwellmina was a patriot to her nation. Therefore, she could understand why she would try to save the Empire at all cost even sacrificing herself. But, the story would be different if she wants to become an Empress. 

“I believe that is a very hard thing to achieve but..” 

“That is why she did all of this…” 

“Listen..”, Wayne continued… 

“Lova’s original plan is to use herself as a bait to make Antogadar attack Natra, making Antogadar as a villain and defeat them. And then, by using the defeated Antogadar as a momentum, she would release the evidence of the rebellion– At that moment, from the outside, Natra is by Lova’s side.” 

This time, a surprise appeared on Ninim’s face. 

The reality was that Natra responded to the situation but, just like Wayne had said, in the eyes of those who don’t know the truth, it would look like Natra followed Louwellmina. 

“Then, using Natra by her side, she will aim to become an Empress.” 

“I won’t say that the other factions will not interfere. But, with Natra by her side, she could show herself as someone with an entire country backing. Furthermore, after she reveals the rebellion plan, the people would view her as the princess that possesses the wisdom and courage to save the Empire’s crisis by herself, unlike the three princes. The effect would be weak if she only has one of those but, the story would be different if she has two, no?” 


It was possible. 

It won’t be hard to imagine for those feudal lords to notice Louwellmina by then. 

And from there, if Louwellmina could show them her capacity to become an Empress, there would be those who will try to reach her, and break away from the three princes. 

“… But, that plan has collapsed now. And since Gerald has come here, if she decides to ensnare him, then there would be no reason for her to make Antogadar attack Natra.” 

“That’s right. …That is why she might do the opposite…” 

“The opposite?” 

Wayne then laughed… 

“— I will entice Gerald to subjugate his father, Greenach Antogadar, together with me.” 

Viz opened her eyes wide when she heard that. 

“Your Highness, how…” 

“Even with Antogadar arrives at my side, it is still possible to stop the rebellion. However, if I try to incorporate Antogadar into my faction to aim the Empress seat, the fact that that family had involved in the rebellion’s plan, it would become a heavy weight for me. It is necessary for us to purify the inside and outside.” 

“And for that reason, you want Gerald to kill his father?” 

Imagining that, Viz’s shoulders trembled but, in response to her question, Louwellmina nodded without hesitation. 

“The storyline would be, Gerald who knew his father is trying to rebel against the Empire is invited to the neighboring country, and there he would confess to the imperial princess about his father terrible plan. The princess, after knowing the information, went to subjugate Marquis Antogadar with his son, Gerald.” 

Viz groaned when she heard the princess further plan. 

In her eyes, if the one who did it was Louwellmina, it would be possible… She should be able to entice Gerald, move him according to her plan, and caused the flow for her plan to move forward. 

However, there was a problem… 

“Your Highness, Sir Gerald and we only bring a few soldiers with us. It would be quite impossible to defeat Marquis Antogadar with our number alone…” 

“Indeed, our number would be quite insufficient.” 

Louwellmina then showed a bewitching smile. 

“That is why let us borrow Natra’s soldiers…” 

“That is what Lova must’ve thought, but— DON’T JOKE WITH ME!” 

Wayne shouted. 

“It is certainly annoying to have the Empire collapsed, and having the western influence entered the east. To prevent that, I don’t mind giving up one hundred steps and cooperate. But, the story is different if she wants to drag us to get involved with the Empire’s throne selection. I don’t want to devote any of my strength for such a thing!” 

“Or rather, we don’t have the budget either, no?” 

The effect of military spending due to war against Marden still not yet recovered. 

If they go to war against Antogadar when the situation was like this, the finance of Natra Kingdom would fly to the furnace and become ashes. 

“That is why, we should help Lova to entice Gerald but, we should never lend Lova any troops.” 

“Today’s dinner… It’s going to become quite a hard meeting isn’t it?” 

“Well, I’ll do something about it. I will leave Ninim to speak the follow up to our vassals. After all, they thought Lova and I currently have a marriage talk, but then Gerald appeared like that, it must’ve caused quite the confusion. Also, visit Gerald and his escorts places, get them drunk as much as possible and also get as much information as possible.” 

“I understand, I will immediately do it.” 

Wayne then looked up to the sky while heaving a heavy sigh. 

“That is how Wayne must’ve thought but, I won’t let that happen! Even if it’s not right, I will get him to sent out troops!” 

“This is, in the end, Sir Gerald is just someone who got dragged into the boiling soup huh?” 

“That’s right, it is inevitable for him to wish to make a connection with me as soon as possible since in the future, not only he would inherit Antogadar territory, it would also be possible for him to become my husband. As for the Wayne I know, he would definitely try to connect Gerald and me by using any conceivable means. — There, I will catch him off guard.” 

Louwellmina then gazed at Viz. 

“Anyway, I will handle that part. Viz, I want you to silence the vassals my brothers had sent together with me since I will be creating quite the noise.” 

“Yes, please leave it to me.” 

Louwellmina then closed her eyes and sighed. 

(Geez, to get us involved with such a big plan, that Lova, she’s still the same as ever…) 

(For him, to destroy the plan which I thought was perfect, as expected of Wayne.) 



((— The last one to laugh is this me(Ore) / I(Atashii)…)) 

Thus, the two strategists head to the dinner party while being convinced of each other own’s victory. 

Soon enough, the result would be shown at once. 

Which side was actually wrong, but—