Genius Prince – v2-c26

Greenach’s residence was located in the center of a large port town of Saryud in the Gairan territory. 

Originally, it was one of the villas of the Antogadar royal family, but the royal palace was surrendered to the Empire by the order of the Emperor, and as the result of that the current place was then used as the Marquis main residence replacement. 

The town was popular with fishers and usually lively filled with people, but now the town was packed with soldiers gathered by Greenach which caused disturbance here and there. 

Greenach who was the lord of the town had received complaints from the people of the town, but Greenach could not keep up with the matter. As a result, the soldiers lost their command, and the residents who feared violence were trapped inside their homes. 

Oulu who came out from the Marquis mansion walks behind the alley, he occasionally turned his head back until he arrived in front of the door of a small house. 

He taps the door twice and knocks it three times. Soon, the door was opened and Oulu slipped inside. 

There were several men inside the house. Their attire was like a normal citizen. 

“How is the situation, leader. At the Marquis Greenach residence, I meant…” 

“He is the definition of a foolish man.” 

Oulu looked around as he clicked his tongue. He was appointed as the leader of the people present here. Greenach himself didn’t know that Oulu had gathered troops under his own nose. 

Of course, their purpose was to destroy the Empire. That part was not a lie. 

However, the other parts were not necessarily true. For example— His origin… 

“What about Gerald?” 

“From our subordinates who conceal themselves as his servants, it seems he is about to enter Natra.” 

“I guess we can’t stop him now huh? How about the investigation of the crown prince and the princess, is there any progress?” 

One of his subordinates shakes his head. 

“It’s not good. It was not easy to get any information in regard to the crown prince and the princess…” 

“It seems they are very different compared to the idiots here huh?” 

Oulu cursed without trying to hide his vexation. 

“Anyway, watch the movement of the crown prince, the princess and also Gerald. In order to fulfill our plan to overthrow the Empire, we cannot overlook even the slightest mistake.” 

“”Yes, sir!”” 

His subordinates who already received their instruction started moving quickly. 

Oulu then turns his gaze toward the west— At Natra… 

(Geez, there are too many unexpected developments…) 

The princess’s sudden visit to Natra. A change had occurred to the plan that had been going smoothly… And now, Greenach son, Gerald tries to jump into the vortex. 

Oulu was wondering what was going on in Natra. He couldn’t help it but think about it. 

“You’re Natra crown prince?” 

As soon as Wayne entered the entrance hall, he opened his mouth. 

He was a man around the end of his twenties, he also led around 10 people as his servants. 

He had a plump figure, unrelated to the image of ‘never eat’. His profile looked like someone who never feels any hardship. His clothes were made using the finest fabrics and also adorned with gorgeous ornaments. 

In other words, he was a man who looked being swallowed by luxury rather than wearing luxury. 

“This is the first time for us to meet like this, prince Wayne. I’m Greenach Antogadar’s son, Gerald Antogadar.” 

“… My my, welcome Sir Gerald.” 

Wayne responded with a monotone voice. 

“I’m happy to be able to meet with an Empire’s high ranking aristocrat such as Antogadar family, I have a wish to built a good relationship with your family. — But still, I’m very surprised by your sudden visit. May I know the reason why you come here?” 

Gerald then answered full of enthusiasm. 

“Of course, it is to welcome my beloved flower, princess Louwellmina.” 

(He really said it!!) 

Wayne unintentionally slapped his head inside his mind. 

Needless to say, this place was the Natra Kingdom royal palace. Since this place was the center of national management, there were many key personnel working in it, including Wayne, that was why there was a lot of guards. 

It was not a place where people with nothing to do could enter. Of course, sometimes people from other countries would be invited, but at that time, careful adjustments were made in advance. 

In short, rather than being rude it was more like being insane for such aristocrats from another country to come and push their way without any appointments. 

(Furthermore, he come and says he wants to pick up Lova…!) 

He had heard from Ninim, that this Gerald had been trying to court Louwellmina, but then he also behaves as if she was an object which made her to repeatedly refuse him. 

Without a doubt, Gerald who accidentally had returned to the territory had read the letter issued to the Marquis Antogadar. Then he had come here to push his unrequited love. 

Louwellmina was also a push-over like him but, at least she still knows about courtesy and appointments. It was kind of hard to compare her with this out of control madness. 

(And I’m fine with him looking down on me but, at least try to hide it, oi!) 

Gerald’s attitude didn’t show any respect toward Wayne who was a prince. 

Perhaps, he had been thinking that his status was much better than Wayne. Though Wayne could understand his feeling, after all, if Antogadar regained its independence, then he would be the same as Wayne, a crown prince. 

But, one should not do that. And by not showing respect toward Wayne, it might show a bad example for others. 

“I see, I understand.” 

Anyway, Wayne decided to move forward with the conversation. He then speaks with a little ill will to make Gerald a little bit more prudent. 

“From ancient times, people said love is blind— Apparently, Sir Gerald is also could not escape such a thing…” 

“Umu, that’s right.” 

(I speak that with a touch of sarcasm, you know?! Go and realize it already!!) 

Gerald then continues speaking without minding Wayne’s distress. 

“So then, where is the princess who anxiously wait for me?” 

Wayne was holding back the thought of screaming out ‘No one is anxiously waiting for you!’. 

“Don’t be impatient, Sir Gerald. A woman needs a lot of time to prepare themselves. They could not meet a gentleman with messy hair after all. It is a man’s duty to wait patiently in this case, yes?” 

“… I see, just as the prince said. It seems I was a bit too excited…” 

‘That is not a bit…’ Wayne wanted to point it out but refrained… 

“We have some room prepared, I believe it would be best for you to wait there. I will prepare for a feast for the two of you tonight.” 

“Then, I will accept the offer.” 

Being escorted by the servants, Gerald and his entourage entered the palace. 

After Wayne could not see Gerald’s back, he heaves a sigh. 

“Now then— Ninim.” 

“Haa… This way…” 

Ninim then escorted Wayne to another room. There was no one inside the room. 

So Wayne exhales a little, then… 

“Why are you coming here, Gerald!!” 

He shouted. 

“He actually comes?! This is the royal palace of another country, you know?! I didn’t invite you to come, you know?!” 

After shouting this and that, Wayne turned his gaze toward Ninim. 

“Naa, Ninim think so—…hnn?” 

He was about to ask her opinion but, he stopped before finished speaking… 

He stopped because Ninim had a grumpy expression on her face. 

“Errmmm… Ninim-san?” 

Wayne spoke to her cautiously, being scared of her scary face. In response to him, Ninim speaks out with disgust…  

“… That Gerald, he’s been looking down on Wayne all the time…” 

“A-Ah, abut that… He is from the Empire’s Marquis household after all… Don’t mind it…” 


A lot of anger could be felt from Ninim’s voice. 

“There’s no way I don’t mind such garbage looking down on you.” 


If he speaks the wrong word here, her anger would turn toward him instead. With that thinking, Wayne speaks carefully… 

“I guess, you’re right… But, I don’t want Ninim to get angry just because of that.” 

“No matter who I get angry with, I don’t think you should finding fault in it.” 

“I have to… After all, you’re my ‘soul’. I don’t want a sorry guy like him to occupy any part of your heart.” 

Being thrown such a theory by him, even Ninim was taken aback. 

Seeing that, Wayne didn’t stop and continue… 

“Besides, look, anger will only cause you to fail during work. Rather than being angry, think of something fun…” 

“… Something fun is it, like what?” 

Wayne then thinking for a few seconds before continuing… 

“Like, thinking about me?” 

He meant it for a joke, but Ninim took it seriously and nodded. 

“… I will do so.” 


Wayne then noticed that Ninim’s anger had already disappeared. Apparently, she was convinced with his words… 

Wayne then sits down on the chair while feeling relieved. 

Then, Ninim, as if it was natural, she sits down on his laps. 

“… Err, Ninim-san?” 

“Don’t mind me.” 

She was being unreasonable, he thought… But, Ninim didn’t seem going to give up her unreasonable action. 

“I’m glad he is the one who comes, not the army. To be honest, if the army is the one who comes, I don’t think I would be able to survive this time around…” 

Wayne had realized Louwellmina’s goal when he resolved the tribal conflict. He then sent a letter but, if he had done it more slowly, the situation would be completely different, and there was no way for him to stop it. 

“It was indeed fortunate for us, that the other side decided not to move the army…” 

Watching Ninim responded as if nothing happened, Wayne given up getting her off from his laps, and decided to continue the conversation instead. 

“… No, to tell you the truth, I was worried that trouble would arise. But, I never thought it would escalate into something like this…” 

“Is it thanks to the investigation result about King Antogadar?” 

“You could say that.” 

Wayne nodded. 

“Greenach Antogadar is a person who always escapes from making a decision, escapes from his responsibility and only hope that the correct answer would come to help him by themselves. He is someone who doesn’t have the capability of making a decision that would affect the entire continent. … But then, King Antogadar who throws away the throne just to help him, it can be said he was a reckless person as well.” 

In fact, it was already passed the boundary of being comedic. 

The legitimate child, Greenach, couldn’t understand his parents, while the prince of another country was the one who could understand. 

However, Wayne’s awareness didn’t extend to Greenach’s son, Gerald. 

“So then, Wayne, what are you going to do after this? I want to drive out that thing from here as soon as possible you see.” 

“If that is the case then, the army would come next time. That is why we can’t… … What I should do right now is to block whatever plan Lova going to come up with, though the person herself seems to equally troubled with this event right now…” 

After she finds out Gerald had visited, Louwellmina had returned to her room with Viz. Her plan had been thrown into disarray, thus she needs to adjust it. 

“Lova’s goal is to hit Natra and Antogadar. Which means, is she going to ruin the dinner party after this?”