Genius Prince – v2-c23


Louwellmina opened her closed eyelids the sunlight hit her face. 

“Good morning, Your Highness Louwellmina.” 

The one who greeted her was Viz. After arrived in Natra, she was the one who wakes her up every day. 

Currently, Louwellmina was sleeping in the bedroom assigned to her in the royal palace. After resolving the tribal conflict, Louwellmina had returned back with Wayne promptly. 

“Good Morning, Viz… Auh…” 

“Did you sleep well?” 

“Yes, I had a nostalgic dream.” 

“It seems a good dream you have there.” 

“That’s true… It was one of my most important memory.” 

However, she knew she might be the only one who thought like that. 

Anyhow, after they finished sneaking into the aristocrat’s mansion, two or three unexpected events happened that caused the situation to turn into utter confusion. It must’ve blown Wayne’s mind at the time. 

“Viz, are there any special plans for today?” 

She asked her while lightly stretching her body. After she had arrived in Natra, she had dinner together with him almost every day, visited various places, and even went to the battlefield, but for today, there should’ve been nothing in her schedule. 

But, the answer coming from her was unexpectedly different from what she had remembered. 

“About that, there’s an invitation from His Highness to have tea.” 

“From Prince Wayne?” 

As soon as she conscious who invited her, her brain which was still sleeping begin to move. 

“Are you going to accept it, your highness?” 

“Please tell him, I would be happy to…” 


After all, it was Wayne who invited her, she thought it would not be just a mere normal chat. 

Would he try to probe her, or was there another intention behind the invitation? 

(Anyway, I will accept his challenge.) 

Louwellmina then got up out of the bed with an invincible smile. 

That day, in the Natra Kingdom, the day was unusually sunny despite the season, the atmosphere was also mild and cheerful. 

The wind that blows through the open window was usually very difficult to bathe into, but today, it was a comfortable wind with the warmth of the sun. 

“There were many surprises when I came to this country, and the taste of the Natra’s tea is one of them.” 

The one who said that was Louwellmina who enjoyed the tea poured in the white porcelain cup. 

“The flavor is very rich, and the color is a clear red color without any impurity, making it looks excellent. If it is always like this, there should’ve been a demand from the Empire, but why is it not in circulation?” 

“The raw tea leaves could only grow in the mountainous areas.” 

The one who answered her was Wayne who sits in front of her. 

“Various experiments are being done but, the prospect of mass-production hasn’t been looking quite good. Thanks to that, the tea is only consumed domestically.” 

“That is very regrettable.” 

“If you like it, how about bringing some back home as a souvenir?” 

“Please do so…” 

Louwellmina smiled and drinks her tea again. If there was an artist present, if the person saw this scene, the person would’ve instinctively wants to draw the scene because of how beautiful she was.  However, inside the room, only Wayne was with her, and he was not that kind of a man. 

“You’re going to return home soon huh, Lova…” 

“Indeed, it was a very meaningful day well spent here…” 

Two weeks had passed since the imperial delegations arrived. And as Wayne had said, the day of her return was just around the corner. 

“To my regret, I couldn’t bring out the statement that Wayne would cooperate with me up until today.” 


Wayne laughed a lot and– stopped… 

“You sure could say that, even though you’ve no intention for that since the beginning…” 

Slight rift happened in the place. 

And in that gap, Louwellmina looked confused. 

“You sure say something funny…” 

She was obviously looked disturbed. 

It feels like she was suddenly charged with suspicion. 

“Of course I’ve come here to warm our old relationship, sightseeing, and confirming that the gold mine was really being taken by the Natra Kingdom, what else did I came here for?” 

“No, no, that is not the truth. The reason why Lova took a big risk to come to Natra, there’s only one reason…” 

Wayne then looked at her with a sharp gaze. 

“— Everything is for the sake of saving the Empire. Am I right? Louwellmina Azworld.” 

The disturbed expression on Louwellmina’s face immediately disappeared as she heard that. Then, she laughed… 

“As expected of Wayne… That is what I would like to say but, I don’t understand what you’re saying… Why would I come to Natra to save the Empire?” 

Wayne showed a bitter smile as Louwellmina smiled at him mischievously. 

“It seems you have no intention of obediently being honest huh?” 

‘That’s fine by me’, Wayne said that and he continued… 

“Then, let me say this frankly… Probably, in the spring when the winter is almost over, a civil war would break out around territory conquered by the Empire. And you come here to stop that from happening…” 

“… Oh my…”