Genius Prince – v2-c22

“Oi oi oi, let me tell you something, Lova, I will do my best to laugh and act idiotic with those who are close to me, but to hear consultation from a woman of the same age, as a boy I would be troubled too!” 

“That is not something you should be prideful about!” 

“Since there’s nothing to be ashamed about, naturally it’s fine to be prideful…” 

Wayne speaks that with the theatrical gesture but, Louwellmina’s hand never let go of his neck. Wayne then could not help it but continue… 

“… Rather, if you want to consult about girls matter, ask Ninim, yep go to Ninim… A girls talk between girls, that is better.” 

“Ninim is not good. It must be Wayne.” 


“No reason…” 

For a while, they argued back and forth with each other. 

It was Wayne who eventually gave up. 

“Argh, fine, I will listen. I will respond properly as best as I can…” 

“… My problem is in relation to my house…” 

“Waah, it comes! The most troublesome subject of all~!” 

Seeing his joking manner, Louwellmina glared at him but, Wayne didn’t seem concerned about it. 

“It’s ‘that’, right? You want to do something more, but your family didn’t allow you to do anything than the role of a woman, right? 

Louwellmina was startled. 


She was wondering if he had found out that she was a princess, but Wayne’s next words denied that. 

“Having top grade in the academy. The attitude that even if the opponent is a man, you’re not looking afraid and insist on being equals. There are many other things but, if you put them all together, such a conclusion could be expected.” 

There was no way someone could easily arrive at such a conclusion. She had felt it before but, his insight was definitely not normal. 

“So then, if you’re asking me what to do, I have a serious answer and a joke answer. Which one do you want?” 

“I want a serious answer.” 

Louwellmina didn’t waver. 

Seeing that, Wayne gives his serious answer… 

“Then prepare for war.” 

“… Hah?” 

Louwellmina could only blink in surprise when she heard that answer. 

Of course, it was normal to have such a reaction. But, Wayne didn’t stop there… 

“Listen alright? What Lova facing right now is not your household. The Empire— No, you’re facing the culture and philosophy that had been established for a long time in the continent, a culture that a man dominated the world. How profound that thought was, even I can’t measure it.” 

However, Wayne keeps talking… 

“But in the end, such culture was the product of the people. It was a local rule that applied to only humans, just like language and manners.” 

“… I never thought of it that way…” 

She understands what Wayne had tried to say. If compared to an absolute rule such as life would come to an end, it was true that cultures established by a human were nothing more than local rules not set in stone. This meant, it could be changed by the people themselves, and history also shows that to be possible. 

(That might be so but, how did he think of suggesting changing it by one own’s hand…?) 

Louwellmina knows Wayne’s identity. She knew that he was also highly educated. In these terms, both of them were equals. However, she couldn’t think as Wayne did. 

By all means, Louwellmina was not a stupid woman. Most people hold the same value as her. Wayne who could reject that was the abnormal one. 

“In the past, people used to eat things by hand, but now, it is common sense to use knives and forks. Do you know why? The answer was because, in the past, someone had spread it, and the people accepted it, thus it became a culture. And as a result of that, the culture of eating food using hands comes to an end. The same could be said with man dominance over woman.” 

“… Which means, it can be changed? By the human hand?” 

Wayne nodded without hesitation. 

“Originally, people created a culture out of goodwill. But no matter what human had created, there would always be strength and weakness in it. Just like how a weak person would lose and a weak country would be destroyed, a weak ideology and culture would also be destroyed by the stronger one. So Lova, if you want to say no to the ideology and culture that prevail in today’s society, you have to strengthen your ideology and challenge the current one in a war.” 

“To make it strong… What should I do?” 

“The strength of culture and ideology depends on how many people believe in it. Find people who are equally dissatisfied like you did, and make them your allies. Encourage popularization through languages. Shakes the people’s emotions and gets those people sympathy, use eloquent speech to speak out against the intellectuals.” 

Wayne didn’t hesitate when voicing his response, that was why it was understandable for Louwellmina’s body to tremble. She even wondered if he was actually really in the same age as her. Due to his response, if he said that he was a wise man that had gone through eternal time, she would’ve actually believed it. 

“And the culture and ideology that won would become the correct one(justice). Lova, you should’ve known how powerful the current ideology and cultures are right? And yet, you still believe that it could be destroyed. That is because you believe your thought to be the correct one(justice). And in order to not be crushed, there’s no other choice but to turn your thought to be the correct one(justice).” 

“… You sure say something absurd…” 

Louwellmina’s current honest feeling was that even after she tried to organize Wayne’s words, she still could not come up with a plan to put it into practice. But still, she at least could easily understand where those words might lead her. 

“Wayne method, it might actually lead me to die, no?” 

“But if you don’t do at least that much, you won’t be able to win and ends up yielding to the current society. I think we could regard that as our soul to be dead. Still, isn’t that easy to choose? Which one is your favorite end, being physically dead or your soul being dead yet physically alive?”  

“Neither of them sounds great though…” 

Louwellmina shook her head and sighed. What Wayne said was unreasonable. It could be realized but it was not realistic to do it. 

But despite all of that, somehow her heart feels lighter. 

It might be unrealistic but, at least, now she had a way to surpass the wall that stopped her from moving forward. Just knowing that fact was a big change for Louwellmina. 

“… Nee, Wayne…” 

The voices that come out from her were surprisingly soft and full of expectation. 

“If I choose to fight… Would you help me?” 

“Eeh~, no way.” 

Louwellmina kicked Wayne’s shin immediately. 

“That’s hurt! Why did you do that?!” 

“It is natural! For me to do that, in this situation!” 

“Don’t be stupid! I have my own things to deal with!” 

“What kind of things are you talking about?!” 

“There are a lot of things! … Well since it would turn into more annoying things, it might turn from a lot to a ton of them!” 

“If so, just give up and help me instead!” 

“Since a while ago, you’ve been asking unreasonable things, you realize that?!” 

“In that sense, we’re the same!” 

The two argued while screaming at each other. 

As time passed, their head began to cool down, and Louwellmina sighed. 

“– Certainly, just as Wayne had said, this is my problem. It is natural for me to do something myself.” 

In fact, it would be shameless of her to ask for help after getting a piece of advice. 

And the other side might not notice it that she knew, but, in the end, Wayne was a prince of a foreign country. If she considers his position, it was natural for him to be unable to nod his head. Louwellmina regretted that she had demanded something stupid. 

“Thank you, Wayne. Thanks to you, I finally able to see what I need to do. And I’ll try to think about it more…” 

“That is fine then. I’ll root for you.” 

As Wayne responded to Louwellmina who bowed deeply, Ninim’s voice could be heard from outside the room. 

“Wayne! Lova! What are you guys doing?! We’ve already finished the preparation!” 

“Woops, it seems we’ve talked too long.” 

“Indeed. Let us go then, Wayne.” 

The two of them went out of the room into the hallway. 

And when they were walking for a while. Wayne shouted without hesitation. 

“Ah… I forgot to say something, Lova…” 

“What is it?” 

“If you think it is necessary, you may involve us!” 

Louwellmina suddenly stopped. Wayne keeps on walking as if nothing had happened. After a while, Louwellmina then rushed and ran up to him. 

“… Are you willing to get involved?” 

Louwellmina asked with subtle expectations. 

“No well, I will try my best to avoid.” 

But, the feeling that comes after he responded was that she wants to punch his face. 

However, the next words that come out from Wayne, Louwellmina was able to understand his intention. 

“That is why, do your best to get me involved. And when I could not escape anymore— Let see, I will help you a little.” 


This time Louwellmina didn’t stop walking. 

As she walked alongside Wayne, she opened her mouth… 

“Wayne, you’re really a strange person huh?” 

“I don’t want to be told that by you, Lova.” 

“Then, I guess, we are a similar person.” 

Louwellmina said those words with a merry laugh. And Wayne also smiled with her. 

And they continue to walk side by side and head toward their friends.