Genius Prince – v2-c2


Willeron palace, the royal palace of the Natra Kingdom, it was a historic building built under the direction of the first king, King Salema. 

However, it was a building nearly two hundred years old. Although the minimum appearance and functionality were maintained by repeated renovation works, the talk that they should rebuild something new had been on the agenda for several decades. 

But so far, there was no sign of that being implemented. Rather than a historical attachment, it was more because of the budget. 

A young man was walking along the historical Omboro palace corridor along with some government officials. 

He was Wayne Salema Albarest. He was given the Kingdom founder’s name as his middle name, and there was a rumor that he was the reincarnation/the return of the first king. 

“Your Highness, the construction work on the Torito river have been completed successfully.” 

“How’s the condition of the mainstream and the water distribution?” 

“It is only measured numbers but, both of them fall within our expectation. As we’ve planned, the possibility of flooding due to the stream had been decreased significantly…” 

“Don’t be too optimistic. If you misunderstood that you can take control the nature, you will receive a painful experience. Let us continue further monitoring…” 

“Yes, sir…” 

When one of the officials bowed and took one step back, another official throw a question toward Wayne. 

“Regarding Torito river, it was reported that the local people have a concern in regard to the diverted river current.” 

“I should’ve left those problems to the official dispatched to the basin, was it not enough to accommodate them?” 

“I’m afraid sir, words and authority alone were not enough…” 

“I guess it can’t be helped. Tell Raklum to lead some soldiers and keep them silent. However, avoid bloodshed as much as possible. Also, take in all the local people information and submit a detailed report.” 

“Yes, sir!” 

Wayne’s instruction was flowing without interruption. His appearance that he manages to do national administration with tolerance and strict policy was an ideal prince for the government officials. 

“Your Highness, we’ve received a report from General Hagar, who protect our border with Cabarine state. There are some cases that need Your Highness approval.” 

“After I take a look, I will write back my reply. Also, about the fight between Cabarine against Marden insurgent, it still ongoing?” 

“Yes. Under the banner of the royal survivor, they had been persistently resisting against Cabarine…” 

“We still don’t know how the situation would end. Make ties with both sides for diplomacy. Also, don’t forget to increase the numbers of spies and increase our surveillance.” 

“Understood. We will arrange them immediately…” 

While talking with the government officials, the door of his office come into view. It was Wayne’s destination. 

“Your Highness, I’m sorry for being late, but the report of the financial situation and budget reorganization of each department have come out.” 

After he received the documents, he took a glance for a few seconds. 

“Is this some mistake in the numbering?” 

“There’s none.” 

“… I understand. I will read the entire report inside my office. If something happens, report immediately…” 

Following Wayne’s words, the government officials stopped and bowed their head, then Wayne entered his office. 

“… Fuuh.” 

Wayne, who finally alone, puts the documents on the desk, then took a deep breath. 

“Let us whole sell the country!” 

He shouted… 

“This is bad, I don’t have any money left in the treasury… What is this… Sure the war against Marden took us pretty hard but, I don’t think it will be this much…” 

He then takes another look at the documents he put on the desk. Looking at the ruthless account settlement listed there it was enough to make politicians cry. 

However, Wayne quickly realize… 

“… No no, that can’t be, calm down something might be missing. Rather this is a full-blown mistake? I’m sure of it. I have no doubt that if I check it properly, the number of digits would increase by 2 or 3!” 

After a few moments, Wayne throws the documents away to his desk. 

Then he extended his hand to push the documents away from his body. 

There was nothing wrong in the report. 

Wayne them slumped on top of his desk. 

Ninim then appeared while holding his jute bag. 

“… What are you playing around for, Wayne?” 

As soon as she saw Wayne slumped on top of his desk, Ninim speaks in amazement. 

However, intrepid laughter escaped his mouth in response to her. 

“Fufufu, Oh Ninim, can you say that again after you read this!” 

“This is… Ah, it’s the financial report, huh?” 

Ninim took the documents and read them. 

“.. Hnn, as we expected, I guess? It is such a horrible numbers indeed…” 

They were prepared for war, but, war cost a lot of money as expected. Natra was never a wealthy country in the first place; thus the impact was great. Although they had managed to repel the Marden invaders and in fact took their Gold mine in the process, it would still take years for it to turn a profit. 

“So based on all of the cost, these documents also include the reorganized budget of each department but… The budget for the royal family is here too, isn’t that fine?” 

“Sure, it is a private budget to be used by the royal family however they liked…” 

In other words, the royal family’s pocket money. As expected, supposedly no matter which country, the pocket money of the royal family could easily exceed that of an ordinary family. 

That was what supposed to be… 

“This is my share for this time fiscal term…” 

Wayne took a small back from his pocket and turn it around. 

Only a single gold coin fell on the desk. 

“… That’s it?” 

“That’s it.” 

Wayne said that and groaned. 

“I’ve gone protecting the country from Marden, stealing their Gold mine in the process, I even did my best to make sure the war expense would be low, but look at me, my reward is reduced to just a single gold coin…” 

Ninim then looks over the documents once again while Wayne slumped over the desk lifeless. 

“Is there somewhere you could cut the budget? Such as military spending?” 

“We need to replenish the military force and replace the armaments, in fact, the military budget is still not enough. If we reduce it more than that, I will die because of a coup.” 

“Then how about reducing some of the projects?” 

“As it is we’re already looking like putting too much emphasis on the military, if we make the internal affairs stagnant more than already is, the civil official would send an assassin, and I would die.” 

“Then, just raise the tax?” 

“The people would revolt, and I died.” 

In response to Wayne, Ninim nodded… 

“Then, let us give up to fate.” 


Wayne ended up writhing in agony even more… 

Looking at his appearance, even Ninim feel a slight of pity.