Genius Prince – v2-c19

“… So, what is your goal by doing this?”

After being left alone, Wayne asked Louwellmina.

Ninim was also not present. She had remained in the royal palace to run the state affairs.

“What my goal is just like what I said before leaving… It is to confirm Wayne’s ability and whether or not we should continue our alliance…”

“Can you stop with that façade…”

Even though he said it bluntly, Louwellmina’s attitude didn’t change.

“Well then, how about it was because I want to see Wayne’s brilliant and brave figure commanding an army?”


She didn’t seem willing to answer properly.

As she said that, Louwellmina giggled.

“Well well, enough about me for now. Rather than that, Wayne, how do you plan to close this conflict?”

“… I wonder about that as well…”

According to the report, the conflict this time was between the Henoi tribe and the Eshio tribe.

Both tribes had some small disputes before, but due to new land and water sources, their dispute had intensified. The maximum ability for them to mobilize was around 100 people each, and all of them had a complete armament.

On the other hand, Wayne had dispatched 200 soldiers here. If it was only the number of people, it was equal.

However, even if they had equal numbers of people that didn’t mean they were equally matched.

“It would be easy to repress them by just fighting. Because the quality of the soldiers is different.”

The opponents were normal people before this, and they didn’t have any military training. Even if they had proper armaments, they could match against the commander who used a proper military tactic and soldiers who able to move as one.

“That’s right since Wayne is the one who takes command, it would be impossible for them to win… However– Bloods would still flow.”

Louwellmina was correct. No matter how great someone took command, it was impossible for the damage suffered on both sides to stay zero.


“The Wayne Salema Albarest I know, even if it is something hard to do… You would create the plan, right? The one where no one suffers damage.”

It was a question, but she said it with conviction. And she determined to make sure of that with her own two eyes. How Wayne would solve this problem with his eccentric command.

Wayne then replied while receiving her gaze straight.

“… I’m sorry, but, you are misunderstood, Lova.”

Wayne grinned and laughed.

“For me, this battle, in my eyes, no one has the will to die, including the enemy.”

Louwellmina was surprised as she opened her eyes wide, then she smiled. He eyes looked like a child who was looking at something she longs for

“Your Highness, excuse me!”

Raklum entered the tent while raising his voice. With him, he brought three soldiers.

“I brought the soldiers you asked.”

“Thank you for your hard work.”

Wayne then directed his gaze at the three soldiers.

“Torez of Henoi. Cardia and Zolt of Eshio.”

“”Yes, sir!””

The three soldiers who were being called by their name immediately corrected their posture. Wayne then continue…

“Do you know the current situation?”

“Yes, sir… I’m very sorry that such a thing happened in our hometown.”

“It is fine since this is not your responsibility. Rather than that, do you all still have a connection to your hometown?”

“Yes. I’ve come home on several occasions…”

“Me too. However, I don’t believe they would listen to our persuasion…”

They probably thought that they would be dispatched to negotiate. But, Wayne’s plan was different…

“That is not what I expect of you. … You guys, you don’t want those people to die, right?”

The three people then looked at each other.

Then one person answered.

“… Of course. I can understand that they have done a lot of troubles but, in the end, they were people that I’ve spent time together when we’re young…”

“If that so then, do you want to bet your life in that?”

Again, the three looked at each other.

This time after whispering with each other, they answered…

“”Of course!””

Wayne smiled.

“Good answer. I will let you know what to do after this. Raklum, I’m sorry but you have to take the mud a little bit…”

Raklum then replied reverently…

“If it is by your highness order, I would be happy to even bathe in any kind of mud.”

And Louwellmina looked happy as she gazes at Wayne who continues giving his orders…

The tribe called Henoi was originally made up of people that came from the west of the continent. As to their history, it was not written on papers, and only spoken from mouth to mouth, thus it was not very accurate.

Therefore, no one knows precisely why they started to have a bad relationship with the Eshio tribe. The Eshio tribe also had the same situation. However, the Eshio tribe was mostly composed of people who come from the east, thus they both think it would be natural for them to oppose each other.

That was why, whenever there was some kind of conflict between them, their solidarity was very solid.

“Oh, Torez! You’re back?”

They had welcomed Torez without hesitation.

“Your timing is perfect, we’re just about to fight those Eshio people.”

“If I’m not wrong, you’ve entered the army at the capital, right? Which means you should be very strong.”

“You don’t have to worry, we have weapons. With these, we won’t lose!”

As the villagers were calling him one after another, Torez replied with a tense look.

“Everyone, listen up, this is not the time for that.”

As everyone heard his unusual tense voice, everyone stopped talking immediately.

“You guys should’ve heard that the government forces have come right? I was part of that…”

Noises immediately spread.

They immediately showed distrust toward him. In their eyes, the Kingdom army who had come to this site for mediation was nothing more than a disturbing third party. And because they had weapons, they were more confident.

“No way, are you going to betray us?”

“No, that is not it!”

Torez raised his voice and replied to someone’s question.

“I might be the Kingdom’s soldier but, I never forget that I am a man of Henoi. Now, the man who leads the kingdom army is a man called Raklum, and because he had worked out an unexpected plan, I have come to report the news to everyone.”

After taking a deep breath, he continues…

“He is planning on destroying the riverbank…!”

Surprise and confusion spread like a ripple.

What he means by the riverbank, was ‘that’ riverbank. It was built to prevent flooding from happening due to the newly dug waterway, and if that was destroyed, the land around the riverbank would become unusable. It would take a lot of time and men’s powers to recover from that.

“W-What do you mean by that? Why would he do that?!”

It was natural to have such a question. In the first place, the new water channel construction was something the royal government had done.

“The dispatched government force had been given the duty to subjugate this land. However, his royal highness the crown prince had told us to avoid bloodshed as much as possible. But this Raklum guy wants to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible. That is why, he decided to get rid of the thing that has caused the dispute between Henoi and Eshio, and that is by destroying the new riverbank…!”

Everyone was left speechless. Of course, not everyone believed Torez’s words. However, they also understand that they had caused a hard time for the Kingdom army. Consequently, no one could say with absolute certainty that what he said was just a reckless remark.

“W-What should we do?”

“R-Right, if we let the crown prince know…”

“Are you stupid, even if the message manages to arrive, they would just covered it up! And even if he believes the message, it would still take time for the message to arrive!”

“Time… That’s right, Torez! When?! When is the kingdom force going to destroy the riverbank?!”

Torez then said while looking anxious…

“I don’t know. I rushed out immediately to inform everyone. But if Raklum wanted to resolve the situation as soon as possible, maybe– tonight.”

His prediction cause shiver down everyone’s back. They were planning on settle the long-time conflict with Eshio and dominate the basin then built a thriving community but, the situation turns into a future where they would lose the land that they should be able to obtain, and ended up being subjugated by the government forces. For them, it was something that should never happen.

“What should we do?! If we leave it like this…”

“W-What about reconcile with Eshio?”

“Don’t joke around! As if we could reconcile with those guys this late in the game!”

“If that the case then, do you have any better idea?!”

Seeing their response, Torez raised his voice again.

“Calm down! The Kingdom Army would move if we just keep arguing like this!”

“That’s right, first is the Kingdom force problem!”

“If they are planning on destroying the riverbank then, we need to stop it!”

“Let us gather everyone! Then set up a camp near the riverbank! We will meet them directly!”

The tribe people begin to move immediately.

No one was aware that Torez, who helped with the preparation, exhaled a breath of relief.