Genius Prince – v2-c18

The Natra Kingdom was a multi-ethnic country, like the neighboring Azworld Empire. 

However, even though both of them were the same multi-ethnic country, the development was very different. 

The Empire become a multi-ethnic country by swallowing other countries, while Natra became a multi-ethnic country as a result of the voluntary movement of the people that come from east and west. 

But, that didn’t mean the Natra Kingdom had become an attractive country. The climate of the country was very harsh, and there were a lot of wastelands that were not suitable for reclamation. Industry and entertainment were also scarce. A country that was not very easy to live in. 

The reason why people gathered and live in such a country was that the people gathered there had nowhere else to go. 

For example, those who committed crimes. Other examples were those who were prosecuted. Other than that, they had come due to wars, bad internal affairs, plagues, etc– Some were even being chased away from one owns hometown for various reason, and since they didn’t know much about the other countries in the continent, as they wandered around, they arrived in the Natra Kingdom, for better or worse, this Natra Kingdom was open and one could live here quietly due to its severe climate and location. 

In other words, it was a national level slump— That was what Wayne had thought. 

There were those drifted people but, those who had thought the same as Wayne was a minority. 

For that reason, one would wonder how he feels when he accepted those who willingly embracing the Kingdom after being drifted from their homeland. 

“Thank you for accepting us! We will do our best for the kingdom!” 

Not all have such beautiful thoughts… 

“One day I will come back.” 

“Leave us alone…” 

“If there’s some good use for this country then…” 

It was questionable… 

Of course, their feeling was usually softened as they become indigenous overtime. In fact, since the royalty were generally open-minded, their loyalty to the kingdom was mostly strong. 

However, tribes and villages, those that lived in rural areas, most of them have just settled down, and they tend to take an excessive attitude toward others due to their bitter experience, which sometimes caused a quarrel. 

Such a thing mostly happens to poor people. Their quarrel usually didn’t escalate into a bloody quarrel, and most of the quarrel was settled when the country sensed it. 

— That’s right, most of the time that is… 

“Ignored our warning and decide to go to war huh?” 

Wayne who had finished reading the report inside the tent sighed 

“Pardon me. For me to not realize this sooner…” 

Raklum bowed his head toward Wayne. 

“Don’t worry… It is not your mistake…” 

At first, they were just doing constriction work to make water channel for the Torito river. 

The river which flows through the royal capital oftentimes flooded the country. Therefore, under the direction of the King, the construction of a new waterway to reduce and divert the water from the source begin. 

Construction then continued even after Wayne took over the administration, and finally, the construction was finished the other day, but now comes the problem… The tribes disputed over the new land they were given. 

The persuasion of the dispatched official was also ineffective, and the dispute grew deeper. However, Wayne was not upset. A small clash between the people and country was not unusual, and most of the time the armament of the people was poor. The government should be able to calm them down just by sending soldiers under training. 

In fact, for the moment it seems everything had been settled with that. With the support of armed forces, the official continues to negotiate, but here comes an unexpected development. 

“— To think, the two tribes get such good weapons…” 

It was possible for the official to perform mediation because they had the military force as their backing. But due to the current situation, the negotiation collapsed. 

“We still don’t know the source of those weapons?” 

“Yes sir, I heard they had bought it from a merchant that went in and out, but we still don’t know from where that merchant gets the weapon..” 

“… Is that so… ” 

It was a concern but, that was secondary one… The first priority for them right now is that they need to settle the conflict. 

“Excuse me Your Highness, erm, I would like to ask a question but…” 

As Raklums stopped speaking, Wayne directed his line of sight toward him. 


“The person who sitting there is…” 

Raklum then directed his gaze at one corner inside the tent. 

One girl was sitting there with an elegant smile on her face– The person was Louwellmina Azworld. 

“Don’t worry about me. I’m here only just for an ordinary tour…” 

“T-That’s right…” 


“Rather than that, Raklum, there are some soldiers I want you to call…” 

Wayne sighed inside his mind while giving his instruction toward Raklum, who was confused by the situation. 

(Good grief, why did the situation turn like this, I wonder?) 

With a bitter smile, Wayne remembered the reason why the situation turns like this… 

There was a sign of disturbance–  

Wayne who received such a report was worried. 

There was no doubt that he needs to confirm the situation by checking the site. 

However, currently, the imperial princess Louwellmina was in the palace. He could not leave the guest just like that. 

(I guess I have no choice but to dispatch Ninim huh?… But if I could just sneak out secretly, the situation would be settled faster…) 

As Wayne thought about such a thing, Louwellmina showed up. 

“It seems something has happened?” 

How did she find out— He didn’t think of that at all… She had stayed in the royal palace of another country which usually holds many secrets after all. It won’t be strange if she used the delegates to gather some information… 

In fact, there was the possibility that this matter was something that Louwellmina had deliberately created. Wayne thought such a thing but decided to shake it away… 

“It’s not a big problem. I should be able to solve it after looking at the site…” 

It was a declaration that he would leave the state guest. If Louwellmina heard that, would she decided to stay here by herself. Or willingly return back home? As he observed how she would respond—… 

“Is that so… Then, I will go with you.” 


It was not only Wayne who showed a perplexed expression, but all of the delegates also showed the same expression. Even if she belonged to a royal house, it was unacceptable to let a princess of another country accompany him to a dangerous place where it might become a battlefield. Starting from Viz, all of them tried to persuade Louwellmina to drop her idea but, they failed. 

“The purpose of this mission is to determine whether or not our alliance with Natra is worth it. And in a continent where wars still raging, it would be great significance to see Prince Wayne leadership ability with my own eyes.” 

“No, but, it’s dangerous…” 

“What do you have to worry about? I would always be next to this country crown prince, Wayne, you know? No other place is safer than that.” 

Due to the princess asserting that much, Wayne and the other delegations could not speak another word… 

“That is why, please? Wayne…” 

Like that, Wayne took Louwellmina with him and went to meet with Raklum.