Genius Prince – v2-c16

“… I can’t understand.”

It has been a while since the imperial delegates had arrived.

Wayne was left helpless inside his office.

“I can’t read her heart at all… Just what is the purpose of Lova to come here…”

Since the secret meeting that night, Wayne had closely observing Louwellmina, to find out her purpose of coming here. Since there was no other person that could entertain Louwellmina as a state guest, they had naturally spent time together a lot, which in turn making observing her relatively easy.

However, he could not find it. She did say that she’d come to Natra to broaden her insight, and there was no suspicious movement coming from her either, she was doing normal sightseeing truthfully.

“Though I’m 100% sure that there is something hidden…”

As he thought deeply about it while crossing his arms, someone knocked on the office door.

“Onii-sama, may I come in?”

It was his beloved sister, Franya. Wayne immediately stretches his back and had a refreshing smile on his face.

“Oh, Franya? What’s wrong? How was the meeting?”

“Very tiring… Onii-sama had been attending those kinds of meeting everyday huh?”

She exhaled an exhausted sigh.

As they had discussed earlier, Franya was assigned several tasks on behalf of Wayne, who had to deal with the imperial delegations. And today meeting was one of them.

“There’s nothing we could do other than get used to it. Even I also feel tense when I’d attended the meeting for the first time.”

As she walked up to him, he strokes Franya hair gently. Enjoying that, Franya narrowed her eyes.

“If the delegations returned home, everything should return to normal as usual. I will reduce Franya time as my substitute as much as possible, so please be patient for now.”

For Wayne, he was just trying to be caring but, Franya pouted her lips instead.

“Onii-sama, are you saying you can’t rely on me at all?”

Wayne blinked his eyes a few times after she said those words, and then speak with great satisfaction…

“Ah no, that was bad of me to say it that way. — You’ve done well, Franya. I will give you an important job, are you up for it?”

Franya then smiled broadly.

“Of course, please leave it to me, Onii-sama!”

Mugyu Franya hugged Wayne.

“As long as I could see my dear little sister’s growth, as an elder brother, there’s nothing more important than that.”

As Wayne patted her hair, Franya showed more of her enthusiasm.

“I have to do my best. I want to catch up to Onii-sama.”

“Hahaha, I’m happy seeing your enthusiasm but, don’t overdo it, alright? I will talk to Ninim and gradually increase Franya work then…”

Franya nodded her head, then she noticed something…

“Come to think of it, where is Ninim?”

“Nn? Ah, Ninim right now is—…”

In the Natra Kingdom, the bathing culture had spread to the common people.

The reason was not that the citizen likes to clean themselves but— It was due to the harsh climate the Kingdom had. Taking a hot bath to counter the cold weather.

And fortunately, Natra had abundant water sources, making it easier to use a large amount of water. Though it was not enough to make it as a tourist spot, there were few hot springs spring up. For that reason, there were always large public baths in larger cities, and in the mid-winter, spending time there was the greatest entertainment for the Kingdom’s people.

Of course, those things were also quite common among the upper class of Natra.

“… No matter how many times I’ve come here, it’s really great.”

It was one of the large indoor baths made in the palace to entertain the aristocrats.

It could accommodate tens of people at the same time, but since the imperial delegates had come, the place was decided to be exclusive use for one person.

Of course, that one person was the one who currently submerges herself in the hot bath, the Imperial princess Louwellmina.

“Especially because of the cold weather outside. Maybe because of that as well, that somehow, I feel a lot warmer in this bath than the one in the Empire.”

“I’m honored to hear that, your highness like it.”

Ninim responded to her words. But her face could not hide the confusion inside her mind.

“But, erm…”

“What is it, I wonder?”

“… Why am I here?”

As the words suggested, Ninim also had immersed in the hot water, next to Louwellmina.

Although she won’t be able to decline if Louwellmina asked but, it was still unprecedented that a princess of another country took a bath with a vassal from another country.

“Oh my, we had taken a bath together a lot of times during the time we’re at the academy, no?”

“However, right now we have different positions…”

“The moment we took our clothes off, we also took those things off…”

Please don’t be absurd, Ninim face showed such complicated expression, but Louwellmina still didn’t hesitate to say those absurd lines.

“That was why it is okay to drop all formalities as well you know?”


Ninim looked at Louwellmina with her cheek twitching…

“Emm, your highness…”

From in front of them, a timid voice could be heard.

“If you would like to warm up your old relationship, I believe I should leave…”

The one who speaks timidly was Viz, who also work as Louwellmina’s attendant.

Naturally, she also took off her clothes and submerged herself in the hot spring, letting her abundant breasts freely floats on the water.

“You can’t Viz. If you do that, I would be alone with another person from another country, no? Won’t you be troubled if something happens to me?”

“Your Highness might have said that but, didn’t you’ve already spend some time with other people from another country inside a closed room?”

“I forgot about it.”

“In the first place, you said that we’ve taken off our status the moment we took off the clothes, no?”

“Let us focus on the future rather than the past.”


In front of Louwellmina who said those words, Viz and Ninim gazed at each other as they share their mutual trouble.

“… Only at this time, or rather, is it fine for me to talk?”

Ninim breaks the silence while looking at Viz the attendant.

“Yes, there’s no problem.”

Viz offered her hand. And Ninim shakes her hand in response. A friendship sprouted up between two people from two different countries.

“Oh my, are you guys going to leave me out? I’m going to cry you know?”

“Please don’t, such a thing is not a laughing matter after all.”

“Then, let us have fun talk. Viz, do you have anything?”

“Haa… Then, I’m sorry for my simple curiosity but… I’ve heard that both of you are peers at the military academy, what kind of days did you both spend there?”

Ninim and Louwellmina looked up when they heard such a question.

“Let see, other than me, Wayne and Ninim, there were also Glenn and Strang, the five of us, we’ve always acted together. Everyone was a popular figure at school.”

“As a troublemaker that is… They overlooked us because all of our grades were good.”

“I can’t deny such an aspect. But we were really popular back then. Especially Ninim who was being respected by all the girls ever since the duel.”


Ninim sighed while Viz blinked her eyes in surprise.

“There were people who insulted me because I was a Fulham. So I challenged them to a duel. That was all…”

“To say that is all is an understatement… Do you know how many gentlemen were fascinated by that dignified appearance of yours back then? You’ve also received soo many love letters and having trouble writing a reply that you refused, no?”

Unconsciously Ninim showed a bitter face but, she didn’t let it pass just like that either.

“If it was about that then, Lova you also, no? Rumor has it that the aristocrats that tried to court you never ends, yes? If I’m not wrong, the most eager one was Antogadar or Rubit was it?”

“… I’m really troubled by the two of them.”

Louwellmina sighed.

“They had attended an evening party which I also happen to be there, they looked anxious and didn’t know about the evening party manners, so I helped them a little, but surprisingly after that, letters and presents were continuously being sent… Though all of them had bad taste.”

“Oh, that is unusual. For Lova to think like that.”

“Let me show you one of the letters next time, alright? Both of them are obsessed with how much they are the most suitable for being the princess’ husband and only think of me as a jewel that they could obtain. If you get treated like a cheap gold and silver work, Ninim, you yourself would also feel disgusted by it, no?”

“Well… You have my condolence.”

Louwellmina then murmured as if she was praying.

“Now, since I’ve come here, I hope they give up, which would make me really glad…”

But, Viz who heard that shake her head mercilessly.

“I believe if they were that obsessed, they won’t give up just like that. On the contrary, they might burn with more intense emotions…”

“Or so she said, Lova.”

“… Viz, now, it is your turn to spit out all of your love experience. Right now.”

While messing around with Viz who accidentally stirring up a hornet’s nest, the girls continue to have a long talk…