Genius Prince – v2-c15

How much time had passed since the secret meeting started?

While keeping watch outside the room, Viz Brandel, after calming herself down she moved her body a little bit closer to the door.

She knew that Louwellmina was a classmate of Wayne and Ninim. And that their relationship with each other was good.

But, that was only during their school days. Now, they had different positions. Old friendship was not necessarily always valid. Furthermore, they were both a man and a woman in a marriageable age.

(If I feel something strange happen, I will jump in right away…)

Viz repeated those words inside her mind. Of course, Viz was a diplomat, thus she didn’t have any knowledge when it comes to martial arts. When she became Louwellmina attendant, she had learned some self-defense techniques just in case but, she herself realizes that her reflexes were bad.

Especially her chest. She had an abundant chest which could be used as a weapon when it comes to diplomatic situations, but if she tried to move around, it would rub around and it hurt.

(I wonder if I could make them smaller…)

If a certain attendant heard her thoughts, she would definitely click her tongue while looking annoyed. And as she had thought those words, the door behind her was suddenly being opened.

Viz shook her head to wipe away the thought she had since soon, Wayne and Ninim would come out of the room with Louwellmina sending them off.

“it was a very fruitful time, Princess Louwellmina.”

“I as well, thank you for the wonderful time…”

As a courtesy, Wayne shakes Louwellmina’s hand.

“If possible, I would love to have more time to talk but, the time is already this late. That’s why tonight we shall end it here.”

“Yes, also, I will look forward to seeing you again tomorrow. Please be careful when you return to your room since someone might see you.”

“Don’t worry. There’s no one better than me who know the structure of this castle.”

As Wayne let go of Louwellmina’s hand, he took a glance at Viz.

“Brandel-dono as well, I look forward to meeting you again…”

“Ah… Y-Yes.”

Viz who had become flustered immediately bowed her head. She might have been a former ambassador, but right now, she was just an attendant. Originally, someone with her current status couldn’t speak with a crown prince directly, but she thought it was due to Wayne’s personality that he had mentioned her.

After that, Wayne left the place with Ninim. Louwellmina then called Viz who had been looking at the back of the prince.

“Viz, were there any problems when we’re talking?”

“There’s none.”

“Is that so? Then, come inside.”


Viz entered the room after checking the surrounding just in case.

“Your highness, how was the talk proceeding?”

“It was great?”

Louwellmina replied with short words.

“As I’ve planned, I’ve told them my purpose of coming here and about the throne.”

“Congratulation. Then from here on out…”

“Indeed, I will continue the talk along those lines. — For the sake of my real goal…”

Hearing that, tension started to build up on Viz’s expression.

It was because she understands the weight of Loouwellmina’s real goal.

“… Will Prince Wayne notice it, I wonder?”

She spoke in the form of a question, but even without Louwellmina’s answering, one answer came to Viz’s mind.

And perhaps, Louwellmina also had the same answer. She then showed a broad smile—

“— It was a bluff.”

Wayne who was walking in the unpopulated corridor speak up.

Louwellmina’s reason for coming here, in outward appearance was for a marriage talk.

She said, her goal was to get cooperation to get the throne.

But, even that was also a lie.

Wayne knew, there was another 3rd reason behind that.

“What is your basis for that?”

Ninim who was walking by his side asked calmly. She didn’t look surprised because she also had felt that way.

“She has no ally in the imperial court she said? that was impossible. After all, no matter what, she was an unmarried woman with the right to inherit the throne. Due to the disturbance, there must’ve been a lot of families trying to get close to her.”

“I think they would be those who have no use. Since if they were decent people, they should’ve chosen to side with one of the princes.”

“And, what is the point of getting Natra’s cooperation? I think that is meaningless. No matter how much we tried to sugar coat it, the difference between Natra and the Empire in terms of force and politics were too great.”

In this era, It was not uncommon for trouble to appear just because who become the monarch. And if that trouble could not be solved with discussion, the solution would be using force.

Natra was only an Empire’s ally, which had a small power, it would be near impossible to interfere with the Empire’s politics. He thought Louwellmina would become a good Emperor, but when it comes to implementing that, it would be difficult for her.

If only she could force the three princes into silence by using force but, that was also almost impossible to do. Needless to say, even if the Empire were split into three factions, their national power was still too great when compared to the Natra Kingdom.

And it would’ve been impossible for Lova to not notice that.

“But if that was the case, she should’ve been vaguer about the reason why she had come here…”

“I guess so. However, I get some clue from our discussion.”

Wayne smiled.

“Just leave it to me. I will expose everything.”

“…— Everyone, what do you think of the Empire?”

It was a scene at the military academy.

Students spending their time with friends on the corner of the classroom.

Thus, Lova asked the question the other four.

“What do I think?”

After they glanced at each other, Glenn was the first to open his mouth.

“I feel proud, of course. Our Azworld Empire is a wonderful country. And I feel honored to be able to serve my country as a soldier!”

“Though I’m not sure if you could become a soldier.”


Glenn groaned and glared at Wayne.

“Certainly, it haven’t been decided yet, but, if we see my grade.”

“What do you think the result be if your scores were only good when it comes to martial arts?”

“… Oh, come on, just shut up!”

“Uooooh?! Don’t you think that is a foul, to strike suddenly like that?!”

“Shut up! Go and get punched once!”

While Wayne and Glenn had begun a scuffle involving a desk and a chair, Lova turned her gaze at Strang.

“How about you, Strang?”

“Do you truly wish to know the thought of this genius me?”

Strang floated a smile. His territory was among former countries’ territory that was defeated by the Empire. Thus it was easy to imagine what kind of emotion the people in those territories,

“… Well, I personally think, it is an amazing country. Conquering one country after another, taking in their people and culture, quickly become the superpower in the eastern continent. It was not easy to do all of that.”

“If they didn’t do that, the defeated country would do something after all…”

“Could you not say something unnecessary like that?!”

“I’m the type that would stir things up when the chance provide.”

“Such wrong thought, just throw that away, quick!”

Lova then gazed at Ninim who was giggling while looking at Wayne.

“What about you, NInim?”

“Let’s see… If you ask me as a Fulham, I think this country is a good place where life is easier…”

The Empire was a multi-ethnic country which took emphasizes on people’s ability. Therefore, racism here was comparatively mild, even if one was from a race that was being discriminated in the west, they still could get work here, as long they have the ability.

“Speaking of which, the west seems to have a great prejudice when it comes to Fulham people huh?”

“I don’t like such a thing. If the Empire advance west, such values would be erased.”

After saying that, Glenn gazed at Wayne.

“… Oi Wayne, are you trying to agitate Ninim?”

“Ha? I do believe that it is not good to agitate unrelated people, you know? Why do you think I would do something like that, Glenn-kun?”

“This guy, let me punch you!”

“Uhuh, that is blatant favoritism.”

Lova then glanced to the last person.

“What does Wayne think of the Empire?”

“It is useable.”

Wayne’s response was straightforward.

“What do you mean by usable?”

“I mean what I said. I don’t hate it, but I also don’t particularly like it either. But this country is usable for me. That is all.”

Wayne shrugged.

“If I think the relationship between this country and the people become bad, then I could just move to another country. Loyalty toward a country? That is nothing more than a nuisance.”


“Such an answer is truly Wayne like.”

“I’m impressed with the depth of your heart that allows that kind of thinking.”

After he said that, Wayne turned his gaze toward Lova.

“Leaving that aside, what do you think about the Empire, Lova?”

“Me? Of course, I like it.”

Lova didn’t hesitate to answer.

“After all, this is the country where I was born and grew up. It’s just— Because of that, I feel frustrated toward the country.”

“Hee~, for example?”

“Let’s see…”

There, Lova showed a mischievous smile.

“For example, in regard to Wayne who is not yet being arrested?”

“I somehow agree with that.”

“I cannot deny that either.”

“I also think it would be good for him to experience pain for once.”

“You guys, that is a bit too much don’t you think?!”

Lova laughed as she watched her friends make some noises.

But deep inside her heart, there was violent emotion that no one knows.